As Billy lies unconscious in the hospital, the doctors work to notify his family.

Kyle arrives at the Jabot launch and tells Jack he pitched a no-hitter. Victor listens and watches as Jack poses for photos with Diane and Kyle. He walks over and offers to fly a plane with a banner over the field at the next game. Jack tries to one-up him. Diane chastises them both, but they accuse her of using Kyle to pit them against each other. Later, Jack and Jill discuss the launch and Jack gets a call about Billy. They take off.

At Tucker's office, he laments his decision to go to the Jabot launch since Ashley had to cover for him with the reporter. Ashley just wishes Abby would call her back. Tucker muses that maybe given what happened, she'll cut them a break. Ashley asks what he means. Just then she gets a call from Jack about Billy. She rushes out.

At Gloworm, Deacon tries to get Abby talking about what's bothering her. Abby sneers that his job is to get her another drink and that's it. Diane enters and Abby baits her. Deacon intervenes. Abby leaves and Victor arrives. Deacon tells him that his daughter is gone. Diane snipes that Victor should teach the brat some manners. Victor says Diane needs manners. After he leaves, Deacon and Diane commiserate about dealing with him. Deacon tells Diane it was Abby who almost killed Tucker, not her mama. He tells her about the confession and how the tape disappeared. Diane thinks the cover up reeks of Victor. He offers to help her bring him down.

Victoria comes upon Chloe in Crimson Lights and they get into it about Delia. Chloe says Billy's in a downward spiral right now, and she has experience with how bad it can get. They continue to argue. Victoria gets a call and finds out about Billy. She tells Chloe that he's in the hospital. Vikki says she'll keep her updated.

Ashley joins Jack and Jill at the hospital where the doctor tells them Billy has a separated shoulder. An officer says it might be a DUI. They go in Billy, who jokes it looks like he's in trouble. He assures them he wasn't drunk, and tells them how he walked away from the drinks Cane poured. They leave the room and discuss how to best keep an eye on him. Victoria arrives. She goes into see Billy and is told he's out on pain meds. She talks about how he turned things around for her after she lost Reed, and how she had the time of her life. She says she's not laughing anymore and she can't do this - it has to end. She leaves and he opens his eyes. Outside the room, Jill and Jack learn Billy hadn't been drinking. Jill feels bad she didn't believe him.

Abby shows up at Tucker's office and learns Ashley has gone to the hospital. He apologizes for her hearing about their marriage at the launch. Abby tells Tucker that she was the one who hit him and Ashley covered for her. Tucker says he knows - he saw her. He says he has a question and it will stay between them - he asks if she tried to kill him on purpose. Abby says she didn't want to hurt him, and she tried to tell everyone the truth but her parents wouldn't let her. She admits how she set up him and Diane with the texts, and challenges him to admit the truth to her - he and Diane had sex the night she caught them together. Tucker says there's never been anything between him and Diane, and they need to move on. Abby goes. When Ashley returns, Tucker tells her that Abby was there and confessed, adding that he saw her. He understands why Ashley protected her. Tucker says he told her they should put it behind them. Ashley's relieved. They get into bed and Tucker produces wedding bands. They put them on and make love.

Chloe sees Cane in Jimmy's Bar. She rags on him restarting his life in a bar, and he insults her for taking Delia away from Billy. She says he was in a car wreck and wonders if everyone would be defending him if Delia had been in the car. They debate over what he did to Lily and what she did to Billy. She wishes he'd not look at her as a selfish monster. Cane nods - he knows the feeling. They agree to be there for each other.

Abby arrives at the ranch and fills Victor in on her conversation with Tucker. Victor worries that Tucker is vindictive. Abby thanks Victor for his help and they agree it's good the ugly incident is behind them.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis asks Nick if he remembers what they were doing when they found out Sharon was alive.

As Sam listens, Victor tells a crying Sharon that he's never forgiven himself for letting her down before.

Adam tells Diane they're going to frame his father for her murder and she's not backing out.

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