Diane greets Michael at Gloworm and tells him not to have a problem with her just because Victor does - he's wasting everyone's time. Michael says he's been rooting for her, but if she did conspire with Jack and Adam, it was not only reckless, but stupid.

Neil and Katherine discuss Tucker coming out of the coma at the hospital. She mentions how much Sofia adores Tucker and Neil grunts. Ashley appears and thanks Katherine for letting her see Tucker. Kay says he needs her love. Ashley heads into Tucker's room. Katherine cryptically tells Neil she has more questions than ever about the car accident.

In Tucker's room he reaches for Ashley's hand. A nurse comes in with some papers for Tucker to sign. He puts on his glasses, but something is wrong. He can see the sentences but can't understand what they mean. The nurse goes to find the doctor as Ashley reassures him. Tucker asks her to marry him - right now. Preparations are made and they exchange personal words.

Noah pays Victor a visit at the ranch. He is pleased to hear that Tucker is out of his coma, but tells Victor he can't find Abby. Victor tells him she's in rehab. Noah feels bad that he's been too busy to talk to her. As he leaves, Katherine comes in. She asks Victor to tell her why Tucker's first memory when he woke up was of Abby running him down. Victor says Tucker is confused, but Katherine thinks he knows exactly what he was saying. Victor tells her Abby is in rehab. Katherine scoffs that it's convenient timing. As Victor goes on, Katherine points out that he could have just said 'no'. Victor says Tucker is out of the coma, the rest doesn't matter. Katherine questions Victor's friendship.

Michael and Devon say hello at Crimson Lights. Michael makes a call to France and learns that Eden is traveling and can't be reached. Noah arrives to meet Devon. Michael asks Noah about Eden, but he's not sure where she would be. Noah and Devon discuss Abby being in rehab. Devon asks Noah about his guilty feelings. He admits they're about more than Abby - he also let Eden down by being selfish. Noah calls the rehab center to arrange to visit Abby.

At rehab, Abby tells the counselor she really doesn't belong there as she heads into a group session. She is stunned to see Eden join the group. When Abby refers to herself as The Naked Heiress, Eden insults her. Abby explains that she's only there to humor her father. When the group breaks up, Abby moves over to Eden and they trade barbs. Eden tells Abby she's moved on from Noah - a couple of times - and that she'd better not tell anyone in Genoa City she's there. Abby learns Eden has been there for a couple of months and taunts her about the Ashram. Eden suggests they stay out of each other's way. The counselor decides they will be buddies in the program. Abby flashes back to arguing with Victor on the plane. Eden tells her someone will check her purse back in her room. Abby isn't pleased. Eden assures her the place works. Abby wonders if she's going back to Genoa City when she gets out. Eden tells her to forget she saw her, saying she'll touch base with Michael when she's back in Paris. They discuss Noah. Eden says he inherited his dad's rescue gene, and she doesn't need saving.

Neil and Leslie chat at Gloworm. They agree to meet up when their schedules ease up. Leslie sits down with Diane, who asks how quickly she can get her out of the charges. Leslie says it doesn't look good. Diane says there's no crime in having cramps. Leslie warns her to prepare herself for a jail sentence, saying Martha Stewart survived. Diane hisses, "Do I look like I knit?" Leslie muses that everyone needs a hobby. After, Katherine appears and asks Diane about the night Tucker was hit. Diane gets a call and excuses herself. Neil joins Kay and they discuss business and Tucker. Kay thinks he needs her protection more than ever. She leaves and Devon joins Neil, saying he'd like to be around for the family more.

Michael arrives at the ranch and Victor brings him up to speed on Abby being the one who was driving. He insists it was merely an alcohol-induced accident. Michael points out that she disliked Tucker intensely. Victor wants him to get Ashley out of the charges - even if he has to get creative. Michael thinks, and then reminds Victor about the eyewitness - Diane Jenkins. They get her over there. Victor tells her he can make her problems go away.

Katherine arrives in the doorway of Tucker's room as he is told he can kiss his bride.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick says to Billy, who is on the floor of the trailer, "What the hell's the matter with you?"

Victor and Victoria discuss trusting one another.

Tucker angrily says to Katherine, "While I was laying here incapacitated, you undermined my judgment!"

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