Adam drinks at the Athletic Club. Michael saunters up, rubs it in about the Grand Jury indictment, and adds there is more bad news coming. Adam notices the Naked Heiress coverage on TV.

In Diane's suite, Victor smashes the camera with Abby's confession on it, but Diane sneers that she made copies. Victor refuses to be blackmailed. Diane starts shouting, "Stay away from me! Don't hurt me, Victor!" Victor asks what she's doing, and warns her she won't get away with threatening his family. She shrieks loudly again. In the corridor, Victor leaves Ashley an urgent message. Later, the police come to Diane's door - she tells them her ex-husband, Victor Newman, threatened her and she's scared he'll come back and hurt her. Once alone, Diane calls a gossip website.

Katherine tells the judge in his chambers that she wants to contest her son's petition. She says Tucker is incapable of running McCall Unlimited. She explains that she put her suspicions to the test earlier and Tucker signed a contract he had already signed months earlier. The judge watches as Katherine challenges Tucker to explain a financial analysis - he cannot. The judge rules that Katherine will stay in charge. Tucker rants at Katherine about humiliating him. Ashley accuses Katherine of looking out for herself, but she argues that she's putting the company first. Tucker has more contempt for her now than when he first laid eyes on her. Katherine calls Jack and says she's on her way over.

At Newman, Vikki and Abby are confident Victor will get Diane to drop her suit against Nikki. Adam walks in and they try to get rid of him. He says Victor is losing his mind to let Abby front one of their premiere divisions. Victor enters and Adam says he came to address the issue of Abby and Beauty of Nature. Victor says he won't address a damn thing - he's no longer on the board of directors. Victor is about to have Adam escorted out when the police arrive and place Victor under arrest for domestic abuse.

Back at Tucker's office, Ashley tries to comfort him. He recalls how some older boys wrecked his new bicycle when he was a child - he says that's what today felt like, only the bully was his own mother. Ashley soothes that they'll get him back on track soon. Abby knocks at the door and tells Ashley she won't believe what Diane has done now. She recounts the whole story from the Newman board room. Ashley is peeved to hear that she's fronting Beauty of Nature as the Naked Heiress, and dismayed to hear of Victor's arrest.

At Jack's house, Katherine fills him in on Tucker. He thinks she did the right thing, but is taken aback when Katherine suggests that Tucker and Ashley's marriage should be ruled invalid because he's incompetent and they don't know the whole truth about the accident.

Michael sits with Victor in the interrogation room. Victor tells the officer that Diane is bitter because she didn't get a settlement and that she's setting him up. When the officer steps out, Michael grills Victor, who tells him Diane has the tape of Abby confessing. Victor vows he'll pay her back. Victor says Diane just came to him to take custody of Kyle, and now this - she's insane.

Diane answers the door of her suite to Victoria, who says, "You went after my mother and father, now you'll have to deal with me." She warns Diane if she doesn't drop the suit and the abuse charge, she'll be very sorry. Diane hisses that she's been wronged and will get what she deserves.

Adam meets with Leslie in his suite. He thinks they can discredit Diane. Leslie has some advice for him, but says he's not going to like it. He knows - he needs to tell his investors he's innocent and return their money. Once alone, Adam says, "Game on, Diane."

Diane shows up at Jack's house and says she sent Kyle away to boarding school in another country. Jack is livid and wants him back immediately. Diane will consider it in return for his support. She wants them to be together as a family. Jack asks if she's on drugs. Diane disrobes and purrs that he could never resist her body. Someone watches from outside.

At the Club, Michael warns Victor to stay away from Diane. Victor calls Ashley and says he's out on bail. He tells her Abby's in trouble.

In Tucker's office, Ashley covers the phone and tells Abby and Tucker that Diane knows the truth - she's got the tape of Abby's confession!

Victoria calls Nikki from Crimson Lights. The staff tells her they don't know where she is.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Victor tells Michael that Nikki is missing.

Billy asks Phyllis why she isn't home with Lucy instead of getting into his business.

Diane tells Nick, "You could help me, Nick. You could protect me - from myself."

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