In the holding room, Sharon tells Adam she doesn't understand - getting married was his idea. Adam sends the priest away. He turns his back and wipes away tears before turning back and asking Sharon, "How could I love someone like you?" He says while he was fighting to clear her name, she was in another man's bed - how is he supposed to forgive that? Sharon says she did it to protect him. Adam counters that she betrayed him, and deserves what she gets. Sharon says she didn't believe anyone who warned her that he would turn on her. Adam muses that if you give him enough cause... He tells her to believe what she wants. Adam gives the engagement ring to the guard, saying it reminds him of her now. Sharon screams that she knows the truth about him now, and he knows that she's innocent. Sharon tries to call the D.A., but the guard says she'll have to contact him from the state pen.

At Victoria's house, Michael listens as Vikki tells Abby she thinks the Naked Heiress should be part of the Beauty of Nature line. Abby loves the idea, but Michael urges them to think this through carefully before approaching Victor - he hates the Naked Heiress! The girls ignore him. Michael suggests that Victoria might be too emotional right now and insists that Naked Heiress isn't a good fit for Newman Enterprises. After he leaves, Abby tries to cheer up Victoria because of Billy. She decides they need to get out of the house.

Billy is in the park placing bets by phone. He sits down on a bench and suddenly Delia appears. He hugs her. He asks if she's at the party with her friends, and kisses her boo boo.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe tells Kevin she dropped Delia off at a birthday party. They discuss Billy's supervised visits. Kevin thinks it must be difficult for Delia having a stranger there. Kevin gives Chloe a gift - a rock, paper, scissors necklace. Suddenly, Chloe gets a call about Delia. She and Kevin take off to the park and find Billy and Delia on the bridge. Kevin takes Delia back to the party. Chloe asks Billy if he tried to lure Delia away. He insists he just wanted a few minutes with his daughter and tells her to let it go. Chloe says it just got started. Billy says he accidentally ran into his daughter and didn't call her because he knew she would overreact. Chloe says when the judge hears he'll cut off his access for good. Abby and Vikki appear. Victoria says, "Then don't tell him." Chloe says even if it was accidental, he should have taken her back to the party. Abby reassures Billy before leaving. Vikki warns Billy not to let Chloe use what happened against him - she offers to help. Billy tells her not to worry about it, and notes that he needs a drink. He tells her he doesn't need her to get involved. Victoria says she doesn't get him at all anymore.

Diane walks into Restless Style and sees Nick and Phyllis getting busy on the desk. She strides over and calls Phyllis a bitch. She attacks her and Nick fights to get in between them. Diane reveals that she and Nick were together not too long ago. Phyllis looks at Nick, who admits it was once, a few weeks ago. Nick tells Diane each time was a mistake. Phyllis says she's pathetic and desperate. Diane spits that she hates them. Nick goes after her despite Phyllis's wishes. Phyllis dials the phone and tells Michael what Diane did - she won't let her get away with this.

Nick catches up with Diane at Gloworm and asks her what she hoped to accomplish by attacking Phyllis. He reminds her they are through and asks what part of goodbye she doesn't understand. Diane says she went there to say goodbye. Nick says for her to stay away from him and from Phyllis - he means it. Adam, sitting nearby, approaches Diane after Nick's gone. Diane tells him Nick will be sorry - they'll all be sorry. They discuss the final details of the plan. Michael walks in so Diane decides to leave. Michael stops her and gives her a document. She is incensed that Phyllis has taken out a restraining order on her. Michael hisses at her to calm down. He warns if she keeps going like this she could end up in prison, or worse. Once he's gone, Adam rejoins Diane.

Abby meets a reporter at Crimson Lights. She tells her the Naked Heiress is about to hit the big time. The reporter wonders what Victor thinks. Abby tells her to get a cameraman and meet her at Newman.

Nick returns to Restless Style and tells Phyllis he had a talk with Diane. Nick says she has a scratch on her face and caresses it. Phyllis tells him no - they agreed to keep things professional. She also tells him she took out a restraining order on Diane. Nick says it's a good call. Phyllis says if she tries anything with her again, she'll take her out.

Back at Crimson Lights, Chloe and Kevin discuss Billy. Kevin thinks she's overreacting. Chloe knows Billy loves Delia, but says he shouldn't be around her when he's drinking and gambling.

In the state pen, Sharon cries. Suddenly, Victor is there. They embrace.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack insists that Diane get Kyle on the phone now.

Victoria and Abby ask Genevieve how they can help her. She says she was hoping she could help them.

Victor says to Adam, "You think you have a plan? It's going to backfire on you."

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