Jack comes into Restless Style and is surprised to see that Phyllis is there. She says Nick hired her. Jack says they're both back where they belong. Jack hints at whether Phyllis is seeing Nick and she tells him to stop. He tells her about the new Jabot line. Noah arrives as Jack is leaving. Noah tells Phyllis he came to see about getting his friend a job. She asks about the ceremony in the park for his mother. Hunter arrives and Phyllis talks to her about the magazine. Hunter is thrilled that Noah is helping her get an internship.

At Crimson Lights, Nick tells Ashley, who is sitting with Faith, that he needs to get back to Restless Style but the sitter cancelled. Ashley offers to watch her. Nick notices that she lost her yellow blanket and thinks it's at the bridge. He goes. Jack shows up and asks Ashley about Tucker. She says he's been filled in on the new line. Jack wonders if it's a good idea for her to be with Faith. Ashley assures him that she knows Faith is not her daughter and can keep perspective. Jack starts talking business. Ashley warns she won't be in a lab coat anytime soon - she admits Tucker asked her to take over McCall even though he's still calling the shots. Jack informs her he's not worrying - Jabot is his and nobody is taking it from him.

At the bridge, Adam holds Faith's yellow blanket and looks up at the stars. Nick appears and is upset that Adam obviously followed them and watched the ceremony. Adam tells him that what they said about Sharon was beautiful. Nick tells him if it weren't for him, there wouldn't have been ashes to scatter. Nick rants about Adam having no right to be there. Adam thinks that Nick is riled because Sharon ran from marrying him - and ran straight to him. She chose him, and Nick can't live with that. They continue to bicker. Adam accuses Nick of cooking up another hatchet job on him in the magazine, which will also hurt Sharon's memory, while he fights to prove Sharon's innocence. Nick tells him it's a waste of time. When they're both gone, Noah shows up with Hunter. He says this is where they scattered his mom's ashes, but he didn't really say goodbye. Hunter says maybe he needs time alone to try again. Noah stands alone looking over the water.

At the dance, Sharon tells Sam that Piper is very persuasive. He's just glad she came. Piper and her parents join them and introductions are made. Suddenly the woman who was carjacked points at Sharon and says, "I know you." Sam says she's mistaken - Sherry doesn't get out much. Piper asks Sharon to square dance later. Suddenly Sharon sees the state trooper, Marco. He says the woman who recognized her is a waitress at the diner and is usually never wrong. Sharon square dances with Piper, her dad, and Sam. Suddenly, Piper's dad gets paged, and the waitress yells, "Help, I need the police now!" They catch carjacker - the same one who helped his wife carjack Sharon. Sam notices that the guy seems to recognize Sharon. Sharon slips away to admire Piper's pie. As the band plays, Sam and Sharon dance romantically. The carjacker returns with the Marcos and Lee pointing frantically at Sharon. They walk over and tell Sam they have to take her into custody. Lee says, "Sharon Newman you're under arrest."

Nick arrives at Restless Style and tells Phyllis to write about all the ways Adam ruined Sharon's life. He wants to rip that bastard to shreds. As they work on it, Nick muses that this feels like old times. They flirt, and Phyllis says they can't do this. Later, they give in, kiss, and have sex on the desk.

In his suite, the memory card guy shows Adam what she's got. They hear Sharon telling Skye to grab her other hand, and that she needs her to come back to Genoa City to clear Adam's name. Adam pays the guy his bonus. After, he asks Sharon's photo why the proof had to come too late, and cries.

At Jabot, Jack looks at a framed photo of him and Sharon and seems thoughtful.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis says to Nick, "She cared about self-preservation before her own children."

Michael warns Victor that Sharon's situation could have an adverse effect on his company.

Adam and Nick arrive at the Genoa City police station as the D.A. asks Sharon if Adam helped her escape and evade arrest. Leslie informs her she doesn't have to answer that.

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