Victor runs into Sam at Crimson Lights. He tells him it's nice that he stayed in town to support Sharon at her sentencing.

In his suite, Adam tells Diane over the phone that wants to move on his plans to put Victor behind bars. He says he's going to the courthouse now and will talk to her later.

Nick and Phyllis meet at Gloworm. They discuss Sharon's sentencing - each wonders why the other isn't at the courthouse. Nick says he would have gone for Noah, but he decided to stay away. They discuss how much Adam wanted to prove Sharon's innocence. Phyllis wonders how close he got. They talk about what they were doing when they found out Sharon was alive, and Phyllis says they should stick to being business partners. She leaves. Nick walks over to Diane and asks why she's been staring. They get into it about her joining forces with Adam. Diane tells him to leave her alone - she gets that he hates her. Nick denies it. He just think she needs to stop chasing wealthy men.

Leslie meets Sharon in the courtroom. Jack comes in. Sharon apologizes for hurting everyone. Jack tells her she made things worse for herself. Adam appears. Sharon tells Adam he must still have questions. Adam strokes her face and says not to worry about him. Sharon says it's not his fault he couldn't clear her name - he fought harder than anyone. Victor walks in with Sam. Jack introduces himself and warns Sam about the company he's keeping. Sharon tells Adam she assumed Sam went home. Court is called into session and Sharon is sentenced to 25 years for murder, plus five more for escaping. Parole isn't an option. After, Victor chastises Walsh for prosecuting the innocent when Jack and Diane are running free. Adam tells Sharon he'll give her time with Sam. She asks him not to go. Sam tries to reassure Sharon, who cries and asks Victor how she's supposed to do thirty years. Victor promises to get her out - he won't let her down again. Adam listens from the doorway. Victor exits with Leslie, telling her for what he paid, Vance Abrams should never have left town and let this happen. Sam tells Sharon he couldn't go home - she needs him. She warns him Victor will use him to upset Adam. Once alone, Sam is approached by Victor, who offers to cover his expenses. Sam declines, and asks if what he's read about Adam is true. Victor says it's worse. Sam warns Victor not to use him to get back at his son.

Jack walks into Gloworm and tells Nick about the sentencing. Nick says he'll never forgive Sharon for what she's put his son through. They discuss Sam. Nick says it must gall Adam to see Sam with Victor. Jack muses that after the sentencing Adam seemed more hurt than angry.

Eden spots Noah at Jimmy's Bar. He tells her his mom asked him not to go to court today because of the press. He says he decided to listen since it hurt to see her sentenced before. Noah takes a call from Nick telling him Sharon got thirty years. Noah hangs up and tells Eden his family is cursed. He talks about all the things Sharon will miss. Eden hugs him. He tries to kiss her but she pulls back.

Diane meets Adam at his suite. He rants about Sam being at the courthouse with his new bff, Victor Newman. Diane looks confused, and says she has some concerns about his plan. Adam tells her they're going to frame his father for her murder and she's not backing out. They argue. Adam warns her Victor will go after Kyle. Diane needs money to send Kyle away - she'll pick him up and disappear after her demise. Adam agrees, and tells her the next move is to give Victor custody of Kyle.

Sharon calls Adam from jail. She leaves a message saying she knows she hurt him and she wants to see him. When she tries again, Diane answers.

At Restless Style, Phyllis tells someone over the phone that Sharon has just been sentenced. Later, Adam walks in. She thanks him for coming and says she found out that he had the evidence in his hands to set Sharon free. She asks, "What did you do with it?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor says to Diane, "If I agree to do this, it won't be for your sake, it will be for Kyle's."

Sharon asks Adam how he feels about her now and if there's anything left between them.

Phyllis tells Nick that she thinks Adam is trying to punish Sharon.

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