Victoria tries to call Billy from Crimson Lights but there's no answer.

At Jimmy's Bar, the girl asks Billy if he's new in town. He says it's been awhile since he has come to the bar. They get to drinking and joking. When she mentions family he decides to leave. She offers to drive him.

In the holding room, Ashley and Abby discuss Billy and Victoria losing Lucy. Abby brings up how Ashley switched places in the car to protect her, and says the truth is coming out tonight. Just then Victor appears and says Ashley's getting out on bail. The D.A. comes in and says Victor brought it to his attention that the key witness, Diane, is now under investigation. Abby pulls Victor aside and says she needs to talk.

Katherine argues with the doctor about alternate therapies at the hospital. Jack calls wanting her to meet him to sign contracts. She agrees. Katherine tells Tucker if he has issues regarding Jabot to wake up and tell her. She leaves and his fingers move.

Abby and Victor sit on the patio at the coffee house. She tells him it was her - she was driving the car and hit Tucker. They discuss how convincing Ashley has been. Victor says he'll deal with it. Abby warns that she confessed to the D.A. and he didn't believe her. She's disappointed when Victor talks about not ruining her future. She tells him she'll handle it herself. Victor has her followed.

Ashley sneaks in to see Tucker. She tells him she's been thinking about him and loves him. He squeezes her hand and after a minute his eyes open. The doctor comes in and examines him.

At the office, Jack gets a visit from Vikki who congratulates him on getting his job back. She asks if he knows where Billy has gone, saying she didn't want him to leave. Jack suggests she try Jimmy's Bar. As Jack makes more business calls Katherine arrives. She muses at him sitting happily in the chair doing the job his father raised him to do. She takes the contracts from him and signs. Her phone rings - she learns that Tucker woke up.

Back at the trailer, Billy is checking gambling results when the pretty girl comes in saying she decided not to drive away. She sees the racing papers and undoes her top, saying she's a sure thing. Billy asks her to go, but Victoria comes in as she's kissing his cheek goodbye. Billy protests that she just gave him a ride home. The girl confirms his innocence and leaves. Vikki asks if he's drunk and if he's been gambling. Billy says he was just blowing off steam. He tells her he wants to have his family back. Vikki says she came to ask him back, but now she can't trust him. She hisses that her father was right about him.

At Gloworm, Abby tells Kent she wants him to record something and put it on the internet - it's an explosive secret. She guarantees him it will go viral. Kent tapes her confession about hitting Tucker - the naked truth. Deacon listens.

Diane comes to Adam's suite and tells him the SEC won't let her leave town. She wants him to double her money or she'll give the Feds what they need to nail him. Adam tells her she would have to incriminate herself, and that the SEC can't prove anything. Diane threatens to cut a deal with Victor instead. Adam says he'll give her more money if she stays the course - he's not done sticking it to Victor. Diane says she's in, but warns him against double-crossing her. Victor arrives, hands Diane a subpoena, and tells her she's been served. She sneers that it's not illegal to have stomach cramps. Victor tells Adam he's served as well. Victor leaves and Adam reassures Diane.

Jack walks into his office and finds Victor waiting. Victor tells him he'll be conducting business from a jail cell and serves him.

Ashley soothes Tucker in his hospital bed as struggles to speak. Katherine comes in and gestures to the doctor to leave Ashley be. Tucker says, "Ashley." He fights to say more, and finally asks, "Why did Abby try to kill me?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young And The Restless:

Phyllis cries to Nick, "When I look in the mirror I don't like who I see."

Jack warns Diane if she so much as thinks about taking his son away from him again she will lose.

Someone grabs Abby and puts their hand over her mouth in the dark.

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