Victoria brings a package into the house and realizes it's Billy's birthday. She opens the package - it's a framed painting of them dressed as Hugh Hefner and a Playboy bunny.

At the hospital, Billy tells Traci by phone that he wants his life back for his birthday. He hangs up and argues with a nurse about signing himself out. Ashley and Jack appear - they're ready to take him home. Billy is taken aback to hear they've planned a birthday celebration for him. Billy jokes he could use a new car as a gift.

In the holding room, Sharon tells Sam that Adam would never withhold evidence that could clear her. Sam isn't going to take Adam's word for it. Sharon assures Sam that Adam wouldn't want to hurt her, saying if Adam was angry with her over Sam the whole world would know. She wishes Sam could just go back to his ranch. Sam can't leave until he finds out if there is something to clear her name. He goes and Leslie comes to tell Sharon they're moving her upstate, but Walsh wants to cut a deal. He arrives and tells Sharon she can stay in Genoa City during her appeal - even if it takes years - as long as she implicates Adam for helping her escape. Sharon refuses. Walsh and Leslie both advise her to reconsider.

In Adam's suite, Diane tells him that Victor signed off on taking custody of Kyle. Adam's impressed, saying now Victor has motive to kill her. She says Kyle needs to leave town before they stage her death. Adam gives her fake identity documents. She hates taking Kyle away from where he's happy. Adam scoffs that happiness is a mirage. They bicker about Sharon. He says Sharon is where she is because of her own choices, and warns Diane not to cross him. Adam is about to leave when Sam arrives. He grabs Adam and tells him if he has information that can clear Sharon, he needs to speak up. Adam says he's dumb if he believes Phyllis. Sam leaves.

In his office, Tucker attempts to make sense of some business papers, but can't. Jack and Billy arrive - Ashley is running an errand. Jack wants to talk Jabot business, but Tucker reminds him it's a party. Billy asks for a Bloody Mary.

Ashley arrives at Victoria's house and tells her that Billy wasn't drinking when he had the accident. Victoria shows her the painting. Ashley says she could give it to him at the birthday celebration she's planned. Victoria doesn't want to give him false hope. Ashley is sad about what's happened to them. Vikki says Reed's coming for a visit, and gives Ashley a note for Billy.

Once Ashley is back at Tucker's office, Jack brings up Jabot business again. Ashley reminds him it's Billy's birthday. Jack says upping the share prices is his gift to his brother. Tucker mentions that they are ousting Katherine. Jack shows Tucker business documents as he boasts about sales. Knowing Tucker doesn't understand, Ash cuts Jack off. She gives Billy his present - their father's ring. Billy remembers wanting to be like him. Ashley says he is - he's a good dad and a good man. She gives him the note from Victoria. Billy smirks at the simple birthday wish. He turns down birthday cake and says he's going to walk home. Jack exits too, asking Tucker about a report as he goes. Tucker doesn't know what he's talking about. Jack is puzzled, and Ashley quickly says they'll go over it and get back to him. Once alone, Ashley asks Tucker why he never told her he has a son.

Reed sits with Victoria on her sofa. They make plans to do fun things and Reed shows a photo of his new baby brother. Reed asks about Billy. Vikki says he doesn't live there anymore. Reed worries about her living alone. As they play on the sofa, Billy watches through the window then walks away.

Sam comes back to the holding room where Sharon tells him about the D.A's offer. Sam says Adam is holding something back, and urges her to turn on him. Adam appears and Sharon asks Sam to go. Adam says she is right, he's been holding back. He admits that what happened between her and Sam bothered him, but he knows it's in the past. Adam says he still loves her, and hopes she still loves him. Sharon wonders if they just got caught up in a fantasy. Adam says he still believes they belong together, and offers her back her engagement ring.

Kyle arrives at Adam's suite and Diane explains to him that they're leaving Genoa City. She says he is going before her. Kyle asks what she did this time and tells her he won't go. Diane tells him he's going to a Swiss boarding school and he'll be known as Timothy. She'll be there as soon as she can. Diane gives him an untraceable phone to contact her. Just then, Jack arrives.

Sam updates Piper on Sharon's situation by phone from the patio at Crimson Lights.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sofia asks Tucker when he's going to boot his mother out of her job.

Adam tells Sharon to take the deal.

Phyllis and Nick's hands touch at work and they begin making out.

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