Abby excuses herself from the coffee house patio. Noah asks Eden why she showed up there, noting that she seems better than before. They rehash what happened in Paris. She says what they had was good and she doesn't regret it. Noah says part of the reason he went to New York was so she could be comfortable in Genoa City.

Lily and Devon catch up in Crimson Lights. Daniel joins them and they discuss keeping Cane away from Lily. Cane appears as Daniel and Lily move to the counter. Devon ushers Cane outside. Lily asks Daniel where Devon went - he admits he's with Cane. Lily is moved by them trying to protect her, but she needs to see him.

Sharon and Sam work in the barn. Sharon turns down his offer to go to the canyon to O'Keefe's grave. Sam suggests they do it next week and camp out overnight. Sharon will only say maybe. Sam tells her to stay packed - he doesn't want her there. He clarifies that he wants her to move into the house. She agrees.

At Restless Style, Phyllis and Nick debate how to write that Adam is responsible for Sharon's death without hurting her kids.

In his suite, Adam tries to get investors from the Newman Fund to invest in another venture. He calls Emmett and offers him a bonus if he delivers the video footage today. An article on him in Restless Style pops up. He rushes out the door and blows off Diane as he goes. She stays in his suite and finds email evidence that Adam got footage of the ambulance from local paparazzi.

Adam arrives at Restless Style and wants Nick's help to prove Sharon didn't kill Skye. Nick notes there is no evidence. Adam says he'll have it soon, and informs Nick that Noah is helping him. They bicker. Nick blames Adam for Sharon being dead. Adam says they can do whatever they want, but he'll go on protecting Sharon's name.

At Gloworm, Kevin tells Michael everything is okay with Chloe, and asks about the Newman IPO. They discuss Daisy. Kevin says it's bad when you hope your sister gets 20 years to life. Michael notes that at least he knows where his sister is - just then he gets a text from Lauren about a surprise. Diane struts in and confronts Michael about misleading her. He says they tried to get the SEC to back off of her. Diane spots Abby, and tells Michael she can take care of herself. He leaves to join Kevin. Diane calls the paparazzi to come and see the Naked Heiress. Deacon listens. Daniel joins Abby, they get caught up, and she asks to start over. The paparazzi appears and starts snapping pictures. Daniel runs them off, but Diane stops the guy to talk about the ambulance footage. Deacon eavesdrops as Diane offers him the photo of a lifetime, and they cut a deal. Deacon lets Diane know he wants to team up. Abby, meanwhile, tells Daniel that wasn't a set-up, and she wants to get back together. Daniel says it doesn't feel right anymore.

In the park, Devon issues a warning to Cane to stay away from Lily. He says he wants to make sure she and the kids are safe from his father. Devon asks why any of them should trust him. Lily appears and wants to know as well. Cane doesn't expect them to trust him, but warns his father is dangerous. Devon gets up in Cane's face and Lily intervenes. Devon goes, and Lily tells Cane she and twins don't need him in their lives. He just wants to protect them. Lily tells him to just stay away.

Michael and Kevin rush into Crimson Lights and spot Eden on the patio. As Michael grills her, Kevin jokes that he's the human tracking device. Eden admits she was in rehab for an eating disorder.

In Sam's house, he kisses Sharon and they begin to make love again. She warns him not to get too attached, but he says it's too late.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Piper tells Sharon that her dad says she's good for Sam.

Genevieve tells Jill she should consider herself lucky her marriage was invalid - divorce can be so messy.

Jill tells Cane they are all so much better off without him.

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