At Jimmy's Bar, Daniel leaves Lily a message to call him.

At Gloworm, Genevieve asks Colin if he escaped from custody. He tells her the charges were all dropped. Cane joins them and says he's telling the truth - his lawyer got him diplomatic immunity. Colin laughs that he's under surveillance though, so has to be a good boy. Neil tells Cane he's not part of their family, and Lily tells Colin his grandchildren will never know he exists. They leave. Colin announces that he came for Jill. Katherine scoffs, but Jill gives him two minutes. Colin tells Jill he loves her and he's staying in town to win her back. Jill tells him she's counting up his lies. Kay confronts Cane about his lies, what he did to Lily, and letting Jill marry that monster. Cane says he threatened to kill her. She says none of this would have happened if it weren't for him. Kay goes over to tell Colin time is up. She and Jill leave and Genevieve mocks Colin for losing his touch. Cane thinks his parents should leave town. Genevieve tells Cane he's one of them, and they all live there now.

At Lily's house, Malcolm tries to digest what he's just learned - that Sofia slept with Neil and she doesn't know the paternity of the baby. She pleads with him to talk to her about it, but he storms out.

Victoria watches a video of her and Billy with Lucy at home. Victor arrives. She talks about missing Lucy. He says it reminds him of when he had to give up Adam, supposedly for his own good. Victor asks her about filing an appeal. Victoria says she has to let her go. Victor offers a distraction - a seat on the board at Newman. Victor wonders how he can trust her. He wants his family around him. She says she's not sure, and tells him Billy has left. Victor says Billy is reverting back to who he is - an Abbott. After he leaves, she tries to call Billy but gets no answer.

In Billy's trailer, Jack tells him it wasn't supposed to work between an Abbott and a Newman, but with him and Victoria it did. Billy asks why he's back there then. Chloe arrives with Delia. Jack takes Delia aside and Chloe tells Billy his daughter wanted to see him, but he smells like a dumpster. She decides they should reschedule. After they're gone, Billy pours a drink. Jack warns this isn't the way to get home. He notices a racing paper and warns Billy about gambling, but Billy laughs it off.

Lily joins Daniel at Jimmy's, and informs him she doesn't want to discuss Cane. She asks about his problems, but Daniel suggests they play games. They drink and laugh. Finally, they discuss the situation with Lucy. He laments that Phyllis always thinks she has the answers. Billy comes in and exchanges awkward pleasantries before sitting down and asking the bartender to numb him up quickly. After Lily and Daniel leave, a pretty girl comes in and joins Billy at the bar.

Neil arrives back at Lily's house and finds Sofia sobbing. She says Malcolm left because he knows they slept together. Neil asks why she told him now. Sofia explains about the issue with the pregnancy, and how she lied about when the baby was conceived. Neil says she knows what they went through over Lily. Sofia counters that she didn't want to put them through that again. Neil goes into the bedroom when one of the twins cries. Malcolm returns and asks Sofia when they can find out if the baby is his. Neil comes into the room and Malcolm attacks him. Neil warns him not to start this and he runs out.

Chloe and Delia are on the patio at Crimson Lights when Cane comes in. Chloe sends Delia for a napkin and confronts Cane about all the lies he's told. He acknowledges that everything she's said is true, but it's done. Chloe leaves and Cane goes inside. Daniel and Lily arrive later and she is stunned to see Cane ordering coffee.

Jack comes in to pick up takeout at Gloworm. At a table, Colin and Genevieve spar about staying in Genoa City. She says she's staying so he always has to see her face and remember he killed Samantha. Colin says if she follows him around, she's a stalker. He shrugs, "Too bad. I'm just not that into you." She physically attacks him before calling for everyone's attention. She announces that Colin is a dangerous criminal and if they see anything suspicious, they should call the police. Colin smiles, and says she's obviously a disturbed person. Jack raises his glass to her.

At the Chancellor Estate, Kay and Jill fill Esther in on Colin's diplomatic immunity. She hopes they won't let him come back there. Jill rages that he's ruined her life. She notices an envelope and opens it - it's papers declaring her marriage null and void. Katherine asks if she's okay. Jill claims to just feel relief. Kay ushers Esther out and Jill cries alone. Colin arrives outside.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Abby tells Kent that she guarantees her confession will go viral - it's all anyone will be talking about tomorrow.

The pretty girl follows Billy to his trailer.

Victor hands Diane an envelope and says she's been served.

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