At Fenmore's Lily and Daniel chat with Jack and Jill who are going over last minute details for the Jabot launch. Colin walks in and immediately goes to the stroller to see the twins. Lily moves to leave but Genevieve blocks her way. Lily sends the babies out with Daniel and then rants at Colin about violating her restraining order. She vows to put him in jail next time. Genevieve purrs that Colin did always know how to clear a room. As Jill and Colin bicker, Jack gets a note and takes off. Colin tells Jill he's not stalking her - he needs new suits since Katherine put his in a dumpster. Jill tells him to go elsewhere, but he picks out some clothes. Jill is upset to think about what he would have done with those twins. He says he's glad he didn't have to leave town in the end.

At Lily's house, Devon and Malcolm are preparing a party for Lily. Neil comes to the door and he and Malcolm exchange a tense look. Sofia isn't far behind. Malcolm asks Devon to excuse them, then tells Sofia and Neil they need to straighten some things out. Sofia tells them she's made an appointment to have her blood work done. Lily and Daniel arrive outside and Daniel warns her that her family is planning a party. She goes in ahead of him and acts surprised. They put hats on the kids and Sofia asks Malcolm to get the camera - he ignores her. Outside, Daniel finds a gift from Cane with a card. He swaps it for his card and goes in. They all have cake and Lily opens gifts, including the perfume from Cane, thinking it's from Daniel. Lily asks about the tension between Sofia and Malcolm. Neil tells her not to worry about it. She demands the truth. Malcolm says he's living at the Club, and Sofia admits they're not sure he's the father of her baby. Neil blurts, "It's me. I might be the father." Daniel is astounded that they're all able to be in the same room together. Lily is in disbelief. Devon asks what now. Sofia hopes Malcolm will forgive her. When the room clears out, Malcolm tells Devon he's not sure he can get past this.

Victoria takes the stand in the custody case and tells the court that Billy is devoted to his children. She talks about his relationship with Delia, saying he's everything a little girl could want from a daddy, and that Delia's heart would be broken if she were to be separated from him. She talks about Lucy, saying it was a legal issue and no one questioned their ability to parent. As for Jana, no one could have seen that coming - she doted on the girls. Chloe's lawyer raises the issue of Reed, but there's no relevance. He asks Victoria what kind of man buys a baby. She says a man who loves his wife. The judge says he'll have a decision in the morning. Chloe tells her lawyer that was a disaster.

Angelo greets Kevin at Crimson Lights. He talks about a man with time on his hands and money to burn. Angelo wants Kevin to manage his revenue stream. He says he'll think about it. Chloe appears and Angelo goes. Chloe tells Kevin that Victoria testified for Billy. Kevin asks if it would really be so bad for Billy to retain custody. Chloe says he's just not responsible.

Victoria opens her door to Billy. He says he came to thank her for what she did - it meant a lot. She says she doesn't want him to get the wrong idea - it doesn't change things between them. He leaves. Victoria works, but daydreams about Billy. She grabs her keys and makes for the door.

Jack meets Genevieve on the coffee house patio. She says she's glad he accepted her invitation and wants to get to know him better. She lets him know she has dabbled in his 'industry' - he's intrigued.

Victoria knocks at the trailer door, but Billy's not there. She lets herself in with a hidden key.

Billy is approached by a blonde at Gloworm. He downs his drink. She offers to make him happy for one night. He declines, and she asks for a ride. He gives her cab money. She follows him outside and watches as he's arrested for solicitation.

Neil and Sofia meet at Crimson Lights. He says it's better that everything is out in the open. Sofia tells him she has no one to talk to. Neil assures her they'll take things as they come.

At Gloworm, Lily tells Daniel she feels ill about what is going on with her family members. She talks about lies. Daniel comes clean about the perfume and gives her Cane's card. She reads it and seems moved.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam tells Diane he got a call from a friend of his in the D.A.'s office who told him all about what she's been up to.

Chloe's laywer tells her and Kevin that the hearing is about to start and Billy is nowhere to be found.

In jail, Billy tells Rafe he didn't hire a hooker. Rafe tells him the trick is convincing everybody else.

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