At Lily's house, Daniel and Neil look after the twins. Neil gets a call from Malcolm, who is at the hospital with Sofia. He asks about Lily and says Sofia is staying overnight as a precaution. They hang up, and Neil tells Daniel that Colin has been arrested and charged. Daniel thinks Cane should be arrested as well. Neil agrees that Cane does not deserve another chance - he doesn't want him even looking at Lily.

At Gloworm, Katherine leaves a phone message for Jill saying she's had a trying day and hopes she's enjoying her evening.

In the hospital, Olivia checks on Sofia. She asks if the stress of lying to Neil is getting to her. Sofia insists she's only worried about the health of her child. Liv goes to get test results when Malcolm returns. She returns with Katherine, who she found on the elevator. Sofia explains to Kay that she's pregnant and had a little scare. Kay hopes their discussions weren't the cause. Malcolm tells her to sit down, and explains that Cane is alive and Colin Atkinson is his father. Katherine absorbs the news, thinking about the impact on Lily and Jill. Liv walks her out to the corridor to make sure she's okay.

Jill walks into Colin's hospital room as Genevieve kisses him. Genevieve urges Colin to tell Jill the truth. He admits he's still married to Genevieve, who mocks Jill. Colin says the marriage shriveled up and died - he hasn't seen her in years. Jill demands to know why he didn't divorce her. Genevieve laughs that he never got over her. Colin threatens to punch her lights right out and orders her to leave. Genevieve goes, saying she has grandchildren to visit. Jill tells Colin he and Cane both played her for a fool. Colin tells her how he threatened Cane when he was about to reveal his identity. Colin admits he used Jill to get to his grandchildren, but claims he also fell in love with her. Jill leaves. The guard tells Colin he has a visitor - it's Katherine. He imagines she can't wait to rub Jill's face in the fact that she was right about him. Kay is disgusted. She tells him she'll burn his things and warns him not to contact Jill.

In the park, Lily demands that Cane tell her how he could let her suffer. He insists there was a good reason. Cane explains the threats that Colin was making when he hit town. He says this was the only way to deal with him. Lily disagrees - it was just the only way that he chose. She feels getting revenge on his father was more important to him than anything. Cane denies it. He says this was all about protecting her and the twins. Cane explains that he had to lie to her or lose her. Lily says honesty was the third choice. Cane argues that his father is very dangerous. Lily says he's just like him. Genevieve appears, and tells Lily she couldn't be more wrong. Lily is furious that he lied about his mother. Genevieve explains that they had to be as ruthless as Colin to beat him. Lily tells Cane they have nothing left to talk about - she hates him. Cane's just glad she's alive. Lily says this plan cost them their entire lives together and leaves. Genevieve likes Lily's fire, and thinks she'll come around. Cane isn't so sure. They discuss Colin, and Genevieve gloats about Jill. He calls her a cold-hearted bitch. Genevieve tells him if Lily and the others don't forgive him, they don't deserve him. She says she's staying in Genoa City. Once alone, Cane turns to see Neil, who punches him, saying that was for Lily and the kids.

Lily returns home, checks on the babies, and thanks Neil and Daniel. She admits she met with Cane. Jill comes to the door. Daniel and Neil leave. Lily and Jill embrace. They can't believe Cane is alive, and talk about feeling so angry and so happy at the same time. They talk about Colin and Genevieve. Lily says there is no excuse for Cane faking his own death. After Jill goes, Daniel knocks and says he'll stay outside to make sure Cane doesn't bother her. She tells him to stay on the couch.

Olivia returns to Sofia's room. She's alone. Liv tells Sofia that she is RH negative, which will be a problem for the baby if the father is RH positive. Just then, Malcolm returns.

Jill deletes the messages off her phone at the Club bar and sighs.

Genevieve returns to the estate and cries about Samantha. She says she's sorry and sobs on the floor.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

John's ghost says to Ashley at the jail, "You're not the one who should be in here, are you?"

Abby stuns Victor by telling him she wants to give back the money they awarded her in the lawsuit.

Phyllis tells Daisy if she messes this up for her, she will drop her so fast.

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