Victoria and Billy rejoin Daniel and Nick in the courtroom. Nick gets a business call and goes. Nearby, Leslie tells Phyllis and Daisy she hasn't had her shot at Daniel yet. Phyllis urges her to win the case. Daniel takes the stand and Leslie makes mincemeat out of him. Victoria takes the stand and Leslie raises the issue of Jana kidnapping Lucy from under her nose. When Billy testifies, Leslie brings up the fact that he bought the baby on the black market. As Leslie keeps coming at him, Billy loses his temper. The judge says her decision is made - she rules in Daisy's favor. Leslie asks that the court overturn the Abbott's adoption. It's granted. Phyllis gets temporary custody while Daisy's incarcerated. Victoria breaks down as Lucy is brought in. She leaves sobbing. Phyllis thanks Leslie as everyone begins to clear out. Daisy warns Phyllis if she doesn't help her, she will have to make some different decisions about Lucy's future. Phyllis takes Lucy and Daniel, the last person there, applauds. He says the total destruction was all worth it for her to get her way. She says she did it for him. Daniel disagrees - he says she did it for herself, and now Lucy and Summer are the only children she has. He walks out.

At Gloworm, Genevieve watches Jack as he listens to a report about Victor having a stroke. She is impressed by how fired up he gets as he gives the order to buy, buy, buy. She says he's a player, and she'd much rather hang out with a player than a genius. Nearby, Gloria calls someone to borrow money for an investment opportunity, but doesn't get it. Meanwhile, Jack and Genevieve spar. Jack gets a call and grins, saying, "It's done." He offers Genevieve a drink and tries to find out her name. She says she's going, but she'll be back for dinner. He asks her name again. She says he'll know it soon enough.

Adam calls his broker from his suite. He says he'll give the word soon to start buying up shares. Adam murmurs, "Just a little longer, Diane. String the old man along." Adam then gives the order to buy up stock.

In the ambulance, Diane keeps up the act, but Victor begins to get wise to her. When she refuses to have a fetal monitor put on, he asks what game she is playing. He orders them to stop the ambulance. They face-off in the back. Victor hisses that now she's messing with his company. Diane sneers that she's kicking him where it hurts - in the company jewels - and there's nothing he can do about it. He throws her out of the ambulance.

Michael arrives at the ranch where the maid tells him nothing happened to Victor. Nick arrives just in time to hear a report that Victor Newman has died. Suddenly, Victor appears and tells them it was a farce. Michael tells him the stock is tanking. Victor says that's what Diane wanted. Nick goes, and Michael calls the press to say Victor is alive. Victor vows to get back at those who betrayed him. They agree that Diane didn't work alone, noting she lives with Adam.

A bedraggled Diane comes into the suite. Adam comments on the look she's got going. She glares and asks if she bought him enough time. He confirms it, and assures her she'll get paid. Diane wonders what's in it for him. Nick comes to the door to confront them. Adam reminds Nick he made half a billion from Victor in the lawsuit, so he shouldn't be self-righteous. Adam says he loves his stock, and wants to have a seat on the board - it's worth more than gold. Adam leaves, and Nick turns on Diane. They bicker about their non-relationship. Nick says he dodged a bullet with her.

At home, Victoria picks up Lucy's things. Billy tries to tell her that another judge could overrule this. He wants to fight. Victoria says they will never get her back because he bought her. She says they could lose Delia and Reed because of it too. Billy admits he promised no one would ever take her away from them. Victoria says he broke that promise; he broke everything.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Nick tells Phyllis that Lucy doesn't know who she is - she needs her mother.

Victoria says to Billy, "You're leaving."

As Adam and Jack celebrate, Diane asks how they can be so cavalier about this - Victor won't let them get away with it.

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