Jack arrives at Sharon's right before Nikki brings Noah home. When Noah goes upstairs to finish his homework, Sharon instructs him not to turn on the TV or internet! While Jack and Nikki are talking about the kidnapping, Sharon snaps at Nikki for taking Noah without her permission! After Nikki calls Sharon selfish, she goes on to accuse Sharon and Jack of faking their concern for Phyllis! "All you've done is give Phyllis grief!" After Noah briefly interrupts, Sharon reminds Nikki that Phyllis broke up her marriage! "What do you want me to do, throw her a party!" Sharon says. Nikki leaves for the main house

Although not Sharon's favorite person, Sharon tells Jack that she would never wish such heartache on Phyllis. Jack begins to blame himself for losing Phyllis. "I pushed her away into Nick's arms. I don't blame her for anything." As Sharon begins to object, Jack goes on, "Phyllis is a big part of my life. She always will be." Suddenly, Noah charges downstairs screaming hysterically, "Summer's gone, she's gone! She's going to die like Cassie!"

In the tack house, Nick, Daniel and the police receive many tips, but none of them pan out. Suddenly, the detective hands Victor the phone saying that it's someone who knows where Shelia is! However, the call turns out to be a prank. As everyone talks about Shelia's past craziness, Daniel becomes scared and Nick comforts him.

As Nick is finishing up another national news plea to Shelia, Nikki arrives and tells Nick that Noah doesn't know a thing.

Shelia calls Paul, who's outside of Michael's apartment, to leave a grueling message for Lauren about how beautiful the babies are. "I just want to eat them up" then hangs up. William Bardwell shows up and goes into Michael's to relay the news that Detective Sullivan is going to be fine and that he's had Devon's trial postponed so Michael can concentrate on getting his son back. "Thank you, Will," Michael says, then goes to Paul as he comes through the door.

William brings Gloria some tea and she thanks him for being there. Abruptly, Kevin pulls Will away and tells him that Jana's missing. "What if all this is connected?" Kevin asks in regards to the recent kidnapping. However, Will informs Kevin that not enough time has passed. Michael pulls Kevin away and the two head to Kevin's apartment.

While Gloria expresses her fears of losing Fen, William comforts her with soothing words.

With Shelia holding Summer, and Phyllis holding Fen, Phyllis begs for Shelia to give her back her daughter! "Shelia, she knows that you're a stranger." Shelia continues to talk to Summer, "You know I'm your mommy. Let's put you back in the playpen with Scotty." When Phyllis reminds Shelia that the baby's name is Fen, Shelia screams, "His name is Scotty!" After Shelia leaves the room, Phyllis holds Fen and assures him that he'll be home with his mommy and daddy soon

In Kevin's apartment, Paul and Michael show Kevin the transmitter and ask that he record Shelia talking in order to identify sounds and the area in which Shelia's hiding! Suddenly, Shelia comes over the air and taunts Michael and Paul. When Michael tells her that the DA wants to cut a deal, Shelia says that she has everything she needs: Scotty. After Shelia hangs up, Kevin gets to work on the trace as Michael stares off in fear They play Shelia's recording repeatedly until they detect a train whistle in the background! Just then, Kevin points out the sounds of 'cows.' "A train whistle, cows - with no traffic around" Paul says. "I think I know where they are!"

Lauren sits with Gloria on couch as Nick's new appeal airs. On the phone with Nick, Lauren breaks out in tears and thanks him for everything. After Gloria hangs up the phone, she takes Lauren in her arms and promises that God will look after the babies.

Shelia rips Fen out of Phyllis's arms and is furious after seeing Nick's plea! When Phyllis asks to hold Summer, Shelia puts the baby in her arms, then goes to find her cell phone! Phyllis quickly opens the curtains before Shelia returns and takes a digital picture of Phyllis and Summer! "This is the last time that Nick is going to see his girls alive!"

Michael and Paul inform Lauren that they found out where Shelia's hiding! Although Lauren wants them to tell the cops, Paul insists on taking care of Shelia himself. He then hands Lauren his gun. "Take this just in case" Lauren glances down, feeling the cold metal of the revolver in her hands...

In the tack house, sitting in front of the laptop, everyone watches as a picture of Phyllis and Summer appears on the careen! "What is that in the window?" Nick asks. Nikki takes a call from Sharon and tells everyone that Noah is on his way over As Daniel works hard to enlarge the background of the picture, Victor says, "I know where they are!"

Nick calls Lauren and says, "I think we found Shelia at the Sunset Oasis Retirement Village?" Then Lauren says, "That's not near the train tracks!" Lauren quickly excuses herself to get some air, then leaves the apartment with the gun in hand!

With guns drawn, Paul and Michael arrive at a warehouse. As they step inside, Paul notices that it's a set-up. Shelia has used a repeater to bounce off the transmitter signal! "Did you really think it would be that easy," reads a note. They call Shelia over the transmitter...

Noah rushes into the tack house and Daniel holds him close. "It's going to be all right."

Roaming the halls of the retirement home, Lauren questions a resident about a woman and two babies. After the woman points to a door, Lauren hears the babies crying

Paul and Michael listen on as the babies begin to cry, then suddenly realize that Phyllis and Shelia are struggling! Phyllis reaches for the gun...

Lauren kicks through the door with the gun drawn and sees Phyllis and Shelia dressed in the same clothes! As Michael and Paul listen on Lauren pulls the trigger!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

With Lauren's gun drawn, Phyllis & Sheila both claim to be Phyllis. Paul & Michael listen on...

Brad accuses Adrian of bugging his house.

Jana's coat is found.

Paul asks Maggie to keep Michael & Lauren out of it when she's questioned.