At Adrian's, Colleen brings him his lecture notes and Adrian invites her to stay. Over tea, Adrian explains how he came to love art and teaching. When Colleen gets a call from Lily, Adrian hears that Colleen didn't move back home. "I'm sorry I've impacted your life like this," Adrian says. However, Colleen says it's not his fault and apologizes that JT is running around calling him a murderer. "No, that's Jana's fault. She gave JT those articles." Adrian then goes on to suggest that Colleen drop out of his class. Although she doesn't want to, Colleen agrees, then leaves

Katherine tells Nikki at Indigo that Phillip is not Jill's son. "If I were Jill, I'd never forgive me." Although Nikki assures her that Jill needs time, Kay says that she has to find Jill's son! Just then, JT calls and agrees to meet her at Indigo with an update.

When JT arrives, he informs Kay that he didn't find any records on Violet, only on a person named Stanley. "It's a long shot," JT says, "but I'll keep looking."

At home, when Neil sees Dru working on a report, he says, "You already finished that. I received it this morning." Dru is shocked! "No, I didn't!" Neil shows Dru the report and she insists that David hacked into her account and sent the completed report! Neil holds Dru close, then calls to have Dru's account frozen.

In the tack house, Phyllis snaps numerous precious pictures of Summer to send to Nick. After Phyllis shows Summer a picture of 'Daddy,' she calls Nick.

During their trip in Madison, Nick receives a picture of Summer on his cell, and Jack snaps at him to stay focused on business! Suddenly, Phyllis calls and Jack rips the phone from Nick and demands that Phyllis make their deadline on a certain report. After Nick gets back on the phone, Phyllis comments that she's glad that she's not in Madison with Jack!

When the Senator arrives at the hotel, Nick and Jack give him their latest proposal for the zoning issues. "Take it to the zoning board," he responds. Although Jack warns for him to think long and hard before he turns them down - and Nick reminds him of all the support that the Newman's have given him through the years - the Senator says, "This deal of yours will never go through" After he leaves, Nick and Jack argue about how they handled the Senator! Jack doesn't waste anytime and calls the FBI to report the Senator for corruption!

In the cell, Maggie asks, "Who's that woman?" Paul goes on to explain Shelia's reappearance with Phyllis's face. "I should've killed her when I had a chance," Paul says as he looks to the blood on Maggie's chest. While Maggie gets down on herself for allowing Shelia to overpower her, Paul explains the nursery and Shelia's plan for it. "You know I'm going to have to arrest you when we get out of here." However, Paul offers to turn himself in after they capture Shelia. Paul takes part of the mobile apart and manages to get a hold of the transmitter sitting outside the cell. Suddenly, Shelia comes over the air and refuses to call an ambulance for Maggie! Despite Paul's screams, Shelia breaks the connection

At the apartment, Michael tells Lauren that he plans to check-in at the warehouse, but realizing that he's running late decides not to. When Lauren suggests that she stop by the warehouse, Michael says, "Absolutely not!" Michael leaves for work

At Indigo, Jana and Kevin share a conversation with Cane where he explains that he's looking for his birthmother.

When Michael shows up at Neil and Dru's to prepare them for Devon's hearing, Dru excuses herself and lies on the couch with a headache. Dru falls asleep and has nightmares about all her past encounters with Carmen. With new images of Dru wrapping Carmen's dead body in plastic, sealed with duct tape, Dru quickly snaps awake in a cold sweat! With Michael gone, Neil holds her close while Dru tells him about her dream.

At the tact house, Phyllis hears a knock at the door and opens it, finding herself staring at her own face! It's Shelia! Later Nick calls and says that he can't wait to get home to her. "I can't wait either," says Shelia as she looks to Phyllis tied to a chair!

While talking to Jana at Indigo, JT comments on what a horrible person Kevin is. "If I were you, I'd watch your back," JT warns. Jana flips out on JT and quickly defends Kevin. "Whatever he's done in the past, he's changed!" Kevin listens from close by.

After JT leaves, Kevin thanks Jana for sticking up for him. "I'm in love with you, Jana." Not wanting there to be any secrets between them, Kevin confesses that he tried to kill Colleen years ago. "I'm a different man now." Although startled, Jana says she knows that he's not 'that man' anymore, then abruptly leaves for work.

Lauren gets a call from Shelia pretending to be Phyllis suggesting that she and Fen come over to the tack house for a visit! Lauren promises to call her when Fen wakes up

Michael calls to check in with Lauren. After she tells him about Phyllis's call, Michael suggests that a visit to Phyllis's would do her good. Lauren hangs up, dials Phyllis's and tells her that she and Fen are on their way! Shelia gives Phyllis a sinister smile

Nick calls again, and Shelia rubs Summers head and pretends to be Phyllis. Phyllis looks around the room terrified! After Shelia hangs up, Lauren calls back and says that Michael got home early and that she's going to stay home. They agree to meet in the morning. Shelia looks to Phyllis and says, "It looks like it's just you and me." She picks up the baby. "And baby Summer."

When the Federal agents show up, Jack tells them that the Senator has been taking bribes and agrees to wear a wire to get proof! Jack calls and sets up a meeting with the Senator.

At the coffeehouse, Adrian approaches Jana and tears into her for digging up a very traumatic time in his life. Over Adrian's yelling, Jana says, "You were the one who" "Found the dead student?" Adrian interrupts. "Yes, Jana, that was me."

When Kevin arrives at the coffeehouse, he's told that Jana was just there but that she must have left.

In the cell, Paul gets hysterical when Maggie becomes unresponsive "Maggie, please talk to me!"

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Lauren is shocked when she sees Shelia at Nick's house.

Jana turns up missing.

Adrian helps Colleen translated the inscription on the Grugeon.

Victor gives Brad a piece of his mind for putting his family in danger.