While Lauren paces the tack house, Nick calls security. When Michael calls from the warehouse, Nick tells him that Shelia kidnapped Fen, Summer and Phyllis! Michael expresses that he's waiting at the warehouse for the police, then asks if they know where Shelia went. "No idea," Nick says.

Shelia is dressed as an old woman as she walks with Phyllis and the babies through the hallway of a retirement home. They stop to talk to a resident, one who says to Shelia, "I'm glad to see that you're back." Shelia introduces the woman to her 'daughter and grandbabies,' as Phyllis struggles to compose herself. Apparently, everyone in the home knows the disguised Shelia as a resident!

At the apartment, Neil tries to calm Dru down as she worries about Devon's trial.

In Dru's parking garage, Sharon runs into David. Sharon says that although she's on Dru's side, she admires David's loyalty. "I do hope that Carmen's real killer is found," Sharon says. "I'm here to make sure that happens," David replies.

Sharon goes up to Dru's. When she, Neil and Dru leave, they run into David in the hallway. David agrees to take a different elevator. "I'll be cheering for Devon," he says.

At the coffeehouse, Devon thinks back on all the evidence against him and worries that he'll be convicted. Lily hands him her lucky ten-frank coin to hold for luck.

At the coffeehouse, just as Kevin expresses to Gloria that Jana may have left because of his admission of guilt, Daniel joins them and hears that Jana is missing. "I had to tell her, Daniel." On the other hand, Kevin goes on to say that Adrian may have had something to do with her disappearance. Suddenly, Michael calls and Kevin relays that Fen has been kidnapped! Looking up at the TV, they see the Amber alert for Summer and Fen. When one of Kevin's employees says that he saw Phyllis at the coffeehouse yesterday, Kevin suggests that maybe Shelia took Jana!

Victor calls Jack from the coffeehouse to wish him luck. "Call me after the Senator has been arrested," Victor says. After he hangs up, Victor and Nikki make a toast. "May Jack enjoy it while he can," Nikki says. Abruptly, Victor gets a call from Nick and looks to Nikki. "Shelia Carter is alive!" They rush home

At the warehouse, Michael coaches Paul on how to handle the police when questioned. Paul looks to Maggie. "Hang on, Maggie." After the police arrive, Maggie is taken away by ambulance while Michael and Paul fill in the blanks for the cops. Although Michael thinks about how Paul obtained the morgue photo of Shelia, neither let on that they had any part in holding Shelia captive. "I just stumbled on this place during a stakeout," Paul lies as Michael thinks back to what really happened - Paul abducting Shelia. They go on to say that they had seen Shelia for the first time yesterday.

In the hotel room, the FBI agents prepare Jack for the cash exchange with the Senator, then leave. After the Senator arrives, he and Jack share small talk before the Senator opens the case of money and assures Jack that the zoning board will now vote as he tells him. "It's been a pleasure, Jack." Just as the Senator opens the door, he's immediately arrested! Jack smirks as he sips his drink! After he's alone, Jack calls and leaves Victor a message. As Jack is ready to walk out of the room, the Amber alert catches his attention!

At the courthouse, Dru, Neil and Sharon meet up with Devon, Lily and Daniel and notice David Chow's presence. Looking at their watches, everyone wonders what's keeping Michael. Suddenly, David approaches with Carmen's mother and introduces her to Devon! Although she's sympathetic toward Devon, she turns on Dru! "You are the one person that Carmen did not speak highly of!" Just then, a court representative comes out and informs them that the trial has been postponed! "Where is Michael?" Dru says.

At the tack house, a cop warns Nick that time is of the essence in finding his wife and daughter. Soon after, Victor and Nikki arrive as Lauren tells the cop everything that happened. "She wanted my baby. Go find them!"

Michael and Paul arrive at the tack house and Michael takes Lauren in his arms. As they wonder where Shelia took Fen, Neil calls. When Michael breaks down in tears, Paul takes the phone and tells Neil that Michael's son has been kidnapped. When Nick's phone rings, everyone jumps up thinking it could be Shelia. However, it's Jack telling Nick that he saw the Amber alert.

With Phyllis tied to a chair, Shelia holds Fen while watching the Amber alert. "They didn't waste any time, did they?" Phyllis is surprised to hear that Michael and Paul knew about Shelia as she watches her talk eerily to Fen. "They tried to lock me up in a cell forever," Shelia says. "They are all going to end up in the ground except for you, Sweetie."

After Neil hangs up with Nick, Dru suggests that they go to the ranch to be there for Nick, but Daniel tells her it wouldn't be a good idea considering her relationship with his mom. When Dru steps away from her family, she sees a woman wearing a hooded coat. Suddenly, the woman looks at Dru and takes off her hood It's Carmen! Dru runs and grabs Neil. "It's Carmen! She's over there!" Dru points. However, the hallway is empty.

Back at their apartment, Dr insists to Neil that she saw Carmen! However, Neil blames Dru's hallucination on stress. "Carmen is alive," Dru demands!

Lauren and Michael arrive home to find Kevin and Gloria. Lauren breaks down, "This is all my fault!" Lauren says. "The next time I lay eyes on Shelia"

With sirens in the background, a detective comes back into the tack house and tells Nick, Nikki and Victor that Shelia's car has been found at the airport, but that there's nothing more to report.

When Phyllis warns Shelia that they'll be found, Shelia tightens the cuffs around Phyllis's wrists. "I suggest that you relax, Phyllis, because you and I and the babies are in for a nice, long stay."

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Paul & Michael find a way to communicate with Sheila.

Sharon comforts Nick.

Dru persists to Neil & Sharon that Carmen broke into the apartment.

Jack admits to Dru that he's had hallucinations of John.