In Sam's bedroom, Sharon holds the ripped up letter and watches him sleep. He opens his eyes in time to see her go. Sam follows her out to the barn where she behaves oddly. He asks what's going on. She says, "Last night was a mistake." He offers for them to take a step back, but Sharon says he would be asking for trouble by getting involved with her - she doesn't want that for him. He says there's pretty much nothing she could tell him that would change the way he feels about her. He's willing to take a chance that he'll be let down and wants her to stick around. Sharon can't make any promises. They kiss.

Abby catches up with Noah on the patio at Crimson Lights. He explains what he's doing with the memory cards. Noah asks her how it went with Victor and Ashley when they found out she was back. Abby admits they don't know yet. She explains why they sent her to rehab. Noah is shocked, but says they have to assume parents are doing the right thing. They agree to be there for each other in the future. Abby listens to one of Noah's songs and asks if it's about Eden. Abby tells him she was at the rehab.

At Newman, Michael listens as Victor convinces Lauren to take a seat on the board. Victoria arrives, and Victor says she belongs there. Victoria asks what his strategy is for dealing with Tucker and Adam. He says Tucker can't be there. Just then, Adam appears. Michael starts the meeting. Victoria nominates Victor as chairman, and Adam seconds the motion. They discuss a deal in China. Everyone likes the sound of it, but Adam proposes something less risky. A couple other board members side with him. Victor is angry. Everyone leaves, and Vikki and Victor discuss Adam's power play. She walks out and tells Adam he's an ass. Adam tells her Billy sold Restless Style to their brother. Adam finds Victor and tells him he's sorry he had to embarrass him, but he's obviously slipping and everyone saw it. Victor growls that he's really playing with fire.

Billy walks into Restless Style with keys. Nick gives him a check. Just then, Phyllis arrives. Billy is furious when he learns Nick hired her after what he did to him and Victoria. Nick asks Billy to take off. Phyllis comments that Billy seemed hungover. Nick thinks it's difficult to lose a child. Phyllis says she didn't want to see anyone get hurt, but also wasn't willing to give up her own family to prevent it. Nick understands. She asks why he bought the magazine. Nick says it's like coming home. Victoria comes in and confronts Nick about buying the magazine from Billy, who is in no shape to make decisions. She is angry to realize that Phyllis is working there too. Phyllis leaves them alone and Nick mocks Victoria for going back to Newman. Victoria says nothing Victor ever did hurt as much as losing Lucy, and tells Nick he didn't stand by her. After, Nick complains to Phyllis about Victoria getting sucked by in by Victor. Phyllis urges him to be good to her - she has a front row seat to the cagefight between Victor and Adam.

At his trailer, Billy turns off the 'Father Knows Best' marathon and calls to place a bet. His bookie arrives, and Victoria comes in. He slips the guy his watch when she's distracted and he leaves. Victoria looks around and realizes he's drinking and gambling. She pleads with him not to give up Restless Style. He says it's not her problem - he's not her headache anymore. She asks him to take care of himself and goes.

Eden arrives at Crimson Lights. She learns that Kevin isn't in and spots Noah and Abby on the patio. Suddenly, Lauren approaches her, saying they've been trying to find her. They hug. Lauren goes to the car to get her phone and cancel her meeting. Eden sees that Noah stepped away from the patio. She listens to the song on his MP3 player and he returns. They greet each other. Abby comes in and asks what she's doing there.

Michael returns to Newman and they discuss the board meeting. Michael tells Victor the SEC is focusing on Diane. Victor is incensed - they should be focusing on Adam! Michael tells him they say there is less evidence on Adam, so it doesn't appeal to them. They discuss Victoria being back on Victor's side. Victor blames Billy for her past bad decisions.

Adam returns to his suite, looks at Sharon's engagement ring, and opens his laptop. As he peruses the footage he sees lava. He calls the computer guy for help.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Devon asks Cane why any of them should trust him to do the right thing now. Lily appears and asks, "Why should we trust you Cane?"

Sharon says to Sam, "You don't want me to stay here?" He replies, "No."

Adam wants Nick's help in proving Sharon didn't kill Skye. Nick says Adam has no evidence. Adam says he'll have it soon.

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