At the apartment, Lauren worries that they'll never find Fen. With Gloria and Kevin's help, Michael and Lauren prepare to put together flyers. Michael takes Lauren in his arms.

When Daniel and Lily visit the tack house, Nick and Victor tell them about Shelia's plastic surgery. Just as Daniel's posting a new picture of Summer online for the Amber Alert, Jack arrives. "We can use all the help we can get," Victor tells Jack.

After Daniel calls and asks Kevin to send him a picture of Fen, Lauren breaks down with worry. "It's Fen's nap time," she cries. A cop briefly shows up to retrieve the info for the flyers, as Gloria comforts Lauren.

Through various television airings and Internet postings, everyone involved realizes that the police are receiving many dead ends and false sighting reports

Shelia receives a grocery delivery and tells Phyllis that they'll never have to leave the condo again! As Summer cries, Phyllis soothes her with her voice until she stops. When Shelia notices Phyllis looking around the room, Shelia says, "Forget it, there's no escape." Phyllis tries another tactic with Shelia and tells her that they are more alike than Shelia thinks! When Phyllis says that she's figured out all sorts of ways for them all to get out of the situation alive, Shelia says, "What makes you think we're 'all' getting out of here alive?" Surprisingly, Phyllis begins to imitate Shelia's every word, making her furious!

After Victor posts a million dollar reward for the safe return of Phyllis, Summer and Fen, the Governor calls with his support, too. Suddenly, a news station shows up and prepares to put Nick on the air. While Victor coaches Nick on how to approach the media and the viewers, they are distracted by Daniel's verbal worry for his mom. Victor, Lily, Jack and Nick remind Daniel of what a strong woman Phyllis is.

While at Dru's, Sharon gets a call from Nick and offers her support and prayers for Phyllis, Summer and Fen's return. After she hangs up, Neil and Dru are amazed that Nick's able to hold things together during such a traumatic time. Just then, Dru realizes that a vase has been misplaced and insists that she didn't move it. Although Neil assures Dru that she probably doesn't remember moving it, when Lily calls, Dru persist to ask Lily and Daniel if they moved it! "No, we didn't move it."

After Neil leaves to go to the ranch, Dru notices that a basket has also been moved and insists that someone - Carmen or David - came into her apartment to mess with her head! Just as Sharon suggests that it's common for people to think that they see the dead after they've died, there's a knock on the door. It's Jack. While Dru is making tea, Sharon expresses to Jack that she wishes that she could be there for Nick. "I think he'd like that," Jack says.

At the hospital, while awaiting word on Maggie, Paul goes into a waiting room and pulls out the transmitter. "Shelia, talk to me, are you there?" After a nurse briefly comes in to say that Maggie's surgery went well, Shelia comes through the transmitter. Though Paul informs Shelia that Maggie is fine, Shelia surprises Paul by saying, "A nurse knows which place to harm in order to cause the maximum damage."

After making sure that the police aren't monitoring Michael's cell, Michael gets a call from Paul saying that he's spoken to Shelia through the transmitter. Michael hangs up and promises to call Paul back from somewhere private. In the hallway, Michael calls him back and says that for the safety of his child, he does not want the police knowing that Paul's talking to Shelia! "We've handled Shelia before," Paul agrees. "We can do it again."

When on air, Nick pleads with the public to help him find his wife and child as he gives them a look into the kind of person Phyllis is. "I'll do anything to get them back."

In front of the TV, Phyllis watches as Nick pleads with the world for Phyllis and Summer's return. "Sorry, Nick," Shelia says. "You'll never find them."

When Neil shows up at the tack house, he assures Victor that he'll handle Newman business for him and Nick.

Gloria, Kevin, Michael and Lauren pray that Nick's national newscast will work. While Kevin is discussing Jana's disappearance with a detective, Michael informs Lauren that Paul has made contact with Shelia and promises her that they'll find Fen! Lauren gets a call from Scotty and asks him to stay put. After she hangs up, Michael approaches Lauren, gives her ' a look' and says, "You have another call." Lauren pretends that she's talking to her mother, but it's really Paul wanting her to know that he'll keep them all posted if Shelia makes contact again.

Paul gets word that Maggie is awake and rushes to her side to find that she's going to make it!

Paul goes into the hallway and calls Michael with the news. While they're talking, Shelia comes through the transmitter demanding to talk to Lauren! When Paul tells her the Lauren isn't there, Shelia says, "You have five minutes to get Lauren on the line!" Michael's fears explode "What is Shelia going to do? I can't get Lauren to the hospital in five minutes!" In Fen's nursery, when Michael tells Lauren about Shelia's demand, Lauren suggests that they call Paul and put his phone up to the transmitter so Lauren can talk to Shelia when she calls.

Nick and Victor talk about all the calls the police have received since his plea, and Nick worries that Shelia will try to get rid of Phyllis and Summer. "She only did all of this to get to Fen. My wife and daughter are excess baggage to her."

Daniel is the next to go on air and Phyllis watches as her son talks about what a survivor Phyllis is. "Mom, we all love you." After Shelia abruptly shuts off the TV, Phyllis warns her that her family will not stop looking until they find her! Just then, Summer starts crying causing Fen to cry, too. When Shelia can't make her stop, she hands Summer to Phyllis. Through tears, Phyllis tells Summer a story about a princess being locked up by a wicked witch. When Shelia interrupts, "Yeah, and prince charming saved her," Phyllis looks up to Shelia and declares, "No, she saved herself!"

When Sharon goes to Nick to lend her support, Nick takes her in his arms.

When Dru confesses to Jack that she's seen Carmen, Jack admits that he has seen his father, too. Dru runs into his arms, thankful that someone finally understands. "I think his spirit is still here," Jack says, making Dru feel uneasy as she looks around the apartment!

Shelia shows Phyllis the matching outfits that she bought for them. "No one will be able to tell us apart," Shelia says.

As Shelia is talking to Lauren, Lauren and Michael hear Fen crying and are disturbed when they hear Shelia call him Scotty! "I love you, Scotty," Shelia says.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Mr. Kim has a proposal for Sharon.

Adrian continues to fantasize about Colleen.

Jill confides in Mr. Kim about her family and her past.

Brad finds out that Adrian helped Colleen unravel the inscription, then lets Sharon in on it.

Cane divulges to Amber that his visa is near expiration.