Phyllis and Nick meet on the patio at Crimson Lights. They make small talk. She refers to her moment of vulnerability at the penthouse and asks him not to hold her to anything she said.

Inside Crimson Lights, Billy tries to explain to Victoria what she walked in on at the trailer. He insists he'd never cheat on her. She coldly says she has to go get Reed.

At Jabot, Jack hangs up with Traci, who wishes him a happy birthday. Adam comes in and they argue about Jack shutting down the Newman Fund. Phyllis enters with a gift for Jack. Adam tells Jack he's old and senile. Just then, Phyllis gets a call from the man with the memory cards. She tells him Sharon is gone so he can chuck them. Adam asks her to call him back - he wants to clear Sharon's name. After Adam leaves, Phyllis and Jack marvel at how he becomes a different person at the mention of Sharon's name.

On the barn floor, a drunken Sam chuckles that he really fell for her. She tightly asks if he can make it back to the house on his own and turns to leave. He asks if they can try again tomorrow night. She hisses that she should probably move on. He sarcastically says that running is what she does. They bicker. Sam notes that he learned nothing is permanent anyway and punches the wall. Sharon learns that his dog, O'Keefe, died from a stroke. He says he needed a drink and the whiskey made it worse. He apologizes. Sharon tells him it's okay. Sam cries, and they talk. Sharon helps him up to the house.

Victoria gives Reed a pep talk at home. He doesn't want to go back to his dad's house. He asks if she can call Billy so he can say goodbye.

Nick calls on Billy at the trailer and tells him if he's serious about selling Restless Style, he's got the papers drawn up. They sign the deal and Nick suggests Billy go talk to his sister. Billy wishes him luck. After Nick goes, Victoria calls and asks Billy to come and say goodbye to Reed.

Jack tells Phyllis at Gloworm, that all is not forgiven just because he agreed to come out. Phyllis defends what she did with Lucy. Jack muses that Billy and Victoria broke up, and reminds her of when she broke up another couple. After she defends herself again, he apologizes. He's never going to agree with what she did, but he also doesn't understand Billy. As they toast, Genevieve appears. Jack introduces the women. Nick enters and takes Phyllis aside to tell her he just bought back Restless Style. He asks her to come and work for him again. She worries about Lucy and Summer. He says they will work that out. She agrees to come back. Genevieve joins Jack and grills him about Phyllis. Jack tells Genevieve he's not with Phyllis so she can stay put. Genevieve purrs that no one should have to drink alone on their birthday. They have champagne and he asks for her number. She says he'll see her around, and goes.

Adam meets the guy with the memory cards in Crimson Lights. The man says it's a painstaking process. Adam hopes it's worth it. The guy wishes Adam luck and goes. Adam calls Noah over and tells him about the memory cards that could clear his mother's name. Noah gripes that she's gone - what good will it do? Adam says it matters to him that the world knows she's innocent. Noah offers to help. Adam accepts.

Billy roughhouses with Reed at the house as Vikki looks on. They agree to exchange lots of emails and jokes. Reed goes upstairs, and they talk about things they would have done differently. He tells her the trailer will never be home. Reed reappears and wants to buy Vikki a plane ticket to come with him since she's alone. She tells him she'll be busy working. She tells Billy she will be on the Newman board and be Victor's right hand. Billy smirks.

In Sam's house, Sharon nurses his hand. A shirtless Sam talks about how lucky he was to find her and asks her to stay. They kiss and begin to make love.

Billy returns to the trailer, picks up the gambling papers, and calls his bookie.

Victoria returns to her empty house and makes a call to get up to speed for next week's board meeting.

In Adam's suite, he shows Noah how to see what is on the memory cards. Noah takes some to do at home. Adam tells him his mother would be proud.

Genoa City Spoiler for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

As Sam sleeps, Sharon writes him a letter to tell him everything about who she is and how she got there.

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