Noah meets Adam at Gloworm. He tells him the guy couldn't find anything useable on the memory card. Noah says he knows how hard he worked on this. Adam regrets it was a waste of time. Noah steps out and Adam gets a call from someone at the D.A.'s office. He says, "Diane Jenkins did what?" After Adam leaves, Noah spots Eden and invites her to join him. He confides in her that Adam doesn't have the evidence to clear his mom. Eden goes to get a drink and Hunter appears. Eden turns to see them hugging and watches as they discuss Sharon. Noah introduces Eden to Hunter. Hunter thanks Noah for helping her get the internship and tells Eden he's the best. The girls try to cheer Noah up, but he wants to be alone.

Victor goes to Diane's suite looking for Kyle. Diane accuses him of going back on their deal and says she'll make sure he never sees Kyle again. Victor says it may not be her choice if she and Jack go to jail for SEC violations. After he leaves, Adam shows up and tells Diane he got a call from his friend at the D.A's office who told him what she's up to. She claims the D.A. won't make a deal with her, and says she met with him because he wanted to interrogate her again. Adam wonders why he should trust her. She says he shouldn't, but wants to focus their energy on Victor. She asks what his plan is. After he tells her, she says it sounds risky and unsettling. Adam asks if she's in or out. Diane replies, "When do we start?" Adam leaves and Diane rushes to the phone to call Walsh.

Victoria awakens in Billy's trailer and realizes he didn't come home last night.

In the holding room at the police station, Billy tells Rafe he's late for his hearing and the charge against him is bogus. Rafe believes him, but says the trick is convincing everyone else. Billy's release papers come and he rushes out.

Jill arrives at the courthouse and trades barbs with Esther about the custody case. She's concerned about Billy. Nearby, Chloe's lawyer tells her and Kevin that the hearing is about to begin and 'daddy' is nowhere to be found. Jill and Chloe end up bickering about Billy. Esther and Kevin intervene. The judge calls court into session and notes Billy's absence. Jill tries to stall the judge, but he begins to render his verdict. Rafe and Billy arrive, but the judge isn't pleased. He confronts Billy about his arrest and leaves to review the testimony. Jill walks over to Billy and says this is her fault - she spoiled him and let him down. Billy sneers that what she means is he let her down. The judge returns and awards sole custody to Chloe. Jill tells Billy she wants to help, but he brushes her off. Billy then tells Chloe they're not done. He says it's not his fault today. Chloe says it never is. He asks her not to do this to him. She says it's about Delia, not him. Jill tells Chloe she's sorry and goes. Kevin tells Chloe now comes the hard part. She doesn't know how she'll explain this to Delia. She cries and questions herself. Kevin supports her actions. They can't believe Billy got arrested.

Victor arrives on Victoria's doorstep to find she's forgotten about their meeting. Inside, he asks what is wrong. She says it's Billy. She explains that she testified for him yesterday, and decided later that she didn't want to give him up. She says she went to his trailer, but he didn't come home. They keep working and Victor is pleased, saying she belongs at his side. He gets a call and tells Victoria it was about Billy - he was arrested for solicitation last night and was in jail. Victoria asks to be alone. Soon Billy comes to the door. Victoria takes him into her arms.

Victor meets the prostitute in the park. She tells him she got Billy Abbott busted just the way he wanted her to. Victor pays her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lauren tells Jack she is a walking, talking demonstration herself, from the body wash to the lip liner.

Tucker tells Ashley he wants her to run McCall while he's recuperating. He wants to announce it at the Jabot launch party.

Billy starts up the stairs at the Chancellor Estate. Chloe grabs his arm and says, "You're not going near her."

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