At Restless Style, Nick finds the old issue of Restless Style with Sharon and Adam on the cover and thinks back to Sharon's trial. He looks through an old photo album of Sharon and the kids and finds Cassie's necklace. Noah comes in and says he misses her too. They hug.

In his suite, Adam finally finds some footage from Sharon's camera. He smiles as he watches a clip he took of her flirting with him. He murmurs, "Nothing's the same without you." Adam thinks about Sharon and how she was the only person who saw good in him besides his mother. He looks at her engagement ring, and then goes back to the laptop.

In New Mexico, Sharon and Sam make love on his bed. After, she gets up while he sleeps and looks out the window. She starts to write a 'Dear Sam' letter. She tells him she owes him answers and wants to be honest about who she is and how she got there. She says if he wants her to go after he reads it, she'll understand. She flashes back to meeting Nick and being raped by Matt Clark - she writes that it was the beginning of Nick feeling he had to rescue her. Sharon recalls telling Nick that she had given up a baby for adoption, when he thought she was a virgin. She describes how Nick went to prison over Matt Clark, and how Nikki accused her of being a golddigger. She continues to write about Nick, remembering their wedding and how they lived a fairytale life for a while with their son, Noah, and the daughter she had given up, Cassie, who came back into their lives. Sharon then writes that fairy tales have a way of turning grim.

Sharon continues writing at Sam's desk, saying she and Nick had a perfect life until the day she got the phone call. She remembers Cassie's accident and her dying in the hospital. She says for the first time, Nick couldn't fix things; he couldn't save her or himself, and abandoned her. She writes that they both moved on with other people, but later when they met in Paris, it was as though they'd never been apart. She describes how they conceived a baby girl, but once again, their happiness didn't last. Sharon recalls telling Nick that the baby didn't make it, and writes, "That's when Adam came into my life."

Sharon begins writing about Adam as she continues her letter to Sam. She says he was the opposite of his brother, and that may be why she was drawn to him. Sharon describes how Adam always understood her in a way Nick never had. He wanted to be her friend, lover, and partner, and when they danced, he let her lead. She says he saw her as strong, confident, and whole, and she began to see herself that way - it was the best gift she ever got. She explains that before they were together he did some terrible things, but she made him a better person. Sharon admits it was very complicated, but somehow, she and Adam made sense; they made each other better.

Sharon, still writing, tells Sam that Victor took Adam from her by having him arrested, but Nick took away Faith. Sharon says she had to prove Adam didn't murder Skye to free him and get her daughter back. She describes how it all went so wrong and how she was headed to prison for life. Sharon writes about Adam's plan to buy them time, and says everything went fine until she was carjacked. When she learned the woman who stole her car died, and everyone thought it was her, she wound up in his barn thinking that everyone would be better off believing she was gone. Sharon says she was most worried about Adam coping, since he has no one. She thinks Nick, her mother, and the kids will have happy lives, and tells Sam that now, thanks to him, so can she, but she needed to tell the truth. Suddenly, she rips up the letter, picks up her dress, and moves to leave the room.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Billy confronts Nick about hiring Phyllis after what she did to him and Vikki.

Sharon tells Sam, in the bar, that last night was a mistake.

Adam says to Victor, "You're slipping, dad. Everyone in the room noticed." Victor growls, "Now you're really playing with fire."

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