Michael and Lauren discuss Daisy's hearing and Newman going public at Crimson Lights. Phyllis appears and they ignore her. She asks them to understand what she's doing. Michael tells her to accept that they are through with her and walk away. Phyllis goes.

Vikki and Billy sit on their sofa with Lucy, taking a moment before leaving for the hearing.

Diane catches up with Nick at the Club and tells him she had real feelings for him before she married his father. Nick tells her she was always scheming. He lets her know they are completely done. She heads up to her suite, where she assures Adam she is ready to go through with the plan. He says she'll get her money, but warns her not to mess up. Adam watches the television coverage.

Jack sits at his laptop in his living room, preparing for the Newman Enterprises stock to go public. His internet goes off and he curses. Diane comes to the door saying she has inside information about the IPO. She offers to share what Adam is up to - for a price.

At the ranch, Victor takes a call from Michael. Michael tells him the stock will open low, but will be much higher by the time the stock market closes. Victor then gets a call that Diane is at the gate - it's urgent. Diane storms in and blurts that she's pregnant. Victor questions the paternity. She says she was faithful, and promises to undergo a paternity test. Victor says he'll support her for now. Diane pretends to have terrible cramps so Victor calls an ambulance. When he goes to the door, Diane sticks his cellphone in water. He returns and says he'll accompany her in the ambulance.

At the courthouse, Leslie warns the demurely dressed Daisy that she had better lose her attitude. Daniel comes in and warns Daisy that Phyllis won't follow through on her promises. Daisy wants what's best for their daughter. He advises her to walk out the door and leave Lucy with Billy and Victoria. Phyllis arrives and promises Daisy she'll come through. Nick comes in and Phyllis says she's sorry his sister is hurting. He says she and Billy will be devastated to lose Lucy. Nick tells Phyllis that she will be nothing to him if that happens. Billy and Victoria enter, followed by Lauren. The guards won't let her into the courtroom. The judge starts the proceedings and Leslie puts Daisy on the stand. She claims to have been a victim of her Aunt Sara. Rafe cross-examines Daisy, who puts on an act of innocence. He accuses her of making a deal with Phyllis. Leslie puts Phyllis on the stand next. She claims to have no deal with Daisy and says the baby was never unwanted. Rafe accuses Phyllis of ultimately wanting custody for herself. She says she wants justice. Daniel takes the stand and testifies about Daisy's true character, he also says anyone who would take Lucy from Victoria and Billy doesn't know what it means to be a mother. A recess is called and Phyllis warns Leslie to salvage this no matter what it takes.

Adam pesters Michael, who is sitting on the patio at the coffee house watching the IPO roll out. Lauren arrives and complains to Michael that the court wouldn't let her in to have her say about Daisy. Michael thinks the custody case will get ugly.

In his suite, Adam is sent footage of the ambulance leaving the ranch and phones the press to tip them off that Victor's had a stroke.

At Gloworm, Jeffrey complains that Gloria is a nag. Genevieve enters and Jeffrey introduces himself flirtatiously. Genevieve says she's throwing a party there right now - she's the only guest. She order champagne. Jack comes in hollering about Wi-Fi. Genevieve stuns Jeff and Gloria by asking them to order in a case of $700 per bottle champagne for her. She asks about Jack. Gloria tells her he's rich and important. Jack orders a coffee and calls his broker, telling him to wait; the stock is going to go lower. Genevieve joins him, and they banter about him buying stock. Jack says he has a hunch the price will drop.

Still at Crimson Lights, Michael tries phoning Victor after hearing reports that he has had a stroke.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Billy loses his temper on the stand.

Nick and Michael are stunned to hear reports that Victor has died.

Genevieve watches as Jack gives the order to buy Newman stock.

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