Genevieve spots Colin in Gloworm. She mocks him for being alone and they bicker about their family ties. He claims she has no interest in Cane or the twins - she just stayed to piss him off. Genevieve says it seems to be working.

At Fenmore's, Jill tells Cane she is beyond angry at him. She can't understand his logic in protecting her from Colin by letting her marry him. She tells him he is the one they need to be protected from and suggests he leave town. Genevieve appears and tries unsuccessfully to bond with Jill over dealing with Colin. Jill leaves and Cane confronts Genevieve about coming in there. Genevieve offers to help him figure out his next move with Lily. He walks away.

Daniel and Lily stop on in the park while out for a run. They discuss what's next for her. He wonders if she's thought about divorce. Lily admits she'll never trust Cane again. Daniel says he learned the hard way that you can't love someone if you don't trust them. He apologizes for hurting Lily when they were married. She says it wasn't so bad and they're good friends now.

Katherine tells Ashley at Crimson Lights that she wants to clear the air between them, saying nothing she did was personal. Ashley understands going to extremes to protect your child. Nick enters with Faith and Kay steps out. Ashley cuddles Faith and Nick asks her to become a bigger part of her life. Ashley accepts, noting that Faith needs some girl time. On the patio, Katherine is sparring with Colin about him getting diplomatic immunity. She warns him not to go near Jill. Colin insists he loves Jill and tells her to stay out of it. Jill arrives and says she'll take it from there. Kay goes. Colin recalls their great times and asks for another chance. Jill asks if he's insane. Colin insists he won't give up. She sends him packing.

At Adam's suite, Noah learns that Adam found footage that looked like lava. Adam says he wants to prove Sharon tried to save Skye - her memory needs to be untarnished since it's all they have of her now. Noah gives him props for what he's doing, and tells him they're spreading Sharon's ashes today. Adam assures Noah he's okay with not being included.

Sam enters his house, tells Sharon he loves coming home to her, and asks her to accompany him to a dance that night. He has a new dress for her that Piper's mom helped him choose. Sharon says she doesn't want to be in public. Sam says he volunteered to help set up and leaves in a dejected mood. Piper arrives and asks why Sharon isn't ready. Sharon says she's not going to the dance. Piper says it's the first time Sam agreed to go back to the dance - her dad says she's good for him.

At the dance, Piper's dad helps Sam. Piper's mom appears and says she can't wait to meet Sherry. A lady comes up to them and complains about being carjacked the night before. Sam is preparing to leave when Piper walks in, with Sharon behind her.

Noah and Doris meet up with Faith and Nick at Crimson Lights. They remember when Nick and Sharon owned it, and then leave to go spread the ashes. Adam watches from the patio.

On the bridge in the park, Nick holds up Sharon's ashes and says it's time to say goodbye. Adam cries behind a rock as Doris, Noah, and Nick each say a few words about Sharon, the ashes go into the water, and they all say goodbye.

At Fenmore's, Katherine looks at a Jabot sign and tells Ashley that Jack really delivered. Genevieve approaches Katherine and says she has been dying to meet her. Katherine says that makes one of them. Genevieve invites her to the estate. Katherine informs her they won't be friends.

Cane walks into Jimmy's Bar and nets himself a job. He goes back to the office to fill out paperwork. Lily and Daniel enter, with Lily complaining she's sweaty from their run. Daniel tells her she looks beautiful. They play games and share a kiss. Cane emerges and sees it.

At Crimson Lights, Nick says goodbye to Noah. Ashley returns for her sunglasses and Nick tells her it's time to move on.

Alone at the bridge, Adam tells Sharon it's beautiful there - perfect for her. He says he can't say goodbye like the others did - not until he clears her name so she can rest in peace.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam tells Nick, "The love of your life, the mother of your children, she chose me."

Sam asks Sharon to dance with him. She says she'd love to.

Jack tells Ashley that Jabot is his - nobody is taking it from him.

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