In Victor's office, Nick, Phyllis and Summer visit with Victoria and Brad. Although everyone's concerned that Phyllis is back to work so soon, Phyllis assures them she's fine and wants to thank Jack for watching over NVP. After Nick and Phyllis leave, Victoria and Brad talk about the bug found in their home. Vikki pulls out a notepad and looks at the code. "Are we going to be okay?" she asks and Brad replies, "We need to decipher the code before they do." Brad realizes that he's late for a meeting and comments that he also needs to catch up with Colleen. "If you see her, don't tell her what we've been working on. We can't trust Colleen to keep her mouth shut!" Brad says.

In Nikki's office, Victor reads an article in the paper about the Senator's arrest. "Jack's going to be full of himself over this," Nikki says. Although Victor jokes about whether he should try to compete with Jack, Nikki says, "You always come out on top."

When Phyllis runs into Jack and Sharon in the Newman hallway, he takes Phyllis in his arms. "I'm so glad you're all right," Jack says, as Sharon and Nick look on.

Lauren brings Fen to the hospital and asks if Jana Hawkes has been admitted. While the nurse goes to check, Lauren stops in to visit Maggie and expresses her gratitude for 'covering up' their involvement. "I didn't cover up anything," Maggie replies, then smiles down at Fen.

At the police station, Michael, Gloria and Kevin bring Jana's coat to the cops and demand that they search for Jana! Although the police seem to think that Jana doesn't want to be found, Kevin begs for them to listen to him!

In his classroom, when Colleen sees Adrian working on the code, she asks him to stop, "You shouldn't be working on that." Although he's already solved the code, Adrian says he can't help thinking that there's 'something' more to it. He asks Colleen where the code came from. "You can tell me anything," Adrian pushes. However, Colleen says, "There's nothing to tell." Still staring at the code, Adrian calmly says, "It's been staring at me all this time." Adrian uncovers the name of a town in Czechoslovakia and says, "My family was from Czechoslovakia." After Colleen leaves, Adrian continues to dig deeper into the code...

When Victor walks into Jack's office, he tells Jack that he did the state of Wisconsin a great service. "Now there's an empty seat for the senator for someone like you, Jack."

Back at Michael's, while Michael, Gloria and Kevin frantically make calls about Jana, Lauren calls from the hospital. "A nurse just told me that a woman matching Jana's description was just brought in." Kevin thanks Lauren and says they're on their way.

When Kevin and Michael arrive at the hospital, Kevin is warned that the 'Jane Doe' is badly beaten. Although Michael offers to ID her, Kevin insists on seeing the girl. However, the girl doesn't turn out to be Jana. Lauren heads home and leaves Kevin and Michael at the hospital.

Gathered in Victor's office, Brad and Rebecca find Victoria and Victor hovering over a laptop trying to figure out the code. Together, they uncover more clues: 'Grave' and 'Czechoslovakia.' When Victoria suggests that maybe a tomb or graveyard was used to hide stolen treasures there, Victor says, "I know what to do next. I'm making plans to go to Czechoslovakia!"

Sharon briefly runs into David in the Newman halls, then sees Nick and Summer in the break room. When Nick asks if she has any Valentine's Day plans, Sharon says, "I do, with Jack."

In her office, Nikki and Phyllis talk over NVP business with Jack, as he boosts about his part in the Senator's takedown. After Nikki leaves, Phyllis admits to Jack that while she's okay at work, she has trouble feeling at ease at home. "I keep visualizing Shelia holding my baby." Sharon abruptly comes in and Phyllis leaves. Jack then informs Sharon that he needs to go out of town. "I'm sorry, we'll have to cancel our plans. But I'll make it up to you." Sharon is clearly disappointed.

Shortly after, in the Newman break room, Nikki voices her concerns to Nick. "How are you handling everything?" However, Nick doesn't open up and assures her that he's okay.

When David runs into Jack in the Newman halls, he congratulates Jack for putting the Senator in his place! David expresses that he used to be in politics and agrees to get together and discuss it with Jack soon.

Gloria goes to the police station and tells Will that no one is helping them in Jana's search. "I've got a bad feeling about this, William." The DA agrees to talk to the chief about organizing a small search party.

Looking over their daughter, Phyllis hugs Nick and says that they're all going to be fine now that Shelia's out of their lives. Nick changes the subject and asks how her meeting with Jack went. "I don't know what's happened?" Phyllis says, "Jack's really changed." Suddenly, Phyllis sees a gift bag and Nick gives her a Valentine's Day present. It's a scrapbook of their wedding, her pregnancy, and of their family.

In the break room, while David and Jack briefly talk again about the gratification of winning in politics, Victor watches from the hallway.

After Jack leaves for his trip, Victor talks to David and asks him if he'd like to go back into politics. "If I believed in the man I was backing," David says, "Yes." Victor goes on to say that he knows the perfect man to back. "Jack Abbot."

While discussing their out-of-the-country travel plans, Colleen barges in and tells Vikki and Brad that she's still working on the code. Brad warns, "Stop working on the inscription. The closer we get to figuring it out, the more danger we're in."

William arrives at Michael's and tells Gloria and Kevin that blood was found at the lake. "We don't know if it was Jana's blood, but either way, it was too much for anyone to have survived."

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Cane gives Devon tips on picking up girls.

Brad wants J.T. to watch over Colleen.

The DA informs Kevin & Gloria that it was Jana's blood was found by the lake.

Victoria sees Brad & Sharon together in the Newman parking garage.