In the barn, Sam asks Sharon what's got her so scared. He says she can tell him anything. Realizing that she won't go to the hospital, Sam stitches her leg wound himself. As he works, he tells a story about a filly who was unable to come to grips with being caged in her stall. Sharon tells Sam she is running from mistakes she can never fix. She says she broke people's faith in her, in her decency. Sam has only seen a kind, decent woman. Sharon says she made a bad decision. Sam finishes and Sharon stands up. She stumbles and Sam steadies her. Their eyes meet and they kiss. Sharon says she should rest. Sam goes.

At Crimson Lights, Adam tells a reporter about Victor throwing the chair out the window at Newman. Nick overhears and says nothing Adam has to say is worth the ink. Adam continues talking. When the reporter brings up Sharon, Adam insists he print that she didn't commit suicide. After the reporter leaves, Nick and Adam argue about Sharon. Noah and Hunter come in. Noah is disgusted that they're still arguing about his mom. Adam asks Noah how the house is, but Noah pulls him aside and asks him not to rub it in to his dad. Adam and Noah discuss how difficult it is being around Sharon's things. Noah isn't comfortable confiding in him. Noah sits down with Hunter who asks why Adam and Nick don't just leave. Noah explains it's a power play. He says his mom hated their arguing too. Noah and Hunter leave. Nick tells Adam to stay away from Noah. Adam says he's Sharon's son as well. Adam tells Nick that he and Noah have a connection - they're the only ones grieving her death. Nick counters that he's mourned her since she chose to be with him. Adam says he never let up on her, and what he and Sharon had is forever.

Lily and Neil leave the twins with Sofia and Malcolm at Lily's house. Once alone, Sofia tells Malcolm that Lily is only pretending to be okay. Malcolm hates that Cane lied to her, even if he says it was out of love. They discuss the pregnancy. Malcolm wants to enjoy it - he never had that with Lily. Olivia stops in and Malcolm goes to pick up some more formula. Olivia tells Sofia that she found out Neil and Malcolm's blood types - if the baby is Malcolm's they're safe, but if it's Neil's it is a high-risk pregnancy. Sofia frets. She wants to keep the secret but it's eating her up. Liv agrees, and says she'll go along with whatever Sofia decides. Later, Malcolm returns and Sofia's guilt gets the best of her - she blurts that she was with someone. He asks when. She says when they split up after she helped Cane. He asks who it was. She replies, "It was Neil." Tears come to Malcolm's eyes and then he rants, "How could you do this?" She says she thought he had left her, and it was only once. He asks if the baby is his. She squeaks, "I don't know."

At the hospital, Colin is wheeled out of his room and antagonizes the guard as he goes. Cane and Genevieve show up to his empty room. She can't wait to see Colin behind bars. Cane thinks she should leave town. Genevieve learns that Colin is in radiology. She tells Cane to stop sulking and go see Lily. Colin is wheeled back in and mockingly gestures at them saying his little family has come to wish daddy luck in court! Genevieve wonders about Jill not being there. Cane leaves. Genevieve tells Colin he's toast after today. They bicker and bait each other. After she leaves, Cane returns and tells Colin he wants to see him in court. Colin knows he hates him, and wonders if he'd kill him if there was no guard, He adds that if Cane had developed this killer instinct in Oz, they wouldn't be in this mess. Cane tells him it will be bad for him in jail.

Katherine finds Jill at Gloworm and chews at her for not returning her phone calls. She tells Jill she tossed Colin's things out of the house. Jill snaps that she was looking forward to doing that herself. Kay asks questions and Jill doesn't want to discuss Colin. Kay tells Jill that Mac had her baby. Jill asks her to leave her to get drunk. Lily and Neil enter with shopping bags. They discuss Cane. Lily says she should have left him a dozen lies ago. Lily smiles over at Jill, who tells Katherine she's been here before - how many times does she have to be wrong? Katherine says he was determined to get to her. Jill asks how she'll get over this. Katherine says she had no choice. They hold hands. Across the room, Lily tells Neil that Jill is humiliated just like she is. Neil wishes Cane had leveled with them - he doesn't want Lily anywhere near him. Lily says she will also keep him from the twins, but worries what she will tell them. Suddenly Genevieve appears. She tells Lily she wants to get to know her. Lily says she has no interest, but Genevieve presses the point. Jill, followed by Kay, approaches and says, "Back off, Bitch!" Jill tells her to get out of town. Kay advises her to listen. Genevieve wants to bond over Colin paying for his crimes. She orders drinks for everyone to celebrate Colin being incarcerated. Suddenly, Colin appears, saying, "Happy hour!" Cane watches from the doorway.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor tells Victoria he wants her on the Newman Board of Directors.

Chloe says to Cane, "Hey, Dead Man, stay away from me and my kid, okay?"

Colin tells Jill he loves her, and he's staying in Genoa City because he wants her back.

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