As Sharon is placed under arrest at the barn dance, Piper screams at her father. Lee rapidly explains the situation. Sam shakes his head, saying there was so much that didn’t make sense. Sharon tells Sam she’s sorry as she’s led away.

At Restless Style, Phyllis and Nick’s make-out session is interrupted by both of their phones ringing. They each learn that Sharon is alive. They speculate on what kept her in New Mexico. Phyllis says she is selfish and weak – she let her kids think she was dead for months. Nick wants to hear her side of the story.

Noah tells Ashley at Crimson Lights that it’s nice watching her with Faith. Suddenly, Noah notices his mother’s picture on the TV set. Noah tries to digest the fact that his mother’s not dead. He wonders where she’s been. Ashley says he’s in shock. Noah takes a call from Nick, and Ashley looks grim.

Jack is in his office when Victor appears looking for Ashley, saying he thought she would have ousted him by now. Jack says he’s not worried about his future there. Just then, Jack sees the news about Sharon on his computer. Victor takes a call from Michael and tells Jack that Sharon will be in Genoa City in the morning.

In his suite, Adam is working on his laptop when he learns that Sharon is alive. He’s thrilled. He calls Leslie and tells her he wants her to arrange for him to see Sharon right away. He hangs up and says to himself, “Finally, the chance to make things right.”

At Newman the next morning, Michael tells Victor that things are messier for Sharon now. He tells Victor that Sharon’s situation could have an adverse effect on his family and his company – the board could even force Victor to take a leave of absence. He warns Victor to stay away from Sharon.

Nick tells Noah on the patio at Crimson Lights that his mother arrived in Genoa City this morning. Noah says he is full of questions. Nick says they should go talk to her. Noah isn’t ready – he can’t imagine what she could possibly say. Nick goes.

Phyllis arrives at the police station and argues with the D.A. Sharon comes in with Leslie right behind her. Phyllis steps out and encounters Adam. She accuses him of helping Sharon escape and of fake grieving. Nick arrives and asks Phyllis to leave. Inside, Sharon tells the D.A. she escaped with no help. Nick and Adam enter. The D.A. stops Adam from making physical contact and grills him about helping her escape. Leslie drags Walsh away. Sharon asks Nick about her kids. Nick asks why she didn’t contact them. Sharon tells him she decided to let them think she was gone for good. Nick is disgusted that she did this intentionally. Adam intervenes and Nick walks out. Adam tells Sharon he understands why she did it. Sharon tells Adam a lot happened. He says it’s okay, he loves her, and he never stopped fighting to get the charges dropped. Just then, Sam walks in and tells Sharon he couldn’t let things end like that. Stunned and hurt, Adam leaves. Sam says he believes she didn’t kill anyone.

Jack and Ashley meet in Gloworm for breakfast. She has Faith with her. They discuss Sharon’s absence. Ashley is upset that Sharon walked away from her children. Jack blames Victor and Adam. Ashley says Sharon has responsibility too.

Phyllis runs into Noah at Crimson Lights. He asks if she saw his mom. Phyllis says she was fine, but he should wait to see what she says. Noah realizes that nothing prevented Sharon from coming back on her own. Noah books a flight out of town then turns to see Eden – she asks him not to go.

Nick arrives at Newman and checks in by phone with Ashley. He tells her Sharon chose to stay away. Victor and Michael hear. Nick explains to Victor that she intended to live her life on the run without contacting her kids. Victor defends her, but Nick says he no longer cares about her.

In Gloworm, Jack muses that Sharon must have really hit bottom. Ashley spits that Sharon abandoned her children – she’s a horrible mother.

Back at Restless Style, Phyllis types about evil personified living in a jail cell in Genoa City. Nick arrives and tells her to do whatever she wants.

Victor enters the police station and sees Sharon with Sam.

Adam stands on the bridge and drops the memory card into the water.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young And The Restless:

Victor grills Sam.

Chloe and Billy go to court over Delia.

Adam tells Diane his new motto is ‘do unto others before they do unto you’.

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