At Brad's looking down at a scrabble board, Colleen shows Victoria and Brad the code. When Victoria praises Colleen for finding the code, Brad questions how she figured it out. "It was a fluke," Colleen lies. Victoria's phone rings, but she blows off the calls from Victor and Nikki After repeating the code, Brad pushes Colleen as to how she discovered the famous Latin biblical phrase with having no knowledge of Latin. Colleen thinks back to how Adrian broke the code Through repeated attempts to dissuade Brad and Victoria from the truth, Colleen finally confesses that Adrian helped her unravel the code!

Brad is livid when Colleen keeps defending Adrian! "What did you tell him?" While Colleen assures Brad that she didn't divulge any of their secrets to Adrian, Brad continues to scream about the dangers of his past as someone listens through the bug planted on his desk! Although Victoria tries to make Brad see Colleen's reasoning for going to Adrian, Colleen becomes defensive and walks out!

Brad accuses Victoria of trying to make him look bad in front of Colleen regarding Adrian! From all the stress of the situation, Brad and Vikki argue about how to handle Colleen until Brad ultimately walks away

During his class, Amber catches Adrian staring at the board containing the code. Just then, Adrian calls out for Colleen to answer a question and realizes that she isn't in class. Suddenly, Adrian's mind erupts with thoughts of Colleen - and of Brad warning him to stay away from her! Amber calls out to him and breaks Adrian's trance. After class, she questions Adrian about Colleen's absence and comments that Colleen has never missed his classes.

"If you don't mind, I have a lot to do today," Adrian says to Amber just as Colleen walks into his class! As Amber shows no signs of leaving, Colleen goes to the board and erases the code. When Amber finally gets the hint and leaves, Adrian suggests that he and Colleen go to his apartment to talk in private! They rush out of the classroom

At the coffeehouse, while sitting with Mr. Kim, Jill says hello to Cane as he takes a seat at the computer. Waiting for Sharon to join them, Mr. Kim asks Jill a little bit about her life. "Did you have any children besides Billy?" Jill replies, "Once, I had another son" Jill goes on to talk about losing Philip in an automobile accident.

At the Crimson Lights computer, Cane gets some meaningless feedback from his search on a woman named Violet. On his way out, Cane invites Jill and Mr. Kim to stop by Indigo for lunch.

Arriving at the coffeehouse, Sharon pleads with Nikki over the phone to bring Noah to her and begs for her not to let him find out what Shelia did! After she hangs up, Sharon joins Mr. Kim and Jill and gives them the news about the kidnapping. "Noah doesn't know, and Nikki brought him to a museum in Chicago." Seeing how worried Sharon is for Noah's return, Mr. Kim suggests that they postpone the meeting. However, Sharon says there's nothing that she can do but wait. Mr. Kim gets right to the point and asks Sharon to become the new Jabot spokes model! Surprisingly, Sharon seems interested and promises to get back to Mr. Kim with an answer. Although Sharon declines, Jill agrees to go to Indigo for lunch with Mr. Kim.

Amber joins Cane at the bar at Indigo and asks if any of the singing acts have canceled. After Cane says that she'll have to talk to Neil, the two flirt over talk of Amber's new album release. Amber changes the subject and asks how Cane's search for his mother is going just as Jill and Mr. Kim walk in! Cane waves to them, then answers Amber, "Not so good." When Amber asks Jill how Kay is, Jill appears disturbed and blows her off. Just then, Cane gets a call from his attorney After he hangs up, Cane tells Amber that his visa is about to expire. "You can't leave. There has to be another way for you to stay here," Amber stresses.

Alone, Amber makes a call to an immigration attorney saying that she's fallen in love with a man from Australia and wants to know how to go about making it legal!

At their table, when Mr. Kim questions why Jill's mood changed after Amber mentioned her mother, Jill claims that her and Katherine's relationship is complicated. While the two talk about Fen being kidnapped, Mr. Kim says, "I couldn't imagine losing a child." Jill admits that it's devastating just as Cane brings her a drink. "Thank you," she says with a smile.

Back at Adrian's, Colleen tells him about fighting with Brad over Adrian's involvement in unraveling the code. "Your family has so many secrets, I don't know how you all have time to think," he comments. Colleen remembers back to Brad's warning, but then admits to Adrian that Brad does have a secret! Just as Colleen is about to tell Adrian her family's secret, Adrian stops her and says that he doesn't want her to have to choose between telling him and breaking her father's confidence. "If only my father could see you how I see you" Adrian takes Colleen in a passionate kiss, which lands them in bed!

When Brad runs into Sharon at Crimson Lights, they go out to the patio and Brad confides that he has the Grugeon artifact and that it's inscribed with a biblical Latin phrase! After Sharon offers to help uncover the meaning of the code, she's shocked to learn that Brad hasn't heard about the kidnapping! "Your niece has been kidnapped!" It's then that Brad realizes why Nikki and Victor had tried to call them earlier. "We let the calls go to voicemail," he mumbles. He tries to call Victoria, but she doesn't pick up. "I need to go tell Vikki," Brad says, then leaves.

Sharon calls Nikki again to tell her that she'll be waiting for her and Noah at home!

When Brad arrives home, Vikki tells him that with the help of a program, she translated a couple more words of the code! However, Brad pushes that aside and tells Vikki about the kidnappings! As Vikki goes to grab the phone, she knocks some papers off the desk. When Brad bends down to retrieve them, he sees the bug and alerts Vikki to it!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Noah worries after finding out his baby sister has been kidnapped.

Nikki goes off on Sharon for her dislike of Phyllis.

Will pays the Baldwin's a visit.

After Michael & Paul ask Kevin for help in finding Shelia, they listen in as Shelia & Phyllis struggle.

Finally Lauren finds Sheila.