At the Chancellor estate, Chloe hugs Delia and then Esther takes her to the kitchen. Katherine finds Chloe alone and they discuss the custody case. Kay reminds her she grew up without a father, and asks if she's going to cut Billy out of Delia's life. Chloe explains that she was about to drop the suit when she found Billy drunk, and last night he was arrested. Kay doesn't understand, but reiterates that he cares about Delia. They talk about Billy becoming a better man when Delia was born, and now reverting. Kay realizes Chloe is worried about him. Esther comes in with Delia, who is asking about her night with daddy. Chloe tells her Billy's not feeling well, but they'll have a slumber party instead.

Billy tells Victoria, at home, that he probably shouldn't have come, but he lost Delia. Vikki says she's sorry for him and for Delia. She tells him she knows about his arrest. Billy says he didn't do it, and he needs her to believe him. He explains what happened and Victoria says she believes him, but she was at the trailer all night and he didn't come home. They bicker about his habits. Vikki can't watch him do this. They talk about how quickly things fell apart. Victoria needs him to show her that there is something to hold onto. He goes, and she tries to call Nikki, but it's too late. She cries.

At Fenmore's, Jack and Lauren are happy about the launch. Michael kisses his wife and wishes Jack luck. Jill arrives, flustered, and Jack questions her. She tells him Billy just lost custody of Delia and that he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. Jack is disappointed, saying it's a big night for the family, but Traci isn't coming and Abby is keeping a low profile - he hopes.

Abby greets George and Shiva at Gloworm. They want her to come to the Jabot launch, but she says she's keeping a low profile. George tells her she can be boring when she's dead.

Ashley visits Tucker in the hospital. They talk about Abby not knowing they're married yet. He surprises her with the news that he's being released - tonight. Ashley is thrilled. Tucker wants her to commit to running McCall while he recuperates, and to let him announce it at the Jabot launch party. He says he wants Jack out of Jabot and her in charge. Ashley defends Jack. He admits this is more about getting Katherine out - he has to clean up the mess she made. Ashley wants to focus on helping him recover. Tucker still wants to go to the launch. Ashley is concerned it won't go smoothly due to his difficulties.

Abby arrives at the Jabot launch party and assures Jack that she won't drop her dress. He suggests she talk to her mother soon. Lauren is concerned about Jill, who still seems upset. Jack gives interviews and promotes the products. Abby chats with Christina from 'The Insider', who asks her about rehab. Abby and Jack wonder what's keeping Ashley. Kay arrives and talks to Jill about Billy. Jill doesn't know how much more loss he can take. Kay compliments Jack on his work. Lauren asks Jill what's bothering her. She says Billy is throwing everything away and no one can stop him. Jack and Lauren begin the official launch. Sofia arrives. Jack is about to introduce Kay when Tucker and Ashley appear. Tucker booms, "I'm glad to be sharing this moment with all of you." Jack tries to cover his surprise.

Billy arrives at the Chancellor estate and Chloe lets him in. He says he was supposed to see Delia tonight - he knows it changed, but he would like a supervised visit so he can talk to her. Chloe says she can't let him. Billy becomes angry and calls her a bitch. They argue. He asks again for one short conversation with Delia. Chloe says no, but he heads for the stairs. Chloe blocks his way. He pleads, but she asks him to just go. He does, saying, "Please tell her I love her."

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Cane tells Billy he thinks he should fight for what he wants. Billy says he doesn't need anyone telling him what to do.

Ashley and Tucker are asked by the press about getting married in the hospital.

Victoria asks Victor, "How do you know when it's time to walk away?"

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