Chloe comes to Victoria's door and says she was sorry to hear about Lucy. She tells Vikki she wants to talk to Billy about the custody issue. Vikki tells her he moved out. Chloe can't believe it. Vikki asks what she was going to say to Billy. Chloe says she realized that she was just angry at Billy, and is going to drop the lawsuit. Vikki approves. Just then, Reed comes downstairs saying Mac and Daddy had the baby last night. Chloe and Vikki agree to get the kids together. Chloe goes, and Vikki helps Reed make a card. She writes a note for JT and Mac saying nothing brings more joy than a child.

Kevin finds Billy passed out drunk at Jimmy's Bar. Billy gets up and starts looking for a drink. Kevin disapproves. They discuss Lucy and Kevin reiterates that he's on his side. Billy convinces him to have a beer. They have a frank discussion about Lucy as they drink. Kevin agrees with Billy that he was a good dad to Lucy and says he told Chloe that too.

In the barn, Piper and Sam compliment Sharon on what a great job she did cleaning out the stalls. Piper wants her to stay forever. Piper's father, Lee, enters the barn and asks Sam to borrow something. Sam goes to get it and Piper introduces her father to Sharon, who notices he has a sheriff badge on his hip. Piper tells her he is a U.S. Marshal who is getting a commendation. Lee goes with Sam. Piper invites Sharon to come with her on a picnic with her parents. Sharon says she only wants to be around her and Sam right now. Sam listens at the door as Piper asks if Sam is her boyfriend. Sharon says definitely not. Piper goes, and Sharon hurts her leg. Sam says she needs stitches. Sharon angrily refuses to go to the hospital. Sam demands to know what is going on with her.

In their suite, Adam tells Diane she did him a huge favor by bringing Jack into the plot. Now he's in the clear with the SEC, but she and Jack are not. Diane says he's the one who bought up stock. Adam says he just took advantage of an opportunity - she and Jack manipulated the IPO and the paramedics are witnesses. He tells her that because she sold information to Jack, it now looks like they conspired. Diane panics. She says everything she heard about him is true. Adam says that's funny coming from her - she's the one who double-crossed him!

At Newman Enterprises, Victor and Michael meet with representative from the SEC. Victor implicates Diane and Adam, but is asked for proof. Victor mentions the ambulance ruse, but it's not enough to prove Adam's involvement. They discuss the fact that Adam and Jack both bought their stock right after the announcement of Victor's death. The man says it still proves nothing and it's all speculation. The SEC men leave. Michael and Victor agree they have to find the weak link so that Adam goes down. Michael goes, and Adam appears. They spar about the situation. Adam says he's got nothing to hide. Victor promises he'll go to prison. Adam grins that maybe Diane partnered with Jack. Victor orders him out. Adam says he's got enough shares to sit on the board, in fact, he'd like to be co-chairman and work side-by-side. Victor decides to show him what he thinks of him sitting in that seat - he throws it out the window!

Chloe finds Billy at Jimmy's and asks what he's doing. He asks to be left alone. She urges him to pull himself together and get back to his family. Chloe tells him she was going to drop the lawsuit, but now that she sees him like this she can't do it. Billy grumbles that Vikki doesn't want to see him. Chloe says to think about Delia and Reed, and tells him Mac had her baby last night. Chloe leaves and Billy calls Mac to congratulate her. He lets on that everything is fine there.

Diane finds Kyle doing homework at Crimson Lights. She tells him they have to leave Genoa City - now. The man from the SEC appears and stops them.

Michael stops by Victoria's house to check on her. She says she feels like her soul's been ripped out of her body. Michael talks to her about filing an appeal. Victoria declines, saying Lucy could end up in foster care. Kevin comes by, and Vikki says she's talked out. Michael walks Kevin to the car. Victoria breaks down and cries.

At Gloworm, Kevin and Michael speak to Mac on the phone. Kevin hangs up as Chloe appears. She tells him she was going to drop the custody suit but found Billy at the bar. Kevin takes Billy's side, but Chloe says if he can't be there for his family now, he can't share custody of Delia.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sofia tells Malcolm she was with someone. He asks, "What did you just say?"

Sharon tells Sam she is running from mistakes that she can never fix.

Lily tells Genevieve she doesn't want to know anything about her. Jill appears and tells Genevieve, "Back off, Bitch!"

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