At the MacMillan estate, Neil calls the cops as Colin hangs from the balcony. Genevieve taunts him until Jill rushes over and grabs her husband's hands. Genevieve breaks the news that he's actually her husband. Jill gasps and drops him. The cops show up and take statements. Jill rushes around the house looking for the 'crazy lady' and finds photos of Samantha on the floor. Genevieve comes in and tells her she really is married to Colin and bore his children. She's not thrilled to hear that branches broke his fall. She taunts Jill about all of his lies and tells her that her days of 'playing house' are over. None of this means squat to Jill so Genevieve tells her to talk to Cane.

In the garden, Cane notices the gas spreading to a lit cigarette. He knocks out a thug, grabs the babies from the van and runs. Lily, her dad and Daniel corner him and demand he hand the kids over. He insists he's not Caleb and gives them his story. Aside from Neil, they refuse to believe it. Cane lists anecdotes to Lily that only he would know. "It's you," she decides. She's still not happy he's been keeping things from her. Daniel and Neil get defensive. Lily can't look at Cane and plods off as he makes excuses.

Cane storms into the house and demands to know where his father is. His mother assures him that the cops will nail him for something. He's still livid and is sure Lily will never forgive him. She tells him that the love he has for Lily is just a myth, but the love he has for his children is real. He shouldn't be looking for more.

Lily, Daniel and Neil go back to her place. She can barely catch her breath. Listing everything her husband did, she says there is no excuse for any of them. The men give her a pep talk. She decides she needs some time alone and convinces them to let her go. Neil tells Daniel that he's going to have a 'conversation' with Cane.

Lily calls Cane and they meet in the park. "How could you do this to me?" she asks.

Jack corners Katherine at Crimson Lights. He tries offering his sympathy concerning Tucker. She points out that Victor's offer is exceptional and she stands behind her business choice. He tells her Jabot is poised to take a huge leap but can only do that with him. Whipping out his new logo, he talks about how they can be a powerhouse again. She's annoyed that he's been making calls about this behind her back. He asks her to appoint him CEO. Once she leaves, he makes a call and vows not to kiss Jabot goodbye.

Victor joins Lauren at Gloworm and he vows to make sure Lucy stays with Victoria. The topic turns and he asks her to help him revamp Jabot Cosmetics. He admits that taking over the company is not a done deal. She's still interested in hearing more. He offers her a seat on the Newman board, even if the Jabot deal doesn't go ahead. She's shocked and warns him Jill might not like this. Later, Katherine shows up to speak to Victor alone. He tells her he thinks he has Lauren on board. She worries about what John would think of all this. As Victor heads out, he bumps into Jack and they trade barbs.

Jill wanders into Crimson Lights when Lauren calls. In tears, Jill tells her she can't go home. They meet up and Jill spills everything. She's still in shock and feels like a fool. Lauren tries convincing her that people can be redeemed and urges her to go Colin.

Colin is in his hospital room when Genevieve is shown in by the guard. "I win," she tells him as she smirks. She wants him dead. He gets that; it's all the other stuff she's been doing that freaks him out. Genevieve accuses him of trying to turn his grandchildren into little clones. She warns him about what she might do next since she has nothing to lose. As she kisses him, Jill arrives.

Genoa City Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

"Listen, you wanted to hear my part of the story," Colin says to Jill.

"You're RH negative," Olivia explains to Sofia.

"Won't you introduce me to my daughter in law?" Genevieve asks Cane as he stands with Lily.

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