At the Jabot launch, Tucker takes Jack by surprise as he's about to introduce Katherine. Jack recovers and continues, thanking Tucker for his unwavering support of Jabot. Tucker takes the podium and talks up the new line. A reporter asks a complex question and he appears stumped. Ashley jumps in to field the inquiry. The reporter then asks Ashley to comment on marrying Tucker in the hospital - why the secret ceremony? Tucker says it wasn't secret, just intimate. Abby is asked for her opinion on the marriage. Abby lets on to the press that she knew about the wedding, even as Katherine and Jack whisper that she didn't. Abby tells the reporter her mother deserves to be happy. Jack asks Katherine, "Are you buying this?" Katherine moves over to ask Jill if she's heard from Billy. She hasn't. Lauren tells Tucker the secret to a successful marriage is jewelry. Sofia congratulates Tucker and Ashley next. She tells Ashley to call her - she knows all his secrets. Tucker takes Sofia aside and asks what it's been like. He is outraged to learn that Katherine put her on a paid leave of absence. Tucker reinstates her immediately.

Victor pays Victoria a visit. She isn't really in the mood, but lets him in. He notices she's been working. Vikki admits she can't focus, and says she misses her mom. Victor offers to listen. Victoria talks about him and Nikki breaking up so many times but always having a connection. They have a discussion about true love. She admits how bad she's feeling. Victor asks if she regrets not asking Billy to stay. Victoria says she believes the solicitation charge was bogus, but he shouldn't have been at the bar in the first place. She wonders how you know when it's time to walk away - it's too painful to watch him self-destruct. Victor clucks about how it's a shame for the kids, and warns her she can't solve his problems for him. Once alone, Victoria thinks for a bit and then heads out.

Billy walks into Jimmy's and finds Cane working behind the bar. He groans that the night couldn't get worse. Cane won't serve him so Billy starts to leave. Cane stops him by telling him to man up and deal with his problems. Billy tells him he has some nerve. They commiserate over losing their wife and kids. Billy says he'll never forgive himself for letting Victoria down. Cane feels the same, saying he hopes Lily will forgive him someday. They start bickering again. Cane says he's throwing himself a pity party and should fight for what he cares about. Billy doesn't want anyone, least of all Cane, telling him what to do. Cane was hoping to get through to him, but can see that he hasn't. He plunks five shot glasses on the bar and fills them, saying, "There you go, if that's what you want. Drink it." Billy grins, rubs his hands together, and says, "Thank you."

Victor strolls into the Jabot launch party and Jack greets him by saying they're going to bury Beauty of Nature. Victor chuckles, telling him to enjoy the moment. Ashley talks to Victor about Abby finding out about her marriage. She then talks to Sofia, who noticed that Tucker seemed befuddled by the reporter. Tucker tells Jack he did a good job of getting the line out for Ashley - he's a good brother. Victor chats with Katherine about Tucker. Lauren checks in with Jill, who is still worried about Billy. Jill leaves him a voicemail saying she hates the way they left things. Victoria comes in and tells her, Jack, and Ashley, "It's Billy. I need your help." Ashley is stunned to hear that he lost custody of Delia. Vikki says he's out of control - they all need to help him. She says she's worried he's got himself into more trouble this time. Katherine tells Tucker it's good to see him there. He confronts her about not running McCall according to his wishes - he says it's time for her to step down.

Abby sits with a martini at Gloworm. She ignores calls from both Ashley and Victor.

Billy is slumped over his steering wheel unconscious and with blood on his head. He's been in a car wreck.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Deacon tells Diane it was Abby who hit Tucker McCall, not her mom.

Tucker asks Abby for the truth - did she try to kill him?

With Chloe behind her at Crimson Lights, Victoria answers her phone, saying, "Hi Dad, what's up?" Her eyes grow wide and she says, "Billy?"

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