Vikki is at home when she catches Abby announcing on television that the Naked Heiress will be representing Beauty of Nature.

Genevieve giggles as she listens to Abby's press conference on television in Crimson Lights. She murmurs, "Sounds like my kind of people."

Diane talks to Kyle from the phone in Gloworm. She reminds him not to phone anyone. After, she sits down with Leslie and tells her she wants to go through with the lawsuit against Victor. Jack appears and Leslie goes. Jack asks Diane why he can't reach Kyle. She makes excuses and pretends he's in summer school. Jack tells her she'll regret trying to undermine his relationship with his son. Other diners notice. Deacon watches as Jack grabs her arm and insists she produce Kyle by tomorrow. Deacon and Diane discuss it after. He suggests she stay away from powerful men. She says she's had it with everybody in this town which is why she's getting out, but before she goes, she'll inflict a world of pain on those who've wronged her. Deacon guesses that Victor is at the top of the list. Diane smiles. She'd like to leak the story of Abby's confession. Deacon says he can help - he recovered the camera from the dumpster. He hands it over for one hundred bucks.

In prison, Victor tells Sharon he came to help her. When he steps out, Sam appears. He says he ran into Victor as he was about to leave town. They discuss Adam's deception. She says Adam thinks she betrayed him. Sharon says Victor is going to get her legal representation for an appeal. Sam urges her to cut a deal to turn Adam in. Sharon doesn't think she can - it will sound like sour grapes now. Sam calls the D.A. and confirms he won't cut a deal now. Sam asks who keeps a woman from her kids out of spite? Sharon says Adam does - and he's capable of more.

Victor goes to Adam's suite and tells him he's going to deal with what he's done to Sharon. Adam smirks. Victor demands to have the evidence, saying it's his one chance. Adam says it's not true that he's hiding evidence, noting that Victor jumps on him at every opportunity. Victor assumes he has a plan, and warns it will backfire on him. Victor says he has a plan too, and leaves. Adam leaves Diane a message saying she'd better come through for him. Sam comes to the door, and Adam jokes that the country doctor's making a house call. Sam pushes Adam inside and roughs him up. Adam taunts him as he leaves. Adam then gets a phone call from someone wanting more money. He tells the person they need to stay under the radar so no one recognizes them.

Abby arrives at Newman and explains to Victoria why she told the press. Victoria surprises her by saying what she did was brilliant. Genevieve is shown in and compliments Abby on her television presence. Vikki asks how they can help her. She says she was hoping to help them. Vikki reminds her that Jill is her mother-in-law. Genevieve says she has experience in image consulting - she's had to spin her family's image many times. She has marketing ideas to share, and suggests that Abby change her slogan to 'why go naked when you can go natural?' Victoria seems to humor her, and asks if she's sure there's nothing she wants in return. Genevieve leaves, and Vikki warns Abby they can't use her ideas. Abby wants to hire her. They get excited about the buzz they've created and congratulate themselves. Abby crows that she'll be a superstar! They hug.

Jack runs into Genevieve in the park and buys her lemonade, saying he's retro when it comes to romance. He tells her he's flying out to be on "The Talk" tomorrow. Genevieve asks what he thinks about the Naked Heiress representing Beauty of Nature. Jack is taken aback. She tells him everyone is buzzing about it, but she has some ideas how Jabot can compete. Jack suggests they have dinner when he gets back.

Victor meets with a lawyer, Avery, on the patio at Crimson Lights. He says his daughter-in-law was wrongfully convicted, and he's certain she can win her appeal. He asks her to drop all her other cases. She won't commit, but agrees to look at the case transcripts.

Sam returns to the prison. Sharon realizes he went to see Adam. Just then Victor arrives and introduces Sharon to her new attorney - Avery Clark. Sharon is impressed.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack and Lauren appear on "The Talk."

Katherine is stunned to see Tucker appearing on "The Talk" via satellite.

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