Rafe meets with Vikki and Billy at Crimson Lights. He says he'll do everything he can to get the State to reinstate the adoption. He warns that a biological mother fighting for her child can present a compelling case. Victoria starts to panic and leaves.

At the jail, Leslie explains to Daisy and Phyllis that they'll have to completely transform Daisy in the eyes of the court. Phyllis says she'll have to lose the attitude and do as she's told. Leslie coaches Daisy not to get angry in court. Phyllis pulls out a demure dress for her to wear. Daisy spits that Phyllis is the granny, not her. Phyllis irately calls her an idiot and tells her it's her only way out. Daisy exits, and Leslie says she'll have to go after Billy, Vikki, and Daniel full out. Phyllis hesitates about hurting Daniel.

At Gloworm, Victor tells Michael he's actually looking forward to taking Newman public. He adds that he's offered both Lauren and Katherine board seats. Michael warns him not to count on getting Jabot.

In the hospital, Katherine gets up to speed on what Jack's been doing. She wishes she could ask Tucker what to do. She sits by him and tells him she's doing what she thinks is right, but is puzzled when it comes to Jabot. Victor arrives and Katherine admits she hasn't decided about Jabot yet. Victor offers to throw in a block of Newman shares and pressures her. She says she'll let him know in the morning. He goes, and John appears up as she talks to Tucker. John says he's worried about her. They discuss Jabot, and John says he thinks she's having difficulties because she's going against Tucker's wishes. Kay acknowledges she's trying to decide how loyal to be to her own child. John tells her to decide about Jack on his own merits.

Jack and Ashley discuss Jabot at the jail. She rants about letting all her hard work fall into Victor's hands. Jack thinks they can make a better offer if they pool their resources with Traci's. Abby interrupts and Jack steps out. Abby tells Ashley she'll get off if Diane doesn't testify. She wants to bribe Diane. Ashley warns her not to do it.

Out in the corridor, Jack is surprised to see his father's ghost appear as he's about to call Traci. They argue about bothering Ashley with business right now. Jack says he's not wrong. He goes back in to see Ashley as Abby leaves. Jack insists that she back him up, but Ashley admits she can't afford it. Jack leaves and John shows up, saying that she's not the one who is supposed to be in there. He tells her that protecting Abby this way will make things worse when the truth comes out. Ashley argues her side of it, saying she could be acquitted.

Billy catches up with Vikki and Lucy in the park. He tries to talk optimistically, but she's not having it. Suddenly, Billy hears his dad say, "Don't let her get away, Billy." They talk about his situation on the park bench. John thinks it's admirable that he tried to make Vikki happy, but warns it will be up to him to keep the family together. Billy rejoins Victoria and assures her that he will be there for her and Lucy no matter what happens.

At home, Traci turns Jack down over the phone. John appears and says that his brother, Billy, might also turn him down. Jack rants about Katherine also being at fault. John wonders why Jabot is so important to him. Jack says it's John's life's work. John points out that he's dead. Jack blames himself for losing Jabot to Victor before. John asks him to forgive himself - all he wants is for him to be happy.

Jack goes to the hospital and tells Katherine he's taking the pressure off - he promises not to take her decision personally, saying their friendship is more important than any company. After he goes, Kay tells Tucker she knows exactly what she should do. John watches through the window.

Victor runs into Abby at Crimson Lights. She feels responsible for all the bad things that have happened and wants to give back the money from the lawsuit. Victor doesn't want it - her apology is enough. She talks about feeling guilty and then leaves. Victor wonders if she was driving the car like Nikki said.

Michael finds Phyllis at Gloworm and tries to talk her into pulling her support for Daisy at the hearing the next day. He lists off the things she will lose, including him. Phyllis gets a call from Leslie and tells her to go after them with everything she's got - Daniel too. Michael, anguished, tells Phyllis they have nothing more to say.

Jack returns home and calls out jokingly for his dad. He says he may have lost Jabot, but either way, he's going to find a way to be happy.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam warns Diane not to mess this up.

Michael tells Phyllis to accept that they're through with her and walk away.

Diane tells Victor that she's pregnant.

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