Sam wanders into Gloworm. Jack thanks him for looking out for Sharon. He warns him that Victor is only out for himself and tried to put her away. "I'm pretty sure I've got his number," Sam assures him. Jack warns him again anyway and then warns him about Adam. Across the room. Victor is sitting with Nick and chatting about Sam. He worries that Jack will corrupt him. Nick doesn't want to be the one who Sharon leans on this time but says he will use the magazine to keep her story public.

At Restless Style, Adam and Phyllis are bickering about the evidence against Sharon. He stares blankly as she tells him that Emmett tipped her off about how he restored the evidence on the memory card. Adam says that she's wrong. She wants to hear the recordings anyway. They bicker about their motives. A few insults later, he tells her to get her rocker and shawl so she can hang out on the porch and scowl. She won't relent. He walks out. Phyllis makes a call to Nick. He arrives and she tells him Adam had proof. He doesn't understand what Adam is up to. She thinks he's trying to punish Sharon for rolling in the hay with Sam. Phyllis thinks that they should feed this story to their readers. Nick tells her to slow down. He agrees to let her do the story but asks her to talk to Emmett first for some quotes. They set the story to go viral. He hugs her close and things are awkward.

Sharon is at the jail. She calls Adam but gets Diane on the phone and is baffled. When Sharon finally says who she is, Diane tries to keep her on the line but she hangs up. Adam walks in and Diane tells him who just called.

Adam arrives at the jail to see Sharon. She's distraught because she thinks he's moved on with Diane. He says that's not what happened and he only does business with the other woman. Sharon is the only woman in his heart. "Is there anything left between us?" she asks. They apologize to each other. She hopes he understands about Sam. "I'd never betray you," she says. As he tells her that there is still something between them, Sam arrives. The men are polite. Adam slouches and leaves. Sam warns him that Adam is no friend to her. She insists that Adam is the one person who stood beside her. After meeting her friends, he can understand why she would be happier shoveling manure somewhere else. He won't let her rot away in prison, not that Genoa City is any better. Later, her lawyer arrives and she discovers that Adam had the proof to clear her.

Diane meets Victor at the ranch. She tells him that Kyle needs his help. She's leaving town because she's afraid that Adam might kill her after he discovers that she has crossed him. Diane wants her son to stay there under his protection. Victor calls the DA to get a confirmation. After he has one, he has more questions. She explains that Adam is on the verge of snapping and she doesn't want to be there for that. He thinks she should send Kyle to Jack but she won't because the only priority in his life is Jabot. "I know that Jack cannot protect him as well as you can," she says. He mulls it over and they discuss how Jack will fight it. Victor tells her that she has to keep her mouth shut about all of this and can't use her son as a pawn. He calls Michael to draw up some papers. Moments later, she's signing the documents. He warns her again that he will make things worse for her than his psycho son ever could if she's manipulating him right now. As soon as she leaves, she calls Adam and tells him Victor signed off. "I want my son out of town before this hits the fan," she says.

Adam runs into Sam at Crimson. They start sniping at each other. "I can tell a snake when I see one," Sam says.

Kyle and Jack are at Gloworm chatting about bullies and the chaos in Diane's life. Jack promises that he will always be there for him and gives him a set of tickets to baseball camp. The kid is impressed and he's thrilled when Jack explains it's a father and son camp.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"If it's too early for you to get back to this stuff..." Jack says to Tucker.

"I'm not worried about Adam, I'm worried about you," Sam tells Sharon.

"Sharon is where she is because of her choices," Adam tells Diane.

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