At the retirement home, with her gun drawn, Lauren demands that both Phyllis and Shelia stand up! "One move and I'll shoot!" When asked which one is Phyllis, they both say, "It's me, I'm Phyllis!" Michael and Paul frantically listen through the transmitter Suddenly, Lauren can't take it anymore and shoots! As one of the women fall shot into a chair, she looks to Lauren, blood coming from her chest and says, "You shot the wrong one." Lauren rushes over to the chair and cuffs the shot woman. With her gun pointed at the other woman, she rambles and gives Lauren information that only she would know. Lauren takes Phyllis in her arms. "Thank God, it's you." Lauren and Phyllis pick up the babies, then send word to Paul and Michael of their whereabouts. Suddenly, Lauren and Phyllis look to Shelia. In a deep, almost breathless voice, Shelia says, "You'll never be rid of me." Shelia's head drops to the side.

Abruptly, the police, Nick and Victor storm into the room. Nick takes the baby as a cop goes to cuff Phyllis! "No, Nick, it's me!" Phyllis screams. A cop goes to the body and verifies that Shelia is dead, then checks for the knife wound. "It looks fresh," the cop says. Nick holds Phyllis and his daughter close.

When Michael and Paul arrive, Lauren says, "It's over," then wraps herself in Michael's arms. Paul goes to the body and looks for himself. While Michael takes Fen, Paul embraces Lauren. The DA goes to the body as Lauren says, "I had to do it, Michael." William confronts Lauren and she admits, "Yes, I killed her." As they take the body away, Lauren agrees to answer the DA's questions. When the DA asks, "Was killing Shelia the only way that you could stop her?" Phyllis screams out that Lauren had to kill Shelia to protect the babies. Calmly, the DA states to Michael, "Your wife will not be charge with any crime for the shooting."

At Michael's, Kevin leaves another message for Jana

Nick calls Nikki with the news, as does Michael to Gloria and Kevin. The couples hold their babies close.

At Brad's, Brad tells Victoria that someone is still tracking their every move. "Now they know we have the Grugeon Reliquary," Victoria realizes.

In Adrian's bed, Colleen gets call from Brad demanding that she come home. "The living room has been bugged," Brad tells her.

Just as Victoria is getting off the phone with Victor, Colleen arrives and Brad accuses Adrian of bugging his house! Although Colleen defends Adrian, Brad tells her and Victoria that they need to prepare for what they're up against!

From the coffeehouse, when Amber calls Cane to tell him that she left a scarf at Indigo, he agrees to bring it to her. After Amber hangs up, she overhears two girls talking about the kidnapping! Amber sends Daniel a text message letting him know that she's thinking of him and his family. Shortly after, Cane arrives with Amber's scarf and finds her emotional. Amber explains how years ago, Shelia had held Amber at gunpoint. Cane takes Amber's hand. Amber goes on to tell Cane that although she tried to find a way to keep him in the United States, she had no luck.

Adrian walks in the coffeehouse and sees a missing person's flyer for Jana! Adrian picks up the flyer and thinks back on his argument with Jana As Adrian walks past Amber and Cane's table, Amber invites him to sit down. During small talk, Adrian mentions that he has dual citizenship, which prompts Amber to ask, "How'd you get it?" "A good immigration lawyer," Adrian replies. After Adrian leaves the table, Cane admits that since arriving in Genoa City, no one has asked to see his papers.

Sitting alone at Crimson Light's, Adrian thinks about Colleen

Back at Michael's, Gloria and Kevin welcome Fen back home. When they're alone, Michael admits to Kevin that after he heard the shot go through the transmitter, he thought his world was over. Changing the subject, Michael asks about Jana and tries to comfort Kevin's worry.

At the tack house, Phyllis, Nick and Summer return home to their grateful family - and Sharon. Phyllis begins to have flashbacks of Shelia and of being held captive!

Brad, Victoria and Colleen arrive at the tack house. As everyone's looking over the baby, Sharon goes to Phyllis to tell her that Jack was really worried for her. "Thanks for telling me that," Phyllis replies and Sharon walks away.

When Brad and Victoria tell Victor about the bug that they found, Victor says, "We are in more danger now than before." Victor and Nikki leave to talk in private... Colleen goes to Brad and informs him that she's going to Lily's and that he needs to start treating her like an adult! Before Daniel and Lily leave, Daniel holds Phyllis close. "I love you, mom."

Before Sharon leaves the tack house, Brad tells her about the bug found in his house and asks her to be careful. Suddenly, Victoria enters the room and notices the two in such close quarters.

Back at Lily's, Lily and Daniel try to convince Colleen that she needs to be careful in regards to Adrian. Daniel sneaks away to text Amber with the news of his mom's return.

When Amber tells Cane that she's afraid to go home because of this 'Shelia thing,' Cane says, "You can come home with me."

Kevin gets a text message saying that Jana's coat has been found!

Brad and Vikki arrive home and argue about Brad's conversation with Sharon. Suddenly, Victor arrives and says, "Let's get to work on the code!"

A strange man makes a call saying that although Carlton has ripped out the transmitter, they will still get what they're looking for

At home, Lauren tries to reassure Michael that they're free and that Shelia will never come after them again!

At the hospital, Paul tells Maggie that Shelia is dead and says that he's sorry that Maggie got shot. Paul then confesses that he's responsible for holding Shelia captive and asks that Maggie leave Lauren and Michael out of it when she's questioned. "You're asking me to lie," Maggie says. Suddenly, a detective shows up to question Maggie! Paul waits outside with worry...

Next on The Young and the Restless:

The DA questions Paul & Michael regarding Shelia.

Lily tells Colleen that she can stay with her and Daniel.

Katherine prays for justice for Lauren, while Jill wonders when she'll get justice for what her mother has done to her life.