At their house, Billy and Vikki prepare for a party with the help of Reed and Delia, as Lucy hangs out in the playpen. Katherine stops in to talk to Vikki, who tells her she'll have to find Jabot's CEO elsewhere. Katherine asks if Nikki is coming to their party. Vikki tells her Victor took her to rehab. Vikki and Billy are stunned when Katherine reveals that it was Victor's idea to hire her as CEO. Kay says Victor is very forgiving and Billy coughs. Kay tells them to think about it, and then leaves. Vikki and Billy play with the kids, and they give Lucy gifts.

Jack talks about Jabot on the phone, sitting on the patio at Crimson Lights. Inside, Noah introduces Victor to Hunter, who excuses herself to go to the store. Noah tells Victor they're still making music despite Tucker's accident, and mentions Nikki. Jack comes in and gloats that he'll be running Jabot. Victor says he'll believe when he sees it. A man approaches Noah and hands him a manila envelope - additional items discovered at Sharon's accident site. Noah finds a change purse with coins and a gas receipt. Victor and Noah discuss Nikki's rehab again, and Victor invites him to stay in Adam's house - he has no access. Jack tells Victor he's looking forward to buying Newman stock. Victor says if Kay offers him the CEO position at Jabot, he'll buy him that stock himself.

In the farmhouse, Sharon learns that the house once belonged to Sam's grandmother. She spots a picture on the fridge of him and a woman - he says it's his sister. They discuss past relationships. Sharon admits there was someone, but that's over now. Sam introduces Sharon to his dog, O'Keefe, who loves her. Sam says the dog was a stray. Suddenly, a man comes to the door - the husband of the woman who robbed Sharon. He shows Sam a photo of his wife and says she's missing. Sharon turns her back to the door. Sam asks if she knows anything, but luckily the dog intervenes. Sharon hugs Sam and leaves for the night. Sam tells the dog she's special.

Adam sits in his suite at his laptop and fantasizes that Sharon is there. Diane's voice snaps him out of it. Adam says he's planning to bring his father to his knees when Newman goes public next week. Diane asks where she comes in. Adam says she'll help him kill Victor Newman. He describes a plan in which he will tip off the press that Victor has died - the share prices will plummet and he will buy as many as he can. Diane says he won't have enough time before Victor shows that he's alive. Adam says Diane will keep him on ice. Diane realizes this is why he took her in, and asks what he's paying. There's a knock at the door - it's Noah, who gives Adam the change purse. Noah also mentions staying at Sharon's house. Adam tells him it's okay - his mom would have wanted that. Noah goes, and Adam tells Diane he'd do anything for Sharon. He looks at the gas receipt in the purse and notices it's dated for two days before Sharon got to New Mexico.

Victor joins Kay at Gloworm. They discuss Nikki. Kay tells him Victoria is grateful that he took her mother to rehab. She also fills him in on Victoria's plans. Katherine encourages him to reconcile with them. Victor asks Katherine to sell him Jabot. She invites him to make a formal proposal. As he leaves, Jack appears. Kay tells him to sit down - things have changed. They argue. She tells him she has a buyer - Victor.

Noah returns to Crimson Lights and meets Hunter. She's stunned to hear that he's got a house.

Back in the barn, Sharon prays that the man from the robbery didn't recognize her.

Victor visits Victoria, Billy, and the kids at home. He asks about the adoption. Vikki says they're having problems with Phyllis. Victor says she won't win. Billy hands him Lucy. He tells her, "I'm your grandpa."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil tells Sofia she's only going to get one second chance.

Jill asks Colin, "You're leaving tonight?" He says he can't wait. She wonders why it's the first time she's hearing of this.

Cane tells Genevieve, "She didn't see me." Genevieve says he could have ruined everything.

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