Jack arrives at Diane's suite to pick up Kyle. Diane steals a second to remind Kyle not to tell Jack what's going on. Jack invites Kyle to come home with him for the night. Kyle embraces Jack, which takes him aback. Kyle leaves the room and Diane spars with Jack before telling him to get out. She angrily calls Adam and says she's not about to die in vain.

At Restless Style, Phyllis and Nick discuss Adam and the memory card. Sam walks in and muses that they obviously think it's true that the evidence exists. He introduces himself and asks why Adam would withhold evidence if he had it. Phyllis says her theory is that he'll whip out evidence at a trial and be her savior - either that or he wants he to suffer.

In the interrogation room, Sharon is stunned to see that Adam has her ring. He says it got him through some tough nights and belongs on her finger. Sharon tells him that the D.A. wants her to testify against him and say he helped her escape - in return she'll get to stay there. Adam urges her to take the deal, he doesn't care if he goes to jail. He says he will help in this way since he couldn't prove her innocence. He says, "Take the deal, please. And do it as my wife." Adam wants to be married today. Sharon thinks it's unfair to him, but says yes. She tells him she won't turn state's evidence against him though. Adam tears up and says he doesn't deserve her. He leaves to make arrangements. Sharon phones Sam and asks to see him.

Neil meets with Katherine at Gloworm where she complains about Sofia. Neil warns that alienating Tucker's right hand will only make things worse. Sofia comes in and says she's back at McCall, but Kay is still finding ways to cut her off at the knees. Katherine leaves the table and Neil warns Sofia not to have a chip on her shoulder about Kay. When Katherine returns, she and Sofia debate when Tucker will be ready to resume his duties.

In his office, Tucker tells Ashley he doesn't know who his son is, where he is, if he's healthy, or even if he's alive. Ashley explains how she found Katherine and Paul going through his things when he was in a coma. Tucker says the note from his son's mother was anonymous - he got a woman pregnant and doesn't even know her name. When Ashley asks if this is too much right now, he insists she not pity him. He continues on, saying he worked with rock stars and acted like one - different women every night. He says he has a son out there who thinks he doesn't care if he's alive - he's just like his mother after all. As Tucker rants about how selfish he was back then, Sofia enters and asks him when he's going to boot his mother from her job. She talks about business issues. Tucker admits the truth to Sofia - he doesn't understand numbers, contracts, or spreadsheets. He asks Sofia if she can roll with this. She says she's on board.

Phyllis and Nick search Adam's suite. Nick talks about the last time they were in a hotel room together - in St. Bart's.

Jack meets with Katherine at Gloworm. They discuss Tucker and Ashley. Katherine says Tucker seemed to hold his own at the Jabot launch and in the meantime, McCall is in their capable hands. She returns to her meeting with Neil, and Jack interrupts before he leaves. Katherine tells Neil he's concerned Tucker is holding something back about his recovery. She asks Neil to look into it. She says she'll protect the company - even if it's from Tucker himself.

Sam arrives at the jail and tells Sharon that Phyllis and Nick are pretty certain that Adam is withholding evidence that can clear her. Sharon blurts that Adam asked her to marry him and she said yes. She tells Sam this marriage is what she wants. Sam says the marriage is a mistake and she knows it. He exits and runs into Adam, who tells him he doesn't have to look after her anymore - he'll take care of his wife. Adam goes in with the reverend, who begins the ceremony. Adam says they truly know each other now. Sharon says she's not afraid of prison because he's there with her. His love will keep her safe. Sharon says, "I do." Adam's face is suffused with tenderness, and then conflict. When it's his turn he hesitates, before finally saying, "Do I? Actually, no, I don't. How the hell could I be married to you?"

At the airport, Diane reminds Kyle of the details they discussed. She apologizes for involving him in her problems, and promises they'll be together soon. She embraces and kisses his face before sending him with his escort.

Sam sits at Crimson Lights and thinks about making love to Sharon before starting to write her a letter. He phones Piper and says he's coming home.

Back at Restless Style, Phyllis and Nick discuss what will happen if Sharon figures out that Adam had evidence and didn't come forward with it. As they work, their fingers touch and they begin kissing passionately. Diane enters as they make love on the desk.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

In the middle of Diane and Phyllis, Nick yells, "That's enough!"

Chloe asks Billy what he's doing, saying, "You followed Delia and you're trying to lure her away?"

Adam tells Sharon, "You betrayed me! You deserve what you get."

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