Backstage at "The Talk," Jack tells Lauren she'll have to help him distract the ladies if they start talking about The Naked Heiress. Katherine checks in by phone - she says Tucker plans to tell a judge he's recovered enough to give her the boot, but she plans to test him. Jack and Lauren are called out to join Leah and Holly on the stage - they give them new products from the Jabot line. Holly immediately asks about Abby becoming the new face of Beauty of Nature. Jack wishes Abby the best, but says it's the products that matter.

In Tucker's office, he, Sofia, and Ashley discuss the news about Beauty of Nature. Ashley says it's not a done deal. Tucker tells them he has a hearing this afternoon to get put back in charge. Sofia mentions that the cameramen will arrive shortly. Tucker is pleased. Once the cameraman has set up, Ashley speaks with the producer of "The Talk" and assures Tucker they'll be right off-camera if he needs help. Outside his office door, Katherine recalls her argument with Tucker about the decisions she's made. She enters and asks what's going on.

Victor knocks on Adam's door and gives him the report from the Grand Jury. Victor thinks he'll find it interesting reading. Adam calls it a joke, but Victor warns it's very serious business. Once alone, Adam reads the report and says, "Damn her."

In Victoria's office, she and Abby celebrate being mentioned on 'The Talk'. Abby is still worried about Victor's response. He arrives and tells them he isn't accustomed to hearing news about his company on TV - he still runs this company. Vikki launches into an explanation. Abby apologizes for jumping the gun. Victor surprises them by saying it might work. Victoria and Abby are relieved and excited. Victor smiles. They all embrace and celebrate. Victoria gets a call from Nikki. She's about to share their news when she stops short and says, "How could she do something like that?" She turns to Victor and says, "Diane." She hangs up and explains that Nikki was served papers in rehab - Diane's suing her for ending her marriage. Victor says he'll take care of things - and Diane.

In her suite, Diane watches the footage of Abby's confession and laughs. She phones and orders a mimosa to celebrate. She's sipping it when someone starts banging on her door - it's Adam asking, "What did you do?" He tells her the Grand Jury indicted him and only him - for a bunch of charges that could put him away for life. He says there is stuff in the report that only she could know. Diane denies making a deal. He doesn't believe her and tells her there's no more plan, no more money; he's through with her. As he's leaving, Diane admits the truth - she had Kyle to protect. She asks how she's supposed to get to Kyle without his help. Adam says she took him for a fool, and leaves.

Still on "The Talk," Lauren talks up the Jabot lip plumper. The conversation runs smoothly until the ladies ask about Ashley trying to run down Tucker and then marrying him. Jack deflects the questions, but Holly and Leah stay with it. Much to Jack's surprise they patch in Tucker via satellite. They ask him about the accident. He answers, and then talks about the new line. They ask about future plans, but Tucker seems stuck for a reply. He pretends there is satellite interference. Holly says they're out of time and thanks them all. Jack complains to Lauren about being ambushed by Tucker who wanted to show he's the boss.

In Tucker's office, Ashley tells Tucker she couldn't help him with the question with Katherine right there. Katherine returns with a stack of reports for Tucker to go over. Sofia tries to run interference. Katherine says it can't wait, and starts discussing business and asks Tucker's opinion. Sofia and Ashley keep putting in their two cents. Katherine asks him to sign something - he does, and excuses himself. Katherine has a knowing look.

On the jet back to Genoa City, Lauren tells Jack she has faith in him and the line. Jack worries the success won't continue if Tucker takes over and replaces him with Ashley. They talk about Lauren being on the board at Newman - Jack thinks she should suggest they sell off some divisions. Lauren asks if he's still interested in merging Beauty of Nature with Jabot. Jack says it has appeal.

Tucker and Ashley meet with the judge. Just as he's about to revoke Katherine's authority, she walks in.

Adam returns to his suite to find his files and computer being taken by the SEC.

Victor arrives at Diane's suite to confront her about suing Nikki. Diane says she walked in on him and Nikki twice. Victor growls that she has no case, and he'll destroy her. Diane pulls out the camera and shows him Abby's confession. He smashes it, but she says she has copies in a safe place.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria is at Diane's door saying, "You went after my mother, and my father, and how you're going to have to deal with me."

Tucker tells Katherine he has more contempt for her now than when he first laid eyes on her.

Victor informs Adam that he is no longer a member of the Newman Board of Directors.

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