At the apartment, Michael finds Lauren asleep on the couch after having a rough night. "I should've never taken you to see Shelia. At least she's locked up forever." Just then, the phone rings and it's Shelia - acting like Phyllis - wondering when Lauren's coming over. Although she doesn't feel up to it, Lauren agrees to a visit.

"We can't wait," Shelia says, then looks to Phyllis. After playing with the baby for a bit, Shelia calls Paul over the transmitter and whispers to Phyllis that she shot Paul's girlfriend.

"Hold on, Maggie." Paul comes through and says that Maggie is still alive. "Well, I may have to do something about that," Shelia says.

Just as Jack is finishing up a call, Nick comes to his room. Although Jack tells Nick that he'll handle the meeting with the Senator alone, Nick insists on going. After Nick leaves, Jack's calls the Senator and changes the meeting time! When Nick comes back, Jack lies and says that the meeting has been moved back and suggests that Nick go home. Nick calls Phyllis

"Take as long as you need," Shelia tells Nick. "I love you." Holding Summer, Shelia tells Phyllis that although she'd like to take Nick for a 'ride' when he returns home, she needs to stick to her plan! Phyllis wants to talk, so Shelia removes the gag. "I can help you," Phyllis says and offers Shelia money and her passport. However, Shelia would much rather be the 'Newman' and Lauren's best friend! Just as Phyllis, says, "I swear, if you ever - " the phone rings. Shelia gags Phyllis, answers it, then hangs up. "Lauren's coming over." Shelia smiles at Phyllis. "She's dying to see you"

Gloria arrives at Kevin's to find him calling around looking for Jana. "She never came home last night." Kevin goes on to say that he confessed to Jana that he tried to kill Colleen. Gloria and Kevin go upstairs to see if Lauren and Michael have seen Jana, but they haven't. Kevin tells them what he did.

Adrian shows up at the college and finds Colleen trying to figure out a 'code' on his board. "You're trying to decipher a code word." Adrian states. Although Colleen says that she can't give him any details, she agrees to let Adrian help. "It's Latin," Adrian says, then begins to work on the code: What is truth?

At Brad's, Victor tells Brad that although he's left messages for Ashley, she hasn't returned any of his calls. "You better find out what's going on!" Victor states. Brad, too, leaves a message for Ashley. Victor, Nikki, Victoria and Brad wonder how they'll translate the code.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin still can't locate Jana. When asked who she was with last night, Kevin's employee says that Jana was with Adrian and that they had a big argument!

After Nick agrees to go back to Genoa City, the FBI agents come in and wire Jack up! Jack briefly calls Victor to give him an update.

"What's Jack up to?" Nikki asks. "He's about to end the Senator's career," Victor replies. "And his own," Nikki adds. Just then Ashley calls and they all breathe a sigh of relief. "It's Latin!" Victoria blurts out. Everyone gathers around her as she starts to unravel the code, but doesn't get far. Victor tells Brad that he has twenty-four hours to unravel the code or else Victor will handle it his way!

When Lauren and Fen arrive at the tack house, Shelia goes to the kitchen for coffee. As Lauren is hanging up her coat, she sees Phyllis bound in the closet! Suddenly, Shelia comes up behind Lauren! "Don't speak. Don't move!" Shelia ties Lauren to a chair across from Phyllis. "Don't hurt the babies," Lauren cries, "What did you do to Paul?" Shelia gags Lauren and tell her that she has Paul and a shot Maggie in the cell. Shelia calls Paul over the transmitter...

"Lauren!" Paul says, "Don't hurt her!" As Shelia taunts Paul, he vows to escape and kill Shelia! "I'm looking at two of the most adorable babies," Shelia says. The phone rings and it's Michael looking for Lauren. "No, she's not here yet," Shelia says and agrees to have her call Michael. As Fen starts to coo, Shelia goes to him in tears. "Oh, Fen, I love you."

Shortly after, Michael shows up at the warehouse and Paul tells him what's happened!

When the senator arrives, he asks Jack if he'd be willing to make a 'substantial' donation to his campaign in exchange for help with the zoning issue! The FBI listens in Jack agrees, then the senator says, "Victor Newman hasn't changed a bit." Jack acts as though he's chocking to try to muffle the wire, so the agents don't hear about Victor past deeds!

Kevin shows up at the college and demands to know what Adrian did with Jana! After Adrian jokes that he killed Jana, Kevin threatens to call the police. "Go ahead, Kevin, and I'll tell them what you did to me!" Colleen warns. Kevin puts away his cell. "This isn't over," he says, then leaves

Adrian and Colleen go back to the code: What Is Truth? Suddenly, Adrian realizes that the second part of the code is the answer to the first: The Man Who Is Before You. Although Colleen says that she has no idea what it means, Adrian appears to know exactly was he's figured out!

Shelia informs everyone that she'll be taking both babies with her! Lauren cries through her gag, "No!"

At the coffeehouse with Nikki, Victor gets a call from Jack saying that the senator took the bate! "Thank you, Jack." You have a nice day," Victor says, then hangs up. "Today is the beginning of the end of Jack Abbott and tomorrow, will be the end of Brad Carlton!"

Colleen goes home to Brad and gives everyone the code!

Kevin panics when he can't get the police to look for Jana.

Nick arrives home to find Lauren tied and gagged! "Nick, you've got to get Phyllis and the babies!" "Who?" Nick screams. "Shelia Carter!"

Next on The Young and the Restless:

While getting away in disguise, Shelia gloats about her escape.

Sharon continues to gain David's trust.

Lauren tries putting herself in Shelia's mind frame in order to figure out where Shelia has taken Phylis and the babies.