At Gloworm, Rafe asks Victoria about Billy, but she says she's not in his orbit right now.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe warns Kevin not to say anything to her about the custody case. He says he was just going to ask her about coffee. She muses that Billy probably won't even show up.

On the patio, Noah tells Eden about how messed up his mom is for letting them think she was dead. Eden says she's alive, that's all that matters. Eden goes in and talks to Kevin about not wanting to stay with Lauren and Michael. He offers for her to stay in Heather's apartment. They talk about Noah. She says they drifted apart.

At the police station, Victor tells Sharon he is going to try to get her out of there. He asks who Sam is. Sharon introduces them, and is then taken to her cell. Victor asks Sam what he's after. Sam sets him straight, explaining that Sharon showed up at his barn and he likes to think he healed her a bit.

In his suite, Adam thinks about Sharon. Diane comes to the door and he tells her his back is already full of cutlery, so she can go. Diane thought he'd be ecstatic about Sharon's return. Adam explains that while he was missing her, she was off spending time with someone else. Diane wants to bring Victor down together. Adam says his new motto is 'do unto others before they do unto you', so unless she wants him to do unto her, she needs to get out. In the hall, Diane calls Leslie to make a deal with the D.A. today - she will turn on Adam.

Victoria arrives at the trailer to tell Billy that Rafe is looking for him. He's in a suit and says he'll call him. He admits he's scared. She tells him to speak from his heart.

Diane, Leslie, and the D.A. meet in the park. Diane won't give up her evidence on Adam until she's sure she's safe. Walsh says she'll have to or no deal. Diane says she can connect Adam to the ambulance footage released to the media. Walsh says he'll see what he can do.

At Gloworm, Adam takes a call from Sharon, who used her one call on him. She asks him to come and see her so she can explain. He says he'll see what he can do.

Victor listens to Sharon's conversation with Adam on the phone in the jailhouse. Noah appears and Sharon embraces him. They talk about the last time they saw each other - she knew she was causing him pain and that's why she thought they'd be better off without her. Noah muses that he ran away too. They hug. Noah tells her Adam thinks he found a way to clear her name. Noah leaves and Sam visits. He asks about her leaving her family, and if she'd do it to him. She says she tried to keep her distance from him and he should forget about her.

Adam arrives at the police station where Victor tells him to leave Sharon be. They bicker about who harmed her. Adam says he can't wait to be with her. Adam goes to see her as Sam is leaving. Adam goes in and Sharon wants to start by explaining Sam. Adam says he gets that she needed someone, and is sorry it wasn't him. Sharon says she almost ran to him at the festival - she saw him there. She tells him she's grateful for him getting the coroner's report changed from suicide. She asks about clearing her name. Adam says what he had didn't pan out.

Esther and Delia run into Victoria on the bridge. Delia asks for her daddy. Victoria wants Esther to get Chloe to drop the case, but Esther won't meddle.

Back at Crimson Lights, Noah tells Eden she was right about going to see his mom. Kevin asks if she's going to take the apartment. She says she will. Noah says he's sticking around too.

Leslie meets Diane at Gloworm and tells her the D.A. won't pursue charges against her if her evidence against Adam is accurate. She adds that the SEC is insisting she pay a huge fine. Diane gasps at the amount, but says she'll pay.

Upstairs at the police station, Sam tells Victor he's going back to New Mexico. Victor tells him Sharon has fallen for his son, who is trouble. Victor asks Sam to stay and help Sharon.

In the courtroom, Rafe apologizes as Billy shows up late. Chloe takes the stand first and describes her living circumstances and explains that Billy is drinking, gambling, and unemployed. She mentions his criminal activity as well. Rafe cross-examines her, asking about her own arrests. Chloe says she wasn't charged. Rafe says Billy was the one who didn't press charges. He concludes that people can make mistakes and still be a good parent. Billy takes the stand and speaks affectionately about 'Dee Dee'. He addresses his vices, but insists Delia is his highest priority. Chloe's lawyer cross-examines Billy who tries to defend himself calmly but it doesn't look good. Victoria appears and asks to testify on Billy's behalf.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lily tells Colin that the next time he 'accidentally' runs into her children, she will have no problem putting him in jail.

Chloe says to her lawyer, "What the hell was that? That was an absolute disaster."

Victoria opens the door and Billy is standing there.

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