At the ranch, Diane tells Victor he's her biggest problem. Michael defends his client's actions and urges her to take his deal and recant her story. The lawyer explains that she looks like the ring leader in this conspiracy. They play the jail card. She claims that what she told the police was true. Victor suggests she do herself a favor and change her story anyway. He explains that he has a man in his pocket at the SEC who he can call and ask to shift the investigation onto Adam. Diane agrees. Victor mutters some more threats until she leaves. Michael tells him the SEC won't really let her walk. Victor doesn't care.

Ashley and Tucker's wedding winds down in the hospital. Katherine asks for some time alone with the newlyweds. She says the timing for this wedding was ill-advised. Jack arrives outside and is told what just happened. He peers in and then interrupts. There is bickering and Tucker finally agrees to talk to his mother alone. The siblings go into the hall. She's surprised that Jack seems happy for her, but she's sure he's worried about his job too. They get coffee and toast to her wedding. Back in the room, Katherine tells her son she was touched by the fact that he put the business in her hands. "I'm back, it's time for me to take over," he says. She thinks it's too early. He asks for updates and isn't thrilled that she backed out of his Newman plan. When she tells him Jack is back at Jabot, he grunts. He's outraged that she undermined his judgment while he was unconscious. He yells at her to get out and says he doesn't want to have anything to do with her. Katherine storms out. "That man in there, you can have him," she tells Ashley as she leaves.

At Gloworm, Nick is shocked when his sister tells him about their father's job offer. She asks him to go back to the business with her but he refuses. Victoria says she needs her family around her. He lists their father's latest mess-ups and warns her that Victor could be taking advantage of her. She knows that and she knows Billy has vanished. Nick repeats that he won't join her.

Victoria goes to see her father at the ranch. He asks her to be his right hand and offers her latitude, but not autonomy. She wonders if they can trust each other. He says that only time will tell but there's no one he would rather have at his side side than her. Victoria agrees to be his COO. They hug and decide to move forward.

In his trailer, Billy is wasted and checking the racing schedule. He passes out on the floor. Later, Nick shows up and kicks him awake. He complains about how the place stinks. Billy burps and talks about how Vikki doesn't want him. He offers to sell Nick "Restless Style" cheap. Nick tells him to get his act together.

Michael meets with an official from the SEC and explains that Victor wants Diane excluded from the investigation. He wants Adam to bear the brunt of the blame. The official doesn't care for this.

Diane meets with the DA at Gloworm and tries backing out of her story. She claims that she was just angry and projected. He's annoyed that she's blowing his case. She turns on the waterworks and claims she's just trying to do the right thing. Once Spencer leaves, Michael shows up and tells her about his little meeting. He explains that the SEC won't budge and she's a still suspect. "I'm surrounded by vipers!" Diane shrieks, accusing him of screwing her over and storming out.

Ashley returns to her husband's room. He explains that he couldn't understand what his mother was talking about. Tucker worries that his disorientation could be more than temporary. "If I can't string two thoughts together, who am I?" he asks. She tries reading him Jack's contract to see if he can understand it. He can't follow it. "This can't be happening to me," he groans. The DA shows up. He announces that the restraining order has been lifted and the charges dropped. Once he leaves, Ashley is so thrilled she jumps in bed with her husband. He asks her to run the company.

At Jabot, Katherine tells Jack that her son wants them out. She's not leaving and assures him that he can stay put as long as he passes his probation. Jack defends Katherine for how she ran the company. She's hurt that her son doesn't trust her as a mother. He tells her she deserves better.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"You're asking me out?" Sharon asks Sam.

"Are you going to jail?" Kyle asks Jack. "That's a very good question," Victor says.

"You in or you out? Which is it?" Adam prods Diane.

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