In the hospital room, Tucker explains to Ashley that he wants her to run McCall because he doesn't want word to get out that he can't make sense of what he's reading - she's the only one he can trust. She asks about Sofia, but he can't risk it. Ashley steps out to look for the nurse and Noah greets her. He's pleased to hear that the charges have been dropped against her. She asks him not to tell Abby yet, saying she needs to stay at rehab. Noah isn't pleased. Ashley goes back to Tucker. They discuss telling Abby that they're married. Tucker wants to wear the wedding rings they bought.

At rehab, Abby is confronted about not making her bed. Eden suggests she change her attitude. Abby mocks her, and then asks why she's not planning to visit Genoa City after she's discharged. They snark at each other until the counselor returns and tells Eden she's booked on a plane back to Paris today. Eden seems dismayed. Abby is confused. Eden says she doesn't want to go back out there. She confides in Abby that she wishes she could do things over with Noah. Abby understands.

Sam brings the dog to the barn to see Sharon. She asks what the occasion is, and he tells her it's date night. He asks her out. She says she can't, explaining that she's a woman with baggage. Sam suggests they go to the burger place and the drive-in. Sharon agrees to go. Sam says he'll be back later. Piper appears with flowers and Sharon tells her about the date. She's thrilled. Piper leaves and brings Sharon a white dress from her mother's closet to wear. Later, Sharon leaves phone messages for Sam when he doesn't show up. Suddenly he appears, acting strangely and making excuses. Sharon says she doesn't get this at all. When he falls down laughing, she realizes he's drunk!

At Gloworm, Adam overhears Diane complaining on the phone to Michael that Victor was supposed to make her problems with the SEC go away. She hangs up and Adam proposes they strike at both Victor and Jack. Diane is reluctant. Adam wants her decision. She says she's in, and leaves. Adam wonders what she's up to, and plays back a recording he made of her talking about Jack and Victor. He murmurs, "Insurance."

Kyle visits Jack at Jabot. He wishes him a happy birthday and then asks if he's going to jail. Victor appears and says that's a good question. Jack says he hasn't done anything wrong, and likens the situation to dealing with a playground bully. Victor offers tickets to the ball game. Kyle is impressed, Jack gives permission, and Kyle leaves. Victor asks Jack who is going to take care of Kyle when him and Diane go to prison. Jack warns him not to interfere with his son again. They spar about business. Victor says the SEC will get him, adding, "Happy Birthday, Jack Abbott." Once alone, Jack talks to his father, saying that he'll have to do more than keep the SEC from charging him.

Victor arrives at the hospital and tells Ashley he's there to help. He asks about Tucker, who is gone for tests. Ashley says they got married, but she thinks Abby should stay put. Victor tells her he got Diane to recant her testimony and now wants Ashley to repay him. She realizes he wants her to fire Jack from Jabot and they argue. Tucker returns. Victor steps out and Ashley listens to Tucker's frustrations and reassures him. Outside the room, Victor tells Ashley he wants her decision soon.

Noah arrives at the rehab facility and tells Abby the charges have been dropped against her mom. Eden overhears. Abby tells Noah she'll meet him out front in five minutes, and finds Eden to ask her to come to Genoa City. Eden refuses, but they agree they've got some things in common. Abby goes and Eden phones to change her flight to Genoa City.

Back at her suite, Diane tells Kyle to have fun at the ball game and then hangs up. She muses that she can't trust Victor, Jack, or Adam, but vows they won't keep her from her son. She calls the D.A. and he comes over. She tells him she'll help him put Adam Newman away in return for immunity. He says he'll be in touch.

Jack finds Adam at Gloworm and tells him everything is about to change. He tells him he's shutting down the Newman Fund. Adam isn't pleased.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon tightly tells Sam she should be moving on. He says, "Run away. It's your M.O."

Nick tells Billy if he's serious about selling Restless Style, he's had the papers drawn up.

Jack tells Genevieve her unexpected visits are becoming a habit. She says no one should have to drink alone.

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