In their house, Daniel comments to Lily about his distrust for Adrian, then leaves for college.

At Brad's, he's furious when Victoria tells him that Colleen is sleeping with Adrian! Although Rebecca suggests that they let the relationship take its course, Brad disagrees!

At the coffeehouse, JT tries to warn Colleen about Adrian's mysterious past - even shows her the article about Adrian finding that dead student's body - but Colleen just defends Adrian even more! Abruptly, Colleen gets a call from Brad demanding for her to come home, but she says, "No, Dad, I'm old enough to make my own decisions," then hangs up.

Katherine and Jill arrive at Indigo anxiously awaiting the DNA results from William. When Cane shows them to their table, Jill asks where he's from and compliments him on his accent.

Cane calls Amber and asks her to come to Indigo. However, Amber claims to be busy, then hangs up. When she runs into Daniel, she explains why she's blowing off Cane - to make him want her more. "It's just one of my rules for handling men."

When Cane returns to Jill's table, she introduces Kay as her mother and Cane comments that Jill and Kay clearly have a bond. William shows up and doesn't waste any time. He hands Jill the papers stating that Phillip wasn't her son! Devastated, Jill says that she needs some air, and from the bar, Cane watches her go When she returns, Cane goes to her and offers Jill a drink. "Can I do anything for you?" Cane asks. "Thank you, but it's a family matter." Cane gives Jill a warm smile.

Jill sits back down and turns her fury on Katherine by unveiling all of Katherine's past crimes to William. "I've forgiven you for so much. How do I get past this one!" After Kay tells Jill that she's sorry, she leaves

Colleen arrives at Lily's ranting about JT and her parents. When Daniel calls from college asking Lily to meet him for coffee, she declines to stay with Colleen.

After Daniel hangs up, overhearing his conversation with Lily, Amber says, "I could go for some coffee."

Arriving at Brad's, JT tells him everything that his knows about Adrian. Brad becomes more irate and he and JT take off to find Colleen.

At the coffeehouse, Amber gives Daniel more of her 'rules' for handling men. When Brad shows up looking for Colleen, Daniel covers for her. Brad calls Lily, but she covers, too! Amber peers up at Brad and says, "Sometimes Colleen works with Professor Korbel during day." Brad takes off Having two concert tickets, Amber worries that her 'rules' might not pan out, causing Cane not to call her again. Daniel agrees to help and calls Cane saying that he has two concert tickets that he and Lily can't use! Daniel takes off to deliver the tickets to Cane

In the Newman break room, Nikki and Victor are talking about the Grugeon just as Jack barges in. When asked where Victor was, Victor claims that he was on a business trip. They all go into Victor's office where Jack relays news that the senator still isn't helping them with the zoning issue. Agreeing to meet later, Jack leaves. Victoria briefly calls to say that Rebecca hasn't made any progress with the inscription, then Victor and Nikki discuss how to handle Jack. When Jack joins them again, Victor suggests that they play dirty to expose the senator's underhandedness. While Victor makes a call, Jack shows Nikki a file

In his classroom, Adrian thinks back on his conversation with Colleen about submitting her paper, then leaves Colleen a voicemail to call him. Not wanting to wait, Adrian goes to look for her.

When Brad shows up at Lily's, Colleen finally confronts Brad and defends Adrian to him at every turn! "You don't understand," Brad says. "We finally found the Grugeon."

As Rebecca is coming down the stairs holding the Grugeon, Adrian pounds on the door and walks right through after Victoria opens it! Demanding to speak with Colleen, Adrian tells Victoria that although Colleen didn't want her paper on the Grugeon published, it's too late. "It's already gone to press." Just as Rebecca joins them - empty-handed - Victoria gets a call from Victor warning her to stay safe! Just then, Brad busts through the door with Colleen close behind! Vikki hangs up and holds Brad back as he warns Adrian to stay away from his daughter! "I'll report you to the college!" Although Colleen begs Brad not to report him, Adrian says it'll never happen again and leaves. "Goodbye, Colleen." Before storming off, Colleen tells Brad that she refuses to let him control her life!

After Amber and JT share small talk at Crimson Lights, Cane shows up and asks Amber to go to the concert with him. "Of course I will!" Amber throws herself into Cane's arms.

Nikki hands Victor the evidence that Jack uncovered about the senator's dirty deeds! When asked if the papers will hold up in court, Jack says, no, and Victor informs him to find a way to make the evidence public knowledge!

Back at home with Lily, Daniel gets a text message from Amber saying that she owes him! When Lily asks who it's from, Daniel lies and says that it was someone from class!

At college, Colleen finds Adrian and apologies for Brad's behavior. However, Adrian agrees with Brad and says he may have done the same thing. Just then, Colleen shows him the article that JT gave her and asks why he didn't tell her that he found the student's body? "I don't like talking about it." Colleen comes in closer and asks if he and the student were involved. "I haven't lied to you about anything," Adrian replies.

Sitting at the coffeehouse, JT turns down Brad's demand for him to follow Colleen and keep her safe, but Brad doesn't give him a choice!

Jack storms into Victor's office and says, "I've come up with a plan to get back at the senator!" Victor tells Jack that he knew he'd do the right thing

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Dru receives a strange package.

Maggie finds herself locked in Sheila's cell.

Adrian approaches JT.

Sheila manages to throw Paul in the cell.

Sharon embarks on a plan to get close to David in order to help Dru and her family.