Daniel walks into Crimson Lights where Chloe, Kevin, and Abby ask him what happened at the hearing. He recounts what went down. Kevin is concerned about Daisy being involved in Lucy's life, and remarks that Billy and Victoria are good parents. Chloe blames Billy, but the others blame Phyllis for pushing. Kevin and Chloe argue about her pursuing full custody of Delia. She stalks off. Kevin follows. Daniel thanks Abby for her understanding. He apologizes for not being honest about Lucy from the beginning.

Victoria arrives at the ranch looking for Victor. Nick says he's at the office and asks how it went with Lucy. She says she lost the baby. Victoria and Nick discuss Billy. She says she's worried about explaining this to Reed and needed to get out of the house for a while, but she anticipates she and Billy will work things out. They then discuss what happened with the IPO. Nick tells her it was done on purpose.

Phyllis brings Lucy into the penthouse and tells her she's home. Nick shows up to find Lucy fussing inconsolably. He angrily tells her that the child needs her mother, Victoria. Summer gets dropped off and Phyllis explains that they're looking after Lucy for Daniel. Summer pouts, "But you're my mommy." Nick tells Phyllis she's even wrecking Summer's life. Phyllis insists she's doing the right thing. When Nick brings up Billy and Victoria, Phyllis counters that he took Faith away from Ashley. She adds that if this was Noah's daughter, he'd do the same thing. After he goes, Lucy still won't stop crying.

In the hospital, Katherine brings the still unconscious Tucker up to date on the latest business happenings. She questions her own inability to make a decision, tenderly saying it's all his fault. She speculates on their battles, and what he really thinks of her. Kay says she's going to take charge, and when he wakes up he shouldn't dare give her grief.

At the office, Victor is on the phone with Michael who is having the SEC look into the stock fraud. Later, Victor gets back on the phone, trying to find out who benefited when the stock prices dropped.

At Gloworm, Adam celebrates and credits Diane for coming through. Jack joins them and toasts Adam, saying he made a real killing thanks to him. Adam learns that Diane tipped him off. Diane snaps at Jack, but he ignores her and compliments Adam on his brilliant scheme. Victor arrives and glowers, saying he should have known Jack was involved. Jack says there's nothing he can do about it. Victor agrees - he can't, but he warns that the SEC will look into the fraud. He tells them to drink up fast before their day of reckoning. After, Diane wonders why Jack and Adam aren't worried. They just grin. As Diane and Adam walk out, she asks if he's furious she told Jack. He smiles, "Well played." Katherine enters and joins Jack. She informs him that she wants him as her new CEO at Jabot. Jack tells her she won't regret it. She whispers, "Enjoy."

At home, Billy asks Rafe about an appeal - he can't believe someone like Daisy has any rights. Rafe levels with him - he doesn't see the courts supporting him. Billy says he's lost his daughter, and may lose his wife. Later, Vikki comes home and Billy tells her he's packed his bags. Thrown, Vikki asks where he's going to go. He wonders if it matters. Vikki gets a call from Abby asking if there's anything she can do. Vikki cuts her short as Billy heads out the door. Reed comes in and Victoria explains that Lucy won't be living with them anymore. He then asks, "Where's Billy?"

Victor arrives at Crimson Lights where Abby asks him about the stroke story. Nick enters and they all discuss Victoria. Victor learns what happened in court. He's angry that the hoax prevented him from being in court. Nick goes out to the patio and encounters Daniel. They discuss Phyllis. Daniel only feels sorry for Victoria. Inside, Chloe gives Kevin his favorite caramel popcorn and admits that Billy isn't the worst father in the entire world.

Abby visits Tucker in the hospital. She needs him to know that it was her who ran him down. She says she is sorry and wants him to please get better.

Billy goes into Jimmy's Bar and gets a drink, telling the bartender to leave the bottle.

Victor arrives at Victoria's house and greets Reed. Vikki sends Reed to the kitchen and pleads with Victor not to say 'I told you so'. Victor takes her in his arms.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria tells Chloe that Billy moved out. Chloe can't believe he would leave at a time like this.

Michael tells Victor there's a weak link somewhere. Victor wants to make sure Adam goes down.

Adam tells Diane he's in the clear with the SEC - her and Jack? Not so much.

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