In Tucker's room, he tells Katherine and Ashley that Abby tried to kill him. Ashley tells him she wouldn't do that, and reminds him that she was in the car too. Tucker asks to speak to Ashley alone. Kay goes. He tells Ashley he saw Abby. She tells him that what happened is a long story, but nobody meant to hurt him. He learns he's been in a coma for a few weeks. Ashley tells him she was driving and lost control of the car. Katherine comes back in and asks if everything's okay. Ash says she hopes so. The D.A. comes in to question Tucker. Kay and Ash step out. Tucker tells Walsh he remembers a car hit him, but not much else.

Diane and Kyle discuss leaving town at Crimson Lights. He's not happy with her. She says she changed her mind so they should just put it behind them.

In Jack's office, Victor serves him and says he'll have to appear before the grand jury regarding stock fraud. Jack says he bought shares at a low price as any savvy investor would and waves Victor away. Victor takes a call and leaves. Diane and Kyle show up. Kyle asks if he'll be the boss there someday. Jack says that would be great. Diane goes for coffee and Kyle tells Jack he doesn't want to leave town. Jack asks what happened. Kyle says his mother was ready to move them out of town. Diane returns. Jack sends Kyle to the media room and then confronts Diane about planning to leave town. She cites her troubles with the SEC, but Jack says they have no proof. He warns her if she even thinks of taking Kyle away again, she will lose. Kyle returns and Jack says he and his mom had a really good talk - he's not moving anywhere.

Nick shows up at Phyllis's house with a humidifier for Lucy. He soon realizes Phyllis got him over there under false pretenses and asks what's going on. He starts to leave and she stops him, saying she needs a friend. Nick reminds her he's on Victoria's side. Phyllis laments that no one is speaking to her. Nick wonders why she's surprised. Phyllis thought it was right - now she's not sure. He says she kept going and didn't back down. She agrees - she was like a pitbull. Nick states, "Now you're questioning that." She nods and asks him not to tell anybody. She cries, "What if it was just about winning?" She doesn't know if it was wrong to fight for Lucy - everyone else thinks it was. Nick asks what he can do. Phyllis wants him to tell her who she is because she doesn't like who she sees in the mirror. Nick says he'll always be her friend even though she crossed the line this time. Phyllis asks how to fix it. He says she'll handle it, and holds her as she cries before leaving.

At Gloworm, Abby completes her on camera confession as Deacon listens from the bar. Abby tells Kent to send it to the news outlets before posting it online. She leaves, and Kent notices his camera's gone missing. Deacon says he didn't see it. Outside, Abby is grabbed from behind and winds up on a plane with Victor. He says she didn't heed his advice. She says her confession is already on the air. He shakes his head, "It ain't."

Still at the hospital, Katherine asks Ashley why Tucker said Abby was driving. Ashley says she set him straight. They discuss whether or not to tell him they know he has a son and decide to wait. Kay goes to see the doctor and Ashley calls Victor. She tells him Tucker said Abby tried to kill him, but she told him she was driving. Victor tells Ashley that Abby is with him and he knows the truth. He says he stopped her from telling her story to the world and will contain the situation. Ashley hangs up and Kay returns. Walsh comes out of Tucker's room and says he's not sure who struck him. Kay goes in to see Tucker and he tells her he doesn't remember much about that night. She says it's a shame because they all need to know the truth.

On the plane, Abby tells Victor that Tucker will tell the truth. Victor says he has head trauma and his memory is fuzzy. Abby insists she'll set him straight. Victor tells her she's going to rehab. Abby asks if he has a family discount where Nikki is staying. They bicker. Abby says she'll have no part in this cover-up. Victor growls, "You bet you will." Abby is upset about Ashley taking the rap. Victor tells her they'll wait to see what Tucker says and then decide what's best. Victor gets a call from Ashley who says Tucker said he didn't remember who hit him. Ashley and Victor decide Abby should still go away for awhile. Victor hangs up and tells Abby he'll make it all go away.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Katherine asks Victor to tell her why Tucker's first memory was of Abby running him down.

Diane asks Leslie how quickly she can get her out of these charges. Leslie says it doesn't look good.

Tucker asks Ashley to marry him right now.

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