At home Genevieve calls Cane to say there’s been a change in Colin’s plans. She demands he play his part so they can end this. She puts framed photos of her children on the shelf.

At the park, Colin tells Cane to turn up and he’ll do the rest. Colin’s cell rings. Jill's at Gloworm and wants to know when he’s coming. He’s running late. Colin tells Cane to keep his mouth shut while the plan moves forward. Colin says patience pays off. Tomorrow he and the children will be in Australia. He tells Cane not to be late. He’s to show up at the appointed hour, and lie low.

Malcolm finds Lily in her hospital room. They hug and he asks how she’s doing. He sees the photos of the twins. The therapist suggested she get comfortable seeing Cane in the twins. She asks how Sofia’s pregnancy is coming along. He’s nervous because of the other premature babies. He assures her that the twins are fine. He says if there’s anything she needs, she can ask. She says there is something - she needs some things from the house.

At Crimson Lights Neil plays with the kids and Daniel joins them. Neil’s cell rings and it’s Colin. He asks him if they could have the twins for one night. He says he will meet him and the children there. Everyone else thinks Lily’s being treated for depression. Sofia joins them. Daniel decides to head over to see Lily and leaves. Sofia sits down and Neil tells her she used to be better at hiding things from him. She says Katherine Chancellor is a tyrant. She almost got fired. She’s upset and Neil tells her to breathe and relax. He’s worried about her condition. She says the company that Tucker has worked so hard for is being bought and sold without any thought. He’s counting on her right now. Neil wonders if this leave of absence is maybe a good thing and offers to talk to Katherine on her behalf. She says she doesn’t need him to fight her battles. She apologizes. He says Katherine is a pragmatic businesswoman and will realize she needs Sofia now especially in Tucker’s absence. She says she would appreciate his help as a mediator. He wants her to agree to something. If Katherine vetoes her suggestions, she needs to accept it. She says she can live with it. They shake on it and he warns her to be careful. She’s only going to get one second chance.

Colin joins Jill at Glowworm. He says a situation has come up. Just when she’s starting to enjoy herself, he says he’s leaving for San Francisco. She suggests she accompany him but he says no, he’ll be busy but says he appreciates her so much. She says she’ll count the hours until he returns. He says sometimes it seems they’ve been married for years. He outlines everything she did so they could marry. She’s his forever. He kisses her passionately. She tells him to be safe and he starts to leave. He looks back at her, walks toward her, pulls her up and kisses her with vigor once more. He says loves her and says goodbye. She looks puzzled.

At the sanitarium Cane is in the corridor and looks into Lily’s room. Inside she remembers having the twins and Cane looking at them with her in the delivery room. Daniel visits. Lily is upset and tells him she just saw Cane in the doorway. She’s worried she’s not getting well. They hug. Daniel shrugs it off and reassures her that she’s okay. He wonders if he should ever see his mom again. He also wonders if he should give Lucy to Billy and Victoria. He’s not sure it’s a good idea. She assures him that they are both doing what’s right for their kids. He says she's not unstable. She's grieving for her husband. She says he was going to say that she's committed to getting better. He asks if she wants to hear the madness that is his life.

In her house Genevieve lights candles and phones Cane wondering where he is. Cane walks in and says he went to see Lily but she didn’t see him. She says he could have ruined everything. She assures him that his dad deserves every bit of misery that he gets and they are going to deliver it tonight. And Lily will be released and he can go home with her. He hopes she's right. She sees that Colin is arriving and tells Cane to get outside so he isn't suspicious. They get ready.

Colin arrives at Crimson Lights to pick up the kids and thanks Neil for letting them have them overnight. It means so much to Jill. Jill is standing at the open door listening. Colin says they will have everything they ever wanted. Neil says bye to Charlie and gives him kisses while Matilda sleeps. He says he’ll see them tomorrow. Jill figures that Colin is going to surprise her this evening with the kids.

Malcolm and Sofia gather the things at Lily’s house that she wanted but Malcolm says they can’t find Lily’s list. Neil arrives. Sofia comes out of Lily’s room and Neil finds the list. He also finds a dusty note addressed to Lily. Neil reads the note. It’s from Cane. It contains a secret about him and his father. He has a sister Samantha and an identical twin Caleb. His father is Colin Atkinson!

Colin arrives with the kids at Genevieve's and talks to Charlie. He tells him that they are going to grow up in Australia. He made mistakes with Cane and Caleb but that won’t happen again. He stares up at an airplane in the sky as Jill looks on from behind some bushes.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor arrives at Phyllis' place to see his grand daughter.

Lily and Daniel are told that Neil found Cane's letter.

Jill hears Cane call Colin "Dad," and faints into Colin's arms.

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