Victoria answers her door and it’s Phyllis. She’s there for her court-ordered visitation and wants to see Lucy. Victoria wants to wait for the social worker. Phyllis protests but Victoria insists. Phyllis says it’s not over yet. In the baby’s room Phyllis gives Lucy her bottle and tells her that she’s her grandma. Phyllis recalls a moment when she reamed Daniel out for giving Lucy to Victoria and Billy. She decides to call Daniel on her cell. She leaves him a voicemail telling him he should be there.

At Crimson Lights Billy hangs up his phone, turns and sees Victor. Billy explains that he doesn’t want to upset the judge. Victoria will join them later. Victor thinks Phyllis is being utterly selfish. Billy admits he hired a lawyer. Victor offers his legal team because he wants to keep Victoria’s family safe. Billy reminds him he’s part of the family. Victor retorts that his love for Victoria far outweighs his utter disdain for him. Billy leaves. Later Victoria and Billy arrive with Reed. The boy rushes to Victor. He tells Victor he wishes Lucy could be there too. Victoria admits she’s upset about sharing Lucy with Phyllis. Reed asks if Lucy is going to have two families like he does.

At Lily’s home Neil realizes that because she never got the letter, Lily never learned about Cane’s twin. Obviously Lily has been seeing Caleb. He leaves a voice mail for Colin too with a ruse about the kids. Neil hangs up and phones the police.

At the sanitarium, Daniel offers his services as a clown for the birthday party. Lily thinks he continually rescues her. He says she’s going to be fine and home for Charlie and Maddy’s first birthday party. There’s a knock on Lily’s door. It’s Malcolm and Sofia. He tells her they just found out that Cane has an identical twin brother. That’s who she’s been seeing. They give her the letter to read. She says Cane was trying to warn her. Malcolm explains that Colin may be leaving Genoa City with the kids. Lily rushes out and Neil and Daniel follow her. Sofia has a severe pain and stays behind. A doctor looks over Sofia. He says she’s okay but to take it easy. She’s still having pain. Malcolm calls an ambulance.

Colin is waiting at the airstrip for the plane to land. Jill’s cell vibrates. It’s Neil who asks where the twins are. She says they are at the McMillan estate and she’s there too. Inside the estate Genevieve looks at photos of Samantha and promises her it won’t take long. Near the airstrip Colin begins to wheel the kids away and Jill approaches him. He’s surprised to see her. He says he’s waiting for a package from the plane. She offers to take the kids home but he refuses. Suddenly Cane shouts, "Dad." Jill faints. Colin grabs her on the way down. He suggests they leave her there, but Cane says it’s a bad idea. Colin won’t let anything stop him from getting home. The pilot radios that the plane will land in a few minutes. Colin demands Cane put the kids in the truck. Jill awakens. She sees Cane and thinks he’s a ghost. Colin says it's Cane's twin brother. He explains that he’s going to Australia. He says Cane and Caleb are his sons. Jill screams that he used her to get the twins. She tries unsuccessfully to call the police. The plane begins to land, and she runs off. Neil shows up to stop Colin from leaving, and accuses him of being involved in organized crime. Cane admits his real identity. Neil is shocked. Loud music coming from the estate house draws Colin to Genevieve. Neil leaves Cane to struggle with Colin's goon, who pulls a gun. Jill runs into Neil. He explains that Caleb was killed at the church. Cane is alive. Inside the house, Colin goes to the urn on the mantle, bows his head and cries. He sees a body made out of Samantha's photos on the floor. Colin demands that Genevieve show herself. She appears and they move to the balcony. She asks him if he really thought she would let him live his life in peace. She reminds him of Samantha’s death. He says he misses her too. She screams at him never to say Samantha’s name. He says he didn’t cause Samantha’s death. She says he killed their whole family. Outside the estate Lily and Daniel arrive and they all watch Colin and Genevieve. She pushes him over the railing. He hangs on as she smiles down at him. Back at the truck, Matty and Charlie are in grave danger as Cane continues to fight the goon, whose cigarette is about to ignite gasoline leaking from the truck's tank!

Phyllis answers the door of Victoria's house - it’s Victor who announces that he’s come to see his granddaughter. He sits down and she reminds him of how he nearly got her daughter killed. He said no one knew how dangerous Patty Williams was but everyone knew how dangerous Daisy Carter was. He reminds her that she left her son for dead on the side of the road. Victor says she’s blind to everything but her own agenda. Victoria walks in and asks what Victor is doing there. He says they were talking about Lucy. Phyllis requests more visiting time with Lucy. The social worker will look into it and leaves. Billy tells Phyllis to leave. She will but she says she’ll be back. Victor offers to walk her out. She looks him in the eye and says she’s not backing down. He says he won’t either.

Genoa City Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Katherine to appoint him CEO of Jabot or they all walk away.

Victor asks Lauren to help him revamp Jabot's Cosmetics line.

Gasoline hits the lit cigarette and there’s an explosion – right beside Cane!

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