In Victor's office, talking about Brad and Victor's trip to Czechoslovakia, against Brad's wishes, Victoria insists on going.

At college, Colleen offers to stay in with Adrian tonight and help him with research.

Outside of Adrian's classroom, Amber asks Daniel, Lily and Devon if they want to go to Indigo tonight for Valentine's Day. "Sounds great," Lily says. When Lily finds Colleen and asks her to go too, Colleen smiles at Adrian and says, "I'd love to, but I'm working."

At Newman, Dru receives flowers from Neil with an invitation to meet him at Indigo for Valentine's Day. When Dru hears that Sharon will be alone tonight, she hands her a rose and asks her to join them. Neil arrives and tells Sharon he'd love to have two beautiful women on his arm. Sharon declines and says that she has a date with the hero in a book that she's reading and tells them both to have fun!

At Kevin's, William gets a DNA sample of Jana's hair from Kevin. Will warns that if it was indeed Jana's blood found by the lake, her body could be close by, but Kevin refuses to believe it.

At Indigo, when Devon appears to be the third wheel to Lily and Daniel, Amber kisses Devon's check and says she'll be his Valentine. Lily, Daniel and Devon go get a table while Amber goes to the bar to see Cane.

Later, at the bar, Cane nods at a pretty girl and tells Devon not to waste the opportunity. Devon blushes, then goes back to his table. Without Devon knowing, Cane winks at Amber, then brings a drink to the girl and points to Devon. "This is from Devon Hamilton."

In the Newman break room, Sharon reminds Brad that there's more to work and convinces him to celebrate Valentine's Day with his wife.

Brad goes to Victor's office and brings Vikki a single rose. "A single rose for a single love," he says. When Brad tries to convince Vikki to behind from their trip, she seduces Brad with sexy lingerie! Vikki locks the door and takes her man!

At the coffeehouse, Sharon sees David, buys a broken heart cookie and says, "From one divorcee to another." While talking about Devon's upcoming trial, although they have different opinions on Carmen's killer, they agree they both want the truth to come out.

When Kevin sees Adrian and Colleen at the coffeehouse, he accuses Adrian of doing something to Jana! "How dare you, Kevin," Colleen says. "If Jana's missing, you're my number one suspect." Gloria leans down and sarcastically asks Miss Colleen if she's ever made any mistakes in her life

Kevin and Gloria walk away and he talks about the plans he had for his and Jana's first Valentine's Day. Kevin looks at Adrian and says, "I'm not going to let him get away with it." Kevin states that if something happened to Jana, he'll never forgive himself for not calling the cops sooner. Suddenly, JT shows up looking for Colleen. Kevin tells him about Jana and asks if he'll help find her. However, JT says his first priority is finding Colleen.

The pretty girl "Monica" thanks Devon for a drink and the two get a table together and share some fun conversation.

At Lily's table, as a joke, Daniel gives her a gift certificate to get her car detailed, then pulls out a pretty red bag containing a little handbag from the Boutique.

When Dru and Neil arrive at Indigo, they're happy to see Devon with a girl. Lily approaches her parents and warns them not to stare as they watch Devon and Monica share a dance. Dru and Neil agree and begin to dance themselves!

At Adrian's apartment, Adrian tells Colleen that he cares about her too much to hurt her. "I hate the problems that our relationship is causing you." Colleen sadly replies, "I guess there's only one thing we can do End it." Despite her suggestion, the two exchange gifts: A book for Colleen and flower seeds for Adrian's rooftop garden. When Colleen says, "We have until midnight, then we won't be together again," Adrian takes her in a kiss and they make love!

Back at the Newman garage, David says goodbye to Sharon just as Brad emerges from the elevator alone. He asks Sharon if he can talk to her in private. Sitting in her car, Bard tells Sharon about their lead and trip to Czechoslovakia. Just then, Vikki comes out of the elevator and sees Brad and Sharon together!

When Victoria knocks on the car window, Brad and Sharon get out and Brad says that he was just explaining 'the situation' to Sharon. "How thoughtful," Vikki says, then she and Brad leave. Although Vikki is ticked off, she tells Brad, "We have a plane to catch!"

At Kevin's, Gloria tries to comfort Kevin by saying, "You're going to find Jana, Kevin." Suddenly, Will arrives and tells Kevin and Gloria that Jana's DNA matched the blood found at the lake!

While Amber's talking to Cane, Daniel calls her cell to help her make Cane jealous! In front of Cane, Amber says into the phone, "I already have plans for dinner." Amber walks away, then hangs up. Cane calls her cell and asks if she'll stick around until his shift is over!

Before they say goodbye, Monica takes Devon's cell phone and snaps a picture of herself. "So you remember me." She smiles.

When JT arrives at Indigo looking for Colleen, Lily tells him that she's working with Professor Korbel.

While Adrian's in the shower, Colleen goes to get a glass water. When she opens the cupboard, an ID for Carmen Mesta falls out, along with a piece of a hair extension that looks like Jana's!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Colleen is kidnapped.

Dru continues to have nightmares about Carmen.

Kevin's apartment is searched.

Paul brings Katherine a picture.

Adrian is questioned in Jana's disappearance.