Paul is pacing the hall outside of Maggie's hospital room as she's being questioned. Michael calls and Paul informs him that he asked Maggie to keep he and Lauren out of it during questioning. Paul agrees to keep Michael posted. When the detective emerges from Maggie's room, he tells Paul that Maggie told him everything that 'went down.' "Some of it involves you," the detective elaborates, then demands that Paul go down to the station for questioning.

At Lily and Daniel's, Colleen admits to Lily that she and Adrian are dating. Although she wants to be there for Colleen, Lily says, "I hope you know what you're doing." Colleen tries to make Lily realize that she and Adrian are the 'real thing,' but Lily doesn't see it. "I'm so sick of all the secrets," Colleen says, then goes on to tell Lily everything about Brad's past and the Grugeon! When Colleen tells her about the bug found at Brad's, Lily suggests that Colleen stay with them indefinitely to keep her safe. "Adrian makes me feel safe," Colleen says.

Daniel and Devon observe Colleen and Lily during their deep conversation as they talk about Devon's upcoming trial. "I wish I could do something to help, man," Daniel says. Devon confesses that it upsets him to see the fear in Dru, Neil and Lily's eyes because of him.

When Jill arrives home, Katherine tells her that Shelia got exactly what she deserved for stealing those babies. Jill snaps and says, "What do you think you deserve for what you did to my child!" Jill demands that Katherine do whatever it takes to remember what she did with her son! Jill tells Kay that she needs to open up that place in her mind, the one where she's locked away all the details of what she did with Phillip.

When Esther enters the room, Katherine begs Jill not to involve Esther. However, Jill snaps and tells Esther what Kay did! "You sold a baby!" Esther gasps. Although she's shocked, Esther sticks up for Kay. Jill takes out some articles surrounding the time when the babies were switched. "Look, there was a bad storm in the city! Do you remember anything? Think Kay, think!" Jill demands. With papers strewn everywhere, Jill reads an alphabetized list of all the old bars that were in Genoa City back then. "I can't remember!" Kay says. "I'm going to bed." Before she goes upstairs, Jill hands her a paper and pen. "With any luck, you'll have a nightmare. Write it down!"

After arriving at Cane's apartment, Amber sees a picture of a woman and questions Cane if it's his wife, his girlfriend? Cane laughs and explains the apartment came furnished and that the picture was already there. Cane comes up behind Amber and kisses her neck, as he whispers in her ear. They talk about his likes, such as rugby, then Cane says, "You're not that bad to have around." Cane goes out to get them some dinner.

So she can impress Cane, Amber calls Daniel for some information on rugby. When Cane returns with takeout, Amber tries to act as though she knows the sport and asks, "What team did you play for?" Cane goes to his dresser, takes off his shirt, then pulls out his old team jersey. During dinner with Cane, Amber gets a funny text message from Daniel saying, "Remember, the first date your rule no sleepover!" When Amber tells Cane that Shelia was captured, and that she's not in danger anymore, Cane leans in and gently kisses her. After his gentle kiss, Amber pulls him close and they share a deeper, much more passionate kiss!

Daniel tells Devon about Amber's 'rules' when it comes to men, and they have a good laugh!

At the apartment, Michael and Lauren watch over Fen as Lauren suggests that they do something nice for Maggie. "She's being interviewed right now," Michael says, then expresses his worries about Maggie being a witness to Michael, Paul and Lauren's part in the crime: Keeping Shelia captive. When Michael gets a call from Paul saying that he's at the police station for questioning, he tells Paul he's on his way. Before he leaves, Lauren says, "What if the police know everything?" Michael hugs her and replies, "I need to help all of us."

When Michael arrives at the station, he and Paul wait in an interrogation room until the DA shows up. Although Will tells Michael he's not needed and that they only want to work with Paul to establish a timeline regarding Shelia's appearance in town, Michael refuses to leave. Will finds it strange that Michael's there with Paul instead of home with his wife and child, but begins with the questioning. When Paul refuses to divulge his sources, Michael reminds Will of Paul's rights. Before the DA leaves, Michael thanks him for not prosecuting Lauren. When he's gone, Michael looks at Paul and says, "Now we can exhale."

Later at the hospital, Michael and Paul thank Maggie for not telling the police the 'truth.' However, Maggie acts as though she told the police only what she remembers. When Michael tells Maggie that they owe her, she smiles and says, "You owe me nothing. I was just doing my job."

Michael arrives home and says to Lauren, "It's over." Lauren runs into his arms. "I was so afraid, but I would do it all over again to keep our baby safe." Michael goes on to say that Maggie kept them all out of it.

Paul sits by Maggie's bedside with his arm wrapped around her.

Katherine runs downstairs and goes to Jill, screaming, "I remember the woman's name who I gave your baby to! Violet Montgomery!"

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Adrian solves the Grugeon mystery.

Kevin, Gloria & Michael beg the police to look into Jana's disappearance.

Victor & Nikki try to persuade Jack to run for senator.

Lauren visits Maggie.