At Newman, Sharon brings Dru a package from the Boutique that was left her in the wrong office. After seeing the shirt inside, the one like Carmen's that Dru had cut up, Dru screams for Sharon to get rid of it! When Dru calls the Boutique, they tell her that 'she' bought the blouse with her credit card. Dru opens her purse and finds her card missing. "Why is David doing this to me? Or was it Carmen? I saw Carmen!" While brainstorming about David and Carmen, Sharon reminds Dru that Carmen's obituary stated that she was survived by a sister! Dru calls JT and hires him to investigate Carmen's sister ASAP! JT agrees Shortly after, JT calls with news that Carmen's sister lives in Texas, but that she doesn't look like Carmen at all.

When Neil finds David in the Newman break room and warns him to leave or he'll call security, David says, "I guess you haven't heard. I work here now. I'm the new liaison for Grandville Global." Later when David finds Neil trying to get him removed from his job, David reminds him that it wouldn't look good at Devon's trial for Neil to be sabotaging the job of Carmen's ex-lover. "If you knew what really happened," David says, "then maybe you'd understand." David goes on to explain, that in the midst of a loveless marriage, he fell in love with an employee, Carmen. After his wife found out, David had to fire Carmen. Not being able to handle the stress of the scandal, Carmen moved to Genoa City. "I regret my decision everyday." When Neil questions why he should believe David after how much he's upset Dru, David asks Neil to think back on his feelings for Carmen and remember the good person that she was And Neil does "Carmen was a loving person and you know that I'm right, don't you?" David asks.

At college, Adrian tells Colleen that their relationship is morally wrong and that she should move on. However, Colleen pushes Adrian about the articles of the dead student, but he refuses to give her any further info. A student briefly interrupts them, then leaves. Adrian says that he's sorry that he's hurt Colleen and caused a rift between her and her family. "Wait a minute, Victoria started treating me different after she dropped out of the benefit." When he asks if Victoria's reasoning had something to do with Rebecca, Colleen says no. "You're a terrible liar," Adrian replies. "Is your family hiding something?" However, Colleen denies any secrets, forcing Adrian to leave

At the tack house, Nick finds Phyllis rocking Summer and says he wants to spend some extra time with his two girls before going on his business trip. After lying the baby down, Phyllis gives Nick a gift, a digital camera, so she can take pictures of Summer to email to him during his trip. Nick is truly touched While alone, snuggling on the couch, Phyllis and Nick talk about the details of his trip, then Nick stands up and starts taking pictures of his body to keep Phyllis warm while he's gone! Before Nick leaves, he gives Phyllis a mobile that he made for Summer. Phyllis whispers a sexy secret in his ear of what he has to look forward to upon his return home

At the coffeehouse, Paul calls Maggie and leaves a message wondering why she's late for their date.

Outside of the cell, Shelia calmly states to Maggie that she's Phyllis Newman. "No, you're not," Maggie says. Suddenly, Shelia realizes that she needs to work on her 'Phyllis' voice and gives Maggie a preview! "Pretty good, don't you think?" Shelia smirks. Shelia goes into the cell, picks up Maggie's phone and sees that Paul has left a message. Shelia sends Paul a text message... "Your boyfriend's on his way. We should get ready for him." Shelia covers Maggie's mouth with duct tape

With his gun drawn, Paul enters the warehouse and sees Maggie locked up. "Maggie, what are you doing here!" Despite that Maggie is shaking her head to warn Paul, Shelia comes out of the shadows and knocks him over the head! After Shelia drags Paul into the cell, she rips Maggie's duct tape off, then tells her that she has unfinished business to attend to! Maggie tries to reason with Shelia, and starts to say, "When Paul wakes up" Shelia appears to get an idea and says that maybe she should leave Paul something extra for when he wakes up. "What?" Maggie asks. "A dead girlfriend" Shelia aims a gun at Maggie and fires!

At the coffeehouse, Adrian approaches JT and warns him that his attempts to make him look bad to Colleen won't help JT to get her back! "Get a clue!" Adrian says, then leaves

At Brad's, Rebecca shows Colleen the inscription on the Reliquary and states that they have no idea what it means. When Victoria comes home, Colleen informs her that she's moving in with Lily. "I don't think that's a good idea," Vikki says. "Well, I don't need your permission." Against Victoria and Rebecca's protests, Colleen leaves Victoria with one last statement. "Adrian and I are over, Victoria. I thought you would be happy about that."

Neil finds Dru and Sharon in the Newman break room and tells Dru that David works at Newman "We're just going to have to live with him," Neil says. "Over my dead body!" Dru responds. When Sharon suggests that she befriend David in order to find out if he's behind all of Dru's harassment, Dru makes her promise not to jeopardize her safety by getting involved with David! "Okay, I promise," Sharon says.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon goes to David and says that Neil told her David's story about Carmen. After sympathetically playing on his feelings, David asks Sharon to join him for coffee.

Colleen goes to Adrian's apartment and says she has something for him

When Paul comes to, he sees Maggie and rushes to her side. "Oh, no," Paul cries out hysterically in tears as he sees the blood all down the front of Maggie. "No, Maggie, please, don't die!" Listening in from another room, Shelia prepares to clean herself up Suddenly, Maggie wakes up and Paul holds her close, trying to keep her awake. As she's telling Paul what happened, she loses consciousness. While Paul screams for help, Shelia looks in the mirror and says, "Show time, Phyllis."

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Dru is lost in nightmares of Carmen.

Katherine tells Nikki that she has to find Jill's son.

Sheila runs into Phyllis.

Maggie loses consciousness, leaving Paul in a state of panic.

Jack meets up with the Feds to further his own needs.

Kevin confesses to Jana that he once tried to murder Colleen.